“Speak up, I don’t think they heard you.”

American Socialite – Wikipedia

By David Glenn Cox

Another day at the Republican insanarama where one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small and the ones that Trumpy gives you don’t do anything at all.  Jack Brewer, a scheduled Wednesday night speaker representing Black Voices for Trump was charged earlier this month with insider trading. This goes hand in hand with Mary Ann Mendoza being removed as a speaker after tweeting out Q anon conspiracy theories about the imminent take over of America by the world Jewish conspiracy.

This after the RNC had warned campaign attendees, “Do make your best attempt to try and act normal and keep all batshit crazy conspiracy theories in your back pocket at all times for the duration of the convention.” But it was lady’s night at the old fun house and Tiffany Trump an animatronic cyborg relative from a previous legally defined sexual intercourse marriage came with a message for America…please! She pleaded with America to re-elect her daddy who cheated on her mommy, and who went out to get a pack of cigarettes and never returned.

Tiffany is looking for a job after graduating from Law School bankrolled by a billionaire owing nothing in student loans. That freedom, that freedom that entitlement. Living your life as if money were no object because it is not.  Any academic pursuit a simple phone call away whether learning to carve grizzly bears with a chainsaw out of tree stumps in Montana or learning cake decorating in Paris. Anything you want the sky is the limit. Presented live on stage for her gender and her daddy and her entitlement. The furthest reach of imagination cannot, but hear the ghost of Marie Antoinette saying, “Speak up, I don’t think they heard you.” The furthest reach of the imagination to consider a child in a chain link cage in an immigration center in Texas and this daughter of Donald J. Trumpy.

Don’t be a slave to reality she asks, cause we want to hear all voices. Klansmen and Nazi’s, Proud Boys and Russians, you know, all voices. But Q anon theories about the Rothschilds will get you booted from the program. Keep it at insider trading, and everything will be fine. Next came Kim Reynolds the Governor of Iowa with a tale of farm disaster and Donald J. Trumpy was right there with emergency disaster loans. He fought for fair trade deals with Beijing! It got kind of quiet there for a second like she was waiting to see if anyone had heard that. The President who said, “Trade wars are easy to win” closing lucrative markets for Iowa farmers is himself the greatest disaster to hit the state. Except perhaps for a Governor from a farm state who would toady up, “Oh, he’s great!”

After the opening night antics of Jethro Junior’s Obergruppen fuhrer girlfriend. This was a kinder softer Party Rally with only good things to say about good things. Because good things are what make America great! We don’t want to run down America talking about bad things. Covid 19 or the economic emergency facing millions of Americans will not be televised. “We’re on vacation!” The virus is a godsend allowing Senate Republicans to scurry out of town like roaches at midnight and not be tied to Donny Nightmare as election season approaches.

So, imagine, a Republican Party in the face of an economic emergency saying, f*ck you starve to millions of Americans right before an election. What would they say if returned to office? This Alice through the Looking Glass mentality of a Postmaster trying to hobble the Post Office while 70% of Americans say they want vote by mail. I guess the biggest revelation so far is that Louis DeJoy really doesn’t care what you think. Snarly and combative a runner up for a Dick Cheney personality scholarship. DeJoy to the world made it clear, he does not work for the people or the Postal Service he works for the President and if you don’t like it…stuff it.

The duality of the Trump Administration with their sugar cookie sales pitch and their sand in your mouth results. Exemplifying elitism, white privilege and the sovereignty of the one percent while at the same time appealing to rednecks and those they wouldn’t piss on if on fire. Listening without hearing all they discern from Marie Antoinette’s message is, “we’re gonna get cake!” No one allowed in without a criminal record. Eric Trump has declined conversations with the New York Attorney General taking the fifth amendment but insisting he still supports the right to own a handgun.

The first night was about anger last night about pleading. The five stages of grief, a haunted lost Dutchman sailing the world on tattered sails on the winds of midnight complete with creepy noises like a Halloween display at Michaels. Finding solace where they can any port in a storm, TV ratings for the Republican convention were way up on C-span but down on the channels people actually watched. Where is Leni Riefenstahl when you need her? Someone call the paramedics the convention has stopped breathing! Quick, someone do the Heimlich maneuver they are choking on their own irony!

There is no doubt; the Republican Party is in the third stage of grief, denial. Yep, this is all Obama’s fault. We can’t lose, maybe we can jigger up the election. Bargaining, suing states to stop mail in voting. The only reason you would ever say you might not accept the election results is because you know you’ve lost and haven’t reached the acceptance stage yet. You know, Nixon waving from the helicopter door or the old soldier just fading away. When it is over, it’s over. There’s a DNR on this one and the morgue has been notified.

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