Down to Zero

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It has become a piece of absurdist performance art. Devin Nunes gets mooed out of court because his claims were non-dairy non-sense. As the President of the United States takes credit for a bill signed into law two years before he was elected. Absurdist like square eggs, nightmarish tortured images. Dante’s inferno as the orange imposter is pretending to be a leader. Guiding the ship when the ship is becalmed and dead stopped still telling jokes after the laughter has ended. His only new tactic storming off like a twelve-year-old girl in a huff. He can’t answer a simple question. One single question. If he didn’t know the law was passed in 2014, he’s an ignoramus if he did, he’s a liar.

But the little toy boat blows this way in the wind and then blows the other way on the winds of ego. “Those are my principles if you don’t like them, I have others.” – Groucho Marx. Don the Con will attempt to rule by holy writ of executive orders and faces some serious legal hurdles. The Republicans in Congress have gone to ground, hiding out shedding their skins and getting comfortable for their new role as rump Duma. Abdicating their responsibilities to their oaths and to the people accepting their new role as gauleiters shopping for rubber stamps. Burghermeister’s opening super-markets with pomp and ceremony existing as cardboard cutout supplicants, mere extensions of the king’s entourage.

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. Don tells the public, “Tell the states I said to give you and extra hundred dollars a week. They’ve got plenty of money.” But the most contentious issue in Congress is state and local funding for the Trump plague response. Is this punitive Donny dumping on the states, “Tell your boss I said to give you a raise? I’m a nice man don’t let those sob’s cheat you out of it.” Or are they intentionally fomenting another crisis while Donny plays with his chemistry set.  It’s almost as if they’re steering for the wall and taking her down to zero with their foot on the accelerator.

Throwing thunderbolts from Mount Olympus if I can’t win, I’ll cheat if I can’t cheat, I’ll…? The counter puncher is counter punching who? We aren’t talking about an appropriations bill for a weapons system here or setting aside three hundred million acres for a snail preserve. We are talking about the survival of the United States economic system and the American people. FDR was called a traitor to his class for the New Deal but was Capitalism’s salvation. And perhaps a billionaire, a corrupt pirate in a corrupt age, will bring about its demise in the Raw Deal.  Still the question begs, do they know what they are doing? Are they Scooby do and his pals just blundering along in the old amusement park or is this intentional? Break the bank and start over.

It really doesn’t seem possible that any Administration would be that stupid. But that reflects my former reality beliefs where the world was not crazy, and the grass wasn’t eating the cows. Any attempt at a national bankruptcy scheme would destabilize world markets potentially throwing us into a worldwide depression. The Cheeto declares a bankruptcy and the world can either take it or fight a world war about it.  The bankruptcy king to bankrupt the whole world, that’s a lot of bet on one roll of the dice. I really don’t believe they are that childlike in their beliefs but then I have to keep telling myself who I am talking about.

It would be Bond villain evil, but then I tell myself who I am talking about. Economic Blitzkrieg in the capitals of Europe and economic Blitzkrieg in China. All those mean places that weren’t very nice to Donny and were rude to him and made him feel bad about himself. He never got his golden coach ride. We know that the Cheeto is petty, but is he that petty? Would he drive the world into turmoil to save perhaps his only chance at reelection?

That’s what happens here in the absurdist village. Crazy becomes plausible because sanity is pliable. Up is down as the number of expected Covid 19 deaths jumps by 100% as the President says we doing real good!

The young woman who took the viral photograph of the crowded Paulding County high school hallway was suspended. She was then reinstated when administrators discovered there was no sanction against taking a photograph in a crowded hallway. But it illustrates the deficiency clearly. The school was exposed, and the school is now closed after nine new cases appeared. Their first response to go after the person who exposed the problem. As if the new cases wouldn’t have appeared without the photograph. You can have too much testing you know. Retaliation against a fifteen-year-old girl leaves an ugly mark and the putrid smell of those who need to be removed from the building.

Ninety days to a Presidential election we face a pandemic and an economic emergency while Jim Jones is putting on his Ray Bans and ladling out the Kool aid. Trump knows he has lost the election because following this course makes no sense for a President looking forward to a second term. The hero is the villain. The innocent are guilty and the guilty are innocent. The Republicans in Congress have written and passed tax cut legislation in a day and a half but when it comes to aiding the American people are stumped for weeks. Turning it over to der Fuhrer, the Sun King. He knows what to do!

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