It’s All About Projection

By David Glenn Cox

Robert Trump the President’s brother has passed away. It is sad to lose a sibling though the President didn’t seem to be overcome with grief. The name of the game is projection. If I’m stealing from the bank, I accuse you of stealing from the bank. If I’m cheating on my wife, I accuse you of cheating on your wife. Any rebuttal you attempt is seen as a weak one ups man ship. They say Donny wasn’t close with Robert which means he was very close to Robert. This is the Godfather 2020, a reality TV remake now with more special effects. Robert was Michael Corleone, the one meant to stay out of the family business. The one whose name will be missing should indictments ever be handed down.

Donny? Well, you know already don’t you? You know who Donny is, Donny is…Fredo. The one who can’t shut his mouth in front of Moe Green talking about the family’s business in public. The one chasing cocktail waitresses in the casino. The one with the sunglasses trying to look like a big shot.  So, let us dispose of the idea that Fredo is calling the shots here. Fredo doesn’t call shots, Fredo is told what to do by… That is the 64,000-ruble question comrade.  The Bi-Partisan Senate Intelligence Committee found many, as in, multiple Russians involved in the Trump Campaign. More than had been previously known. This wasn’t Fredo’s idea. Fredo is a marionette doing his Fredo dance across the world stage. Fredo get’s to appear to be the big shot, but someone else is pulling the strings.

If I were a front man for an international organized crime ring what sort of rumors would I start about my adversaries? Remember, we’re talking about Fredo, I mean Donny here.  Maybe cannibalism or weird Satanic rituals, blood drinking. Sex and pedophilia for sure. Nothing a pedophile likes more than stories about pedophilia, cause it’s all about projection. While Donny supports the supporters of these theories, he claims to have no knowledge of them. The super genius who knows more than all the experts and knows more than the doctors and knows more than the generals and knows more about everything than anyone ever in creation says, “I don’t know much about it.”

In the mind of little Donny, who is the most important person in the world? The Nazi who has never heard of “Mien Kampf” or the rock star who’s never seen cocaine before. A Klansmen pretending, he has nothing to wear to the meeting. These conspiracies are all centered around Donny as some sort of Marvel comic book superhero. But the narcissist wants us to believe he doesn’t know he has a fan club. He wants us to believe he doesn’t follow positive media. It’s all about projection, who do these conspiracies of child rape sound like to you?

In the JFK assassination it has been noted that the conspirators could not control the autopsy unless the conspiracy was already on the inside. Likewise, if someone wanted to murder Jeffery Epstein who has the power to get inside and get out again clean? Who has the power to commit such a crime? Hillary Clinton? Would potential Epstein revelations ruin Bill Clinton’s political future? Or would they hurt someone else in the political now? Who would wish an accomplice well if not to send a message? Did Hillary send a message to Epstein’s procurer as well? “Shut up Fredo! Don’t ever wish them well. Then you can’t claim not to know them later.”

We are all familiar with the Hunter Biden story. Manufactured out of whole cloth it faded like cheap paint in the summertime. Donny pressures the Ukraine to manufacture dirt that young Biden was conspiring illegally. While at the same time the Administration is being accused of conspiring with the Russians illegally. Biden is a Yale trained attorney and few of us have ever priced the services of a Yale trained attorney. The money sounds fantastic. Just like picking it up off the floor only you have fly to the Ukraine several times a year. I’m sure they show some good movies on those twelve-hour flights, and a Yale trained attorney is going to start billing when he leaves the house in the morning.

It’s all about projection, the President claims the election is rigged because he plans to rig the election. He fights hardest against the Russian charges because he knows if proven, they could literally place a rope around his neck. So, who does Donny say conspired with the Russians? Who does Donny wish well? Who does Donny say he supports but doesn’t know anything about? When I was six, we used to say, “I’m rubber you’re glue what bounces off me sticks to you!” The foundation of Trumpian political thought, it is all about projection.

If I’m the figurehead of a criminal organization, I support those who believe in an alternative criminal organization. “Look, it’s not me comrade! Look! They are eating babies and raping children comrade. They are communists and Democrats comrade. The billionaire wants you to believe he is religious and supports the American way of life. After bankrupting casinos and vanity airlines after being convicted of cheating charities and a career of bilking contractors. I don’t remember which Trump boy it was, whether it was Junior or monkey face that said we get our money from the Russians. Let’s just call him son of Fredo.

You get your money from the Russians because your criminal past makes you radioactive to legitimate lenders. Now who do we know that fits that scenario? “I will grant you this favor, but the day might come when I ask you for a favor.” For many years Trump Tower in Moscow was Trumpy’s wet dream, but why? Why was Trump Tower in Moscow any more superior to Trump Tower in Gadsden, Alabama? Both would lose money but Trumpy doesn’t owe money to the Alabama Mafia. Are the tourists flocking to Moscow for the sun and fun or was the lender asking the borrower to put up assets easily confiscated.

A headquarters for the corrupt. A dirty deeds done dirt cheap outlet mall. And why would the Russian government fight against a new gleaming high-rise hotel in downtown Moscow celebrating their integration into the west? Because they know who owns the joint and who he works for.  A beachhead into America for the Russian Mafia all courtesy of Fredo.

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