Kamikaze High

By David Glenn Cox

The picture above has gone viral, it is from Paulding County Georgia. Its schools open by mandate it’s students subject to suspension and expulsion for failure to appear in person. Parents complain there were few online slots available with a narrow sign up window. But this is typical, when government doesn’t want something to work, they design it not to work. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently admitted Florida’s Unemployment System is designed to limit claims. Boy, that’s so funny I hope I can stop laughing before they hang him. Paulding County is west of metro Atlanta with the I-20 Interstate running through it on your way to Alabama.

There have been outbreaks on the football team but like soldiers in echelons they replace the ill and continue moving forward without ever thinking perhaps there is a message buried in there somewhere. Football practice is a microcosm of the student body and almost immediately infections began. The school nurse on staff quit because under the county’s plan she was responsible for the contact tracing for thousands of students as well as the staff. But more than that there was disgust that they would not even require masks.

“Masks are not a ‘personal choice’ during a pandemic. I cannot return knowing I am not supportive of your decision to open so quickly and not at least mandate masks.”

“I did not want to have any part of that,” she said. “It was completely and totally irresponsible.”

Amy, the school nurse in question, last name not given to protect her from the uneducated because this illness is partisan. This is pretty conservative country and if Trump says, “open the schools” we open the schools. And don’t take kindly to folks with fancy schmancy medical degrees talking against Mr. Trump. So, when the head Nazis blows the whistle all the little Nazis want to impress by being the first to line up! “Yes! Mein Fuhrer! All present and accounted for Mein Fuhrer! I hereby declare this school open for the glory of der Fuhrer.”

Years ago, my wife ran a daycare from our home, and I learned two things. Parents will bring children red with fever snot bubbling out their nose and insist their child isn’t sick. Two, those little crumb crunchers are so contagious they will kill you. I had every bug germ and virus that visited town and caught the shingles by being exposed to chicken pox. Children’s immune systems have a try before you buy plan. They catch everything and beat it all down like Mike Tyson only growing stronger. Children are the virus bus the carriers of contagion. Putting thousands of children together in classrooms to incubate is only a notch or two off of a genocide selling tickets on a boat you know will sink.

Kids will be kids and if the school really isn’t all that serious about combating the virus neither are the kids. You can tape up all the wash your hand signs you want and paint arrows down on the floor but when that third period bell rings watch what happens.  The outcome is preordained people are going to die because of this. You can’t get grown ups to obey signs in Walmart but trust all will be well with children. Der Fuhrer wouldn’t lie to us, would he?

It comes down to who you trust, Know it all doctors with their facts and figures and charts or Donald Trump. Trusting is an understatement. Risking the health of my child and the infection of my family on the word of Donald Trump and the underlings that follow him across that partisan divide at cult of personality gulch. It’s kind of hard to maintain that pro-life stance when sending children to go forth and multiply the virus. Not since Pol Pot had Cambodians killing each other with hammers has there been such an inhumane scheme. It’s like a comic book scenario, “Superman! Lex Luther is infecting children with a disease that will kill their parents!” I’ll be right there; I need to find a phone booth.

At what point do we bring up legality? The question is unanswered because our government has never done anything so recklessly irresponsible to the population before. “All right folks step right up. Who wants to be next to ride the tree shredder! Just throw yourself in here and know the secrets only the mighty oaks know!” This is the policy of the United States of America and Mike Pence and Betsy DeVos are out pushing it to private schools.

I’ve wondered sometimes, could Betsy DeVos ever be admitted through the gates of hell? Would Satan allow such a strong competitor the comforts of his home? The others sure, bring them around to the back door after dark but Betsy? To quote the bard she,” has a lean and hungry look.” The devil best keep an eye on his wallet with that one around.

I’m stumped, we spend billions of dollars to keep our children safe at school and then during the zenith of a pandemic open schools. I guess if your goal was to make public schools weaker, it moves the ball in the same way slowing the Post Office moves the ball. If we don’t want it to work, we design it not to work. We make masks optional and as you can see in the photo if only 5% wear them, they don’t work.

Stalin demanded more tractors so the five-year plan might succeed. Hitler demanded more tanks for Germany’s future. Trump demands the schools open because of politics. His personal divine prophecy based on his gut instincts. Insisting children are immune when anyone with children can tell you that’s nonsense. Opening schools to look good on the six o’clock news playing politics with the lives of children. “Welcome to Kamikaze High, where our best and brightest come to infect themselves while infecting others.”

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