By David Glenn Cox

After World War II Germans who wished to resume their occupations had to go through de-Nazification process. It wasn’t enough that the regime had gone but that all effects of the regime were to be gone as well. A decade of radical propaganda, insane racial theories and outright lies just killing Hitler doesn’t put the world back together again.  Just getting rid of the Orange one doesn’t put the world back together. The US was humiliated at the UN recently embarrassed like a drunken Uncle showing up at a baby shower. The US wanted to extend the Iranian arms embargo on the grounds that Iran had been cheating on the nuclear agreement since the US withdrew from the agreement. That’s right, we left the agreement but claim they are still obligated to follow it. Just because we’re divorced, doesn’t mean you can be unfaithful to me. What must the world be thinking of us about now?

I rue the day I saw the film Idiocracy. While “1984” may have caught the angst of political night Idiocracy nailed the practical effect, we are to be stupicided to death. One thousand paper cuts of insanity until we are all listening to Slim Whitman records and praying for our heads to explode. Kanye West’s invisible Presidential campaign is rocking along with the speed of a fireplug. With Jared Kushner’s help he’s now been thrown off the ballot in three more states with others casting a scant eye. Apparently signing the petition with names like Mickey Mouse and Bernie Sanders might have been funny back at campaign headquarters but downtown they ain’t laughing. Oh, the irony as polling shows West’s campaign taking one point away from Donald Trump.

If Trumpy leaves the White House quietly, it will be harder to bring charges against him. Incoming President’s don’t like trials of outgoing Presidents knowing they themselves will one day be outgoing. But this isn’t Nixon this is Trump. Nixon’s crimes were completed Trump’s are ongoing. We know without reservation the Russians are trying to help and Trump is willing to take it. He said so, he said he’d slow mail delivery and said he might not leave office. This isn’t President this is a thug.

The Orange one’s insanely incompetent handling of the Covid-19 crisis is reason enough to assemble a firing squad. Three times the number of deaths as the Korean War and we are just getting warmed up. In their push to open the economy, they destroyed the economy. In their push to open public schools, they will destroy public schools. The monkeys are running the zoo. Senate Republicans balk and stall at relief efforts for the suffering unemployed millions but when asked what will happen next shrug their shoulders. If it is not frugal to save the workers how are you going to save the economy?

Orange Trumpy didn’t just advocate the wrong strategy but a contrary strategy. The doctor says wear masks Orange Trumpy says, don’t wear masks. The doctor says we should shut down, but Orange Trumpy says, “let’s open up! Get you some clorahydroxiqine and a bottle of Clorox you’ll be fine.” That’s yelling fire in a crowded theater and that is criminal. “Duh, I’m stupid,” isn’t a legal defense. “Your honor my client didn’t know that using his office to advocate against the opinion of experts during a pandemic would cause additional illness and death.” Yeah, let’s see how far the wind will take your little sailboat with that.

This Administration is criminally culpable for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. The abandonment of the unemployed is a violation of his oath of office. The Post Office is a constitutionally established agency any attack on the Post Office is an attack on the Constitution. This is a criminal Presidency and should be declared such. Appointees by this Administration should be recertified or removed if found wanting. All Executive orders reviewed and if necessary, invalidated. All staff notes to be confiscated and investigated.

After Apartheid ended in South Africa, they held truth and reconciliation hearings. Those who came forward and gave testimony were granted clemency. It created a race to the courthouse as the rats saw only one door. This Administration must be pulled out by the root and all vestiges of it removed. Otherwise, it will grow back and fester and maybe next time the leader won’t be a preposterous painted horse’s backside surrounded by a cadre of comic incompetents. What they do in Guantanamo they will do to you in Portland. This is a cancer it’s us or them.

When Gerald Ford granted Nixon a pardon, he claimed he wanted to end our long national nightmare of Watergate. Typical Republican when the system works subvert it. Nixon was removed from office because he deserved to be removed from office. Nixon was a parking ticket when compared with Trump. Letting Nixon go leads to Trump Letting Trump go would be worse. An American Magna Carta would be subverted from within. Taking civil crimes to a criminal level the French nobility were executed for abusing the poor. History has only one solution. “The King must die so that the country can live” metaphorically of course.

We need to clean house no good getting rid of the stench if you leave the stain. De-Trumpification hearings and if need be trials to hold these people accountable. The underlings of Watergate became the committee chairman of the Reagan Administration. The Reagan committee chairman became W’s cabinet members. Rest assured they will return.

2 Thoughts

  1. “Metaphorically”? Need it be?
    We all die one day, and I hate to imagine the agony of being a lunatic former president.
    Perhaps it could be the kindest thing?


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