If You Lived Here, You Would be Dead by Now

By David Glenn Cox

Who would have thunk it? You can put children in cages and call Nazis nice people. You can side with a foreign dictator over your own intelligence agencies. Make thousands of false claims but go after the Post Office and you’ll have your hands full. The Post Office is our mechanism to conduct legal business and access your rights. In a legal challenge you might have thirty days to respond. If it is a week late getting to you and a week later in return your rights have been halved. Imagine getting a letter informing you of a hearing two days ago. This check is void if not cashed in thirty days.

Real Estate closing documents are sent through the mail and I guess that little dream home will have to wait another week. It didn’t start with Trumpy; private industry has had their eye on taking the Post Office’s lunch for a long time. In 2006, Republicans passed a law requiring the Post Office to fully fund its pensions for seventy-five years in advance. Funding a pension for an employee who isn’t born yet. Effectively crippling the Post Office to lose money every year. Straight up Republican Policy, say government isn’t the answer, break something then sell it off to private industry. They, in turn, will do the same service less effectively for more money.

How’s that private health insurance working for you? When I first came to Alabama in the 1970’s, they had no mandatory auto insurance law. Like the wild west, catch me if you can! I wondered how could this non-sense be allowed to continue then I read Alabama had the highest uninsured motorists rates in the country. Truckloads of money were being made by exploiting fear. So much money the insurance industry lobbied the legislature not to pass mandatory liability insurance. When the TVA electrified the Southeast in the 1930’s, it wasn’t that there weren’t any power companies. There were plenty of power companies, but their service stopped at the city limit sign. It’s expensive to string wire into rural areas with so little return.

Business will always do what is best for business regardless of the effect on society. When Henry Ford shut down his Rouge factory in 1932, did he know how that would effect the Detroit economy? Sure, he did, he just didn’t give a shit. He was losing money, see you later! Business is the human science of immorality. We don’t have food safety standards because some goody two shoes at the lady’s club auxiliary thought it was a good idea. We have them because of abuses which so riled the public politicians were forced to go against their natural inclinations and do something about it.

Most of those dams the TVA built were sold to private industry by the Eisenhower Administration. Good Republican thought sell off income producing assets to cover a budget deficit. Get big government off your back and turn it over to thrifty private businessmen who never would have strung wire to your house in the first place. General Motors would sell us to the Martians if they thought they could get away with it. United States Steel would use children in the mill if they could. Seat belts weren’t volunteered into automobiles they were mandated.

So why does the President have such a hard on about Amazon? He wants the Postal Service to level the playing field for UPS and Fed X. Give away a competitive advantage like selling dams that make money. That, and he is unaware the Amazon is building their own fleet of delivery trucks. It must be lucrative if billionaires are getting on board.

When they sold the land adjacent to the Love Canal landfill, they knew down to the last drum of poison what was buried in the landfill. They knew that installing sewers and water lines would break the land fill seal. They knew because they were warned by the landfills attorney ahead of time not to do it. But you know what? They didn’t give a shit. On your left is a big pile of money and on your right is no pile of money, choose wisely.

Back when I had my own business and shipped packages my rural customers always asked for the Postal Service. Fed X ain’t sending a truck to Jawbone Montana for one package. They don’t have to and have no obligation to you to do so; this is business! Republicans believe in smaller government, and government should be run like a business. But government is not a business it is a service. You cannot train a Cocker spaniel to be a house cat or vice versa. Government’s role is to provide services not in the cheapest way but in the most effective way. That guy in Montana has as much right to his package as anyone in downtown Chicago.

The Postal Service doesn’t make campaign contributions like UPS and Fed X do. They can’t hire lobbyists to advocate for government employees. Fighting with both hands tied behind their backs. We have a Postmaster General with extensive holdings in the competition and plans to help the Post Office improve with a bucket of water and holding their heads in it. But don’t give Trumpy credit, any more than you would give a chimp smoking a cigarette credit. Trumpy is just doing what he’s told to do.

Fascism is the merger of government and capital. It denies the right of individuals when capital is sacred. It is industry assuming responsibility by wearing the cloak of government by claiming to be the same thing. The Post Office is in the Constitution for a reason interference with the delivery of mail is a Constitutional violation of the oath of office.  The President didn’t declare a mask mandate Home Depot and Walmart did.

Republican politics 101; Complain about it, break it and sell it to private industry. Lovely homes now available in desirable Love Canal. If you lived here, you would be dead by now.

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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