Call for Barabbas

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I remember Egyptian President Anwar Sadat once saying Saudi Arabia was ready to fight Israel down to the last Egyptian. It’s all about skin in the game the Saudis could write a happy little check and throw a few billion into the pot but that isn’t fighting a war that’s merely financing it. That’s giving advice in clean clothes to a man trying to get his car out of the mud. Nobody wants to hear that; when you are ready to get off the curb and help push, I’ll listen.

For the whole of my adult lifetime, I have been forced to endure a fraud. I’ve heard sweet siren songs of “Traditional family” and family values. Traditional Holly Housewife and Joe Six-pack bustin his hump trying to bring home the bacon. God and country with deep Christian roots attending services regularly three times a year. I watched how unified they became attempting to defeat the horrors of the equal rights Amendment and Gay Rights and Gay Marriage. The religious Zombies along with their Republican brethren were certain anarchy would ensue and destroy the traditional family values of the generations a coming.

The third rail of American politics is abortion the fountainhead of funding for Republican Candidates. “We agree with you! We think that’s wrong! We are the Pro-life Party! We believe in traditional family values and smaller more efficient government. Less is more! You can do more good with fifty cents than you can with a dollar. Yeah, I’m a big fan of Ayn Rand.” Our national politics driven by the question when does an egg stop being an egg and become a chicken? The first breakwater, what do you believe…Science or the good book? Sounds somehow strangely familiar doesn’t it?

Ours is a righteous cause protecting the unborn. How could anyone support baby killers? A degenerate generation. Thank God we’re here to protect society whether they like it or not. “Sure, sure make that check out to…. And here is a pamphlet on my tax cutting plan.” The Yin and Yang of one pushing dogma while the other pulls funding. I worked with a religo zombie and he said murdered abortion doctors were getting what they deserved. When I asked about “Thou shall not kill,” he said that the actual meaning was thou shall not murder and since they were murdering, they got what they deserved.  I knew right then and there that these people were crazy. It kind of gives an insight to that whole Crusades business. One day you’re shopping the idea around the castle and the next you’re on a horse headed for Jerusalem.

In the Berlin school of Confidence Man economics, it is said, “Lead those who wish to be led and bleed those who wish to be bled.”

Say praise the lord a lot and I agree when they hand you a check. It’s the perfect scam, if I give to politicians trying to get the road widened in front of my store I can say, “What about the road?” If I give to one of God’s holy soldiers how can I ask for any tangible proof of progress? “Oh man are we busy! We’re godding it down here five days a week. You haven’t seen the Liberal horde burn down your churches have you? They haven’t taken your guns away have they? You’re welcome.”

The Republicans support thrifty small businesses and Mom and Pop. Living in the Ozzie and Harriet fantasy life of American prosperity. In this fantasy there are no homeless or struggling everyone is happy we are playing touch football with dad in the front yard. We have no healthcare worries or retirement worries and as long as reality doesn’t impinge on that fantasy life is good. Wars for greed and profit are okay because we’ve got to keep the Muslims in their place…read the book. The targeting of one minority group after another as the cause of the world’s troubles. It is the reason we don’t have white on white crime in this country.

The Congress of the United States of America was unable to come up with a compromise on the issue of assistance to the record millions currently unemployed. The Democrats wanted six hundred dollars a week, the Republicans, two hundred. The Democrats also wanted funding for state and local government hard hit by the Trump plague. The Republican’s offered…nothing. The Democrats plan was three trillion dollars the Republican plan was one trillion. Jesus fed the multitude with loves, and fishes are the Republican’s hoping for a similar miracle? Will mana fall from the sky for this country’s desperate? We don’t care how much the lifeboats cost; we just want a seat in them.

After all this clap trap about defending the family and traditional family values the Republicans are exposed as frauds. Mooning America they say, “we don’t want to spend the money on those people! The Holly dirty dishwater Housewife, and Joe dirt under his fingernails Six-pack. They’ll just spend the money irresponsibly wanna go for a ride in my new Mercedes? It’s too expensive we’re fiscal conservatives and we are willing to sacrifice you down to the last American because we don’t give a shit about you and never have.  We had a choice and we made it! Screw you little people and screw your little states too!

And so, the issue is left in the hands of Donald J. Trump. When your life is in the hands of Donald Trump you are pretty much screwed. You’re elected representatives have abandoned the American people. They have left us to the tender mercies of Trumpy. Now Trumpy has a hard on for a payroll tax cut because it weakens the system in the same way as slowing down the Post Office it only affects those employed when the issue is unemployment. Trumpy offers three hundred per week and one hundred more if states can swing it. I’ll guarantee you Republican states can’t swing it. “Don’t blame me,” says Trumpy, “I tried.” It is questionable if Trump’s executive orders are even legal so don’t look for any help right away.

In a time of national emergency, the Republicans have called for Barabbas and washed their hands of the American people. Pro-life my ass.

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