The Hellscape Awaits

By David Glenn Cox

The Democratic Party has a problem that repeats itself every presidential election cycle. It comes from our big tent. Republicans have no such problem. Republicans are monotheistic, monoeconomic and monosyllabic. They can choose any hairbrained idiot as their presidential candidate and the crowd will swell around them. No matter how insane or farfetched their positions, the crowd will defend them. And when the candidate picks the least qualified running mate ever in human history the Party will rally around to polish that turd. You can be accused of sex crimes with underaged girls and that preacher is gonna beat on his Bible till you understand what a great guy he really is.

Democrats represent everyone else lots of opinions about lots of issues and everyone wants to decide what goes on the pizza. “Well, if your going to put pepperoni on it count me out.” Hard to gather a consensus with an ideological range between Bernie and Biden. One for nationalized healthcare the other against. One more left leaning and progressive the other from the corporate Hillary Clinton wing of the party. I wanted Bernie on my pizza, but he didn’t win. Those are the rules, but Bernie’s candidacy has pulled Biden to the left. Is it great? Does it make me happy? No. I question why we value the outcome of the South Carolina Primary as the basis for the Biden comeback. What are the chances the Democrats are going to carry South Carolina in November?

Every vote counts but…Déjà vu? Joe Biden didn’t come riding up in god’s Cadillac, and he stirs little excitement in me until I think of the alternative. Then I get giddy inside and can’t wait for election day. This is the most important election of my lifetime and yours too. Not just who will be the President of the United States but what form of government we will have. We now have a President who declares openly he might not leave office if he loses the election. Let’s pause and reflect over the past three and a half years which have brought us to calamities doorstep. The is not a normal Presidency – this is a crime spree. The President is a career criminal who has assembled bulwarks to protect him from the reach of law. If you are waiting for the revolution to start, you’re late.

The government is not functioning now. Education, Healthcare, Pandemic, Economic emergency, Department of Homeland Security inciting riots and the Postmaster General taking a sledgehammer to the post office. This isn’t your average yard sign campaign this is important. Because if you don’t vote this time, you won’t get to vote next time. Gaze into my crystal ball and see what the next four years of Donald Trump look like. Freed from the ballot box and freed of congressional oversite and protected from the courts. My faith in my fellow man tells me America will never let that happen, but experience has taught me otherwise.

Don’t think I don’t feel like chicken Little here, but a society that closes the window of charity in a time of crisis usually get’s their house burned down around them. This is 2008, times four. Do you really want to try to ride the next Great Depression with Donald Trump at the helm?  It appears the Republican plan is to just let it all fall to pieces. Bankrupt unemployment and go after Social Security. Let cities and states drown in their own red ink. These aren’t your daddy’s Republicans these people want to tear down society for some erudite version of Dungeons and Dragons played with real dungeons.  

We face the largest National Emergency since World War II an environment they are determined to destroy. They would strip-mine Gettysburg and drill for oil up George Washington’s nose on Mount Rushmore. They have no scruples or restrictions this is a steal yourself rich criminal presidency.

“But do you know how Joe Biden voted in 1989? Do you know how Kamala Harris ruled in a case in 1992! Not me brother! You’re not going to get me to vote for that corporate son of bitch! I want what I want! Ideological purity uber allis The party is crooked and the primaries weren’t fair. I’ll show them; I’ll teach them a lesson…I won’t vote. That’ll show them, four more years of Donald Trump and maybe they will see the error of their ways and come around to my way of thinking. I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue, then they will be sorry!”

Any argument to be made against Biden can be countered by two words – Donald Trump. This is the first election where the opposition Party is working to destroy our government while claiming we hate America, projection much? What shenanigans Trump tries to pull depend on the election returns. A 55 to 45 outcome would be more dangerous than a 65 to 35 outcome. Trump needs to be drubbed and humiliated, run out of town with hot tar and plenty of feathers. His accomplices in the Congress need to be repudiated and black balled from ever holding office again. Those who would tolerate treason would tolerate slavery.

We are in a time of flux we must first get the airplane out of the tailspin before we argue about where we are going or we’re going to crash. There is philosophical politics and reality politics, one makes for good conversation over a glass of beer while the other puts children in cages. A slice of pizza you don’t like is better than no seat at the table. Seriously, how could you ever look yourself in the mirror if you had a chance to vote against Donald Trump and didn’t. Pick your poison the hellscape awaits.

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