The Man Without a Plan

By David Glenn Cox

The Republican Party has decided to forgo a Party platform at its national convention. That’s a first for me; the whole point of a convention is to choose a candidate and set the Party platform. What does the Party stand for? What are their goals and how do they intend to lead America over the next four years? The Party’s chosen candidate is a congenital liar so a written platform would only act as foul lines identifying each lie told. Without a platform the Party is effectively leaving the world of politics for the dark night of Authoritarianism. The platform is whatever the Fuhrer says today and if he says something different tomorrow then that’s the platform tomorrow.  “One volk, one Reich, one Fuhrer.”

Without a Party platform the Republican Party of the United States of America has no official position on any world issue today. “What is the Republican Party’s position visa vee the Chinese government’s attempt to muzzle Hong Kong?”  Just ask Donny, he has all the answers. “What is the Party’s position on the Middle East or manufacturing or the environment?” Since the early days of the Administration court decisions have all but labeled them intellectually lazy so this no platform thing, this make it up as we go works quite nicely.

The Republicans are going full Nuremberg on this one swearing the blood oath to Donald Trump. Sailing this turd frigate into Tidy Bowl Bay. You must swear allegiance to der Fuhrer he has all the answers and makes the water blue and if you don’t agree you must be a Communist. Obviously, there are only two reasons you would have no official platform. You’re intellectually inept and no one could agree, or they have an unofficial platform that they don’t want to tell you about. In the Trump Administration ineptness can never be counted out but neither can cruelty.

Somewhere between “Triumph of the Will” and “A Face in the Crowd.” His sermon on the dung heap his message for his minions. What do they need with facts and details? Nobody ever reads those platforms anyway. If the Republican Party has no platform in 2020 what will their platform be in 2024? The Party has no positions on anything in the same way a butcher has no opinions on vegetarianism. Follow the leader and shut up. The leader will tell you your opinion.

This convention will be one for the books, the Hindenburg’s due at Lakehurst. It will probably rank as one of the worst spectacles in television history alongside the ill-fated “Dick Cheney Good Time Hour.” Look for orgasmic pseudo patriotism. A celebration of the ideals they hate in practice. A celebration of Donald Trump and only Donald Trump for Donald Trump by Donald Trump. Scheduled to speak on four nights of the convention each keynote speakers leads to the headliner. Hugh Hefner made his fortune by changing the centerfold. “And now…here’s Donald Trump! And now… here’s Donald Trump! And now… here’s Donald Trump! And now… here’s Donald Trump!” It’s kind of hard to keep it fresh in the can but Babe Ruth is setting himself up for a fall if he thinks he’s going to hit four home runs on four consecutive nights, plus call his shots!

Is this orange narcissism gone wild or a scarcity of willing sacrificial victims? Who wants to come to the podium and testify for Donald Trump? Who wants to place their penis on the block in Absurdityville? Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said, “The President reads more than anyone I know.” Stop! You’re killing me. You really need to get out more. But this is the crux of the blood oath you are not swearing allegiance to an idea, concept or constitution but to the vision of one man. The Republican Party will castrate itself this week in the final act of self-abuse on the road to oblivion.

Imagine, a political Party without any stated principles. Kowtowing to a special interest group of one. A political party that says, we don’t care if you die, go to work. We don’t care if your kid gets sick, go to school. We don’t care if you starve or lose your home, we’re going on vacation! A Party dedicated to the proposition that you win elections by disqualifying voters. The Party of overreaching Federal Government and States rights now argues the opposite side of the street. Arguing States don’t have a right to make their own election laws if the Fuhrer doesn’t like it.

The admitted Party of bankruptcy offers up Donald Trump on four nights because Hitler is dead, Putin doesn’t want to and the devil is busy. Lot’s of prayers and offerings for a nation in trouble, “Lord, protect Donald Trump.” The message is fear and non-sense. A Party without a platform can’t be asked to explain. A Party without a platform likes to nod and wink a lot. You know what I mean, right? Those other people not as patriotic as you and I are and perhaps not as UV sensitive. The counter puncher can only go lower and will go long.

Fear is the fuel and anger the weapon, but you can’t win independents and soccer moms with hate rhetoric. Selling fear in a time of fear is like selling water in a time of flood.  The plan is…we have no plan! We will sell you placebos and that third quarter growth why I see a chicken in every pot and a new car in every garage. Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, introducing your master of ceremonies the man without a plan, Donald Trump.

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