The Election is Over

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The President is trying to defund Social Security. The Postmaster General is trying to cripple the Post Office. The Administration’s plan to aid the unemployed is to raid the FEMA trust fund. The Department of National Intelligence announced it will no longer brief members of Congress about election security. Silencing the coroner before the body is found sending up the red flag of shenanigans. Poor John McCain, he went to Florida one point ahead of Barack Obama. He gave a light speech to a room filled with senior citizens on the need to cut Social Security and left Florida two points behind Obama. But that was back when the laws of gravity were still in effect.

The Secretary of State is being held in contempt by Congress. The Postmaster is being subpoenaed the Education Secretary just got slammed by the Federal court and violations of the Hatch Act are like the “I voted” stickers they pass out at the polls, everybody’s got one. Ben Carson has mastered the art of invisibility and has not been seen for months, just keep the lights off and hide under the desk and don’t answer that phone! Trumpy is inciting violence in the street’s condoning murder and turning a blind eye to the violence he himself encourages. Behind their armor of incompetence, it is difficult to discern what is intentional and what is just bumbling around.

Once upon a time, the orange anti-Christ warned we could lose as many as seventy-five thousand Americans to Covid-19.  Now the Administration wants to go back to Trump’s initial plan of ignoring the virus and pretending it is not there. Sacrificing two-million Americans on the altar of herd immunity all while doing as little as possible. A made for TV mini holocaust, maybe you’ve noticed it, maybe not. Trumpy doesn’t care what you think either way. Trumpy gonna do what Trumpy wants to do and Trumpy’s gonna flip you the bird while he does it.

There was a time when Trumpy pretended to care. After the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh Trumpy shows up in a dark suit uninvited and pretends to care. Meeting with families and survivors faking a photo at the hospital. Trumpy’s going to Kenosha not because he cares but to stir the pot. He won’t be meeting the with the family of Jacob Blake because he doesn’t want to. His goal is to stoke animosity in the thugs and brown shirts of the new Reich. Selling the myth of the November criminals and the deep state. Peddling fear and stoking passions as the sociopath prepares to throw the United States under the bus.

Trumpy’s plan to aid the unemployed…listen to the crickets. Make executive pronouncements that leave governmental agencies mystified as to how to carry them out. Executive orders of questionable constitutional validity. The President can’t executive order us to all stand on our heads there are limits. “I executive order you to crash your car into that brick wall.”

Trumpy’s plan for Covid-19…pretend it is not there and listen to crickets. “This is hard, I’m bored.”

Trumpy’s plan to win the election…delegitimize the election. Sow doubt about mail in ballots, cripple the Post Office. Foment violence in the streets and try to encourage a civil war. To turn brother against brother and father against son. Their goal is not to win an election but to stay in power by any means necessary with or without an election. A banana Republic, tin pot dictator who fires prosecutors and has judges removed when they get too close. A mob boss Presidency an I’ll do what I want Presidency.

Trumpy’s plan for his second term is…” I haven’t thought of it yet.” The Administration that promised a replacement for Obamacare on day one and still hasn’t produced one. The Republican Party has no platform; the emperor has no clothes but to swear allegiance in a blood oath to Trumpy.

It seems counter intuitive that in the face of fiscal disaster stocks on Wall Street continue to rise. With interest rates at zero Wall Street is the only game in town. You use cash to buy shares of Google or Microsoft, but if Trumpy were to Kamikaze the economy that dollar might become worthless, while Microsoft and Google stocks would still retain some value. Decoupling from the public economy replacing it with a private economy. The stocks becoming their own currency, and if States were forced to bankrupt and Social Security became insolvent, that wouldn’t bother the wealthy one iota, their money isn’t denominated in cash anymore.

Crazy theories have always been mainstreamed by the Republican Party. During the 1950s and 60s Republican’s pushed the theory that a nuclear war could be won. “Come on, let’s catch them commies flat footed and nuke them back into the stone age with a first strike!” The estimates of between thirty to fifty million American casualties our cities in radiated ruins but politicians like Barry Goldwater thought it was worth the risk. A chance to get rid of the commies and all I have to do is kill every fourth American.

Loose lips sink Mitch as McConnell let the cat out of the bag about forcing states into bankruptcy. Turning Treasury notes into Gerald O’Hara’s Confederate bonds. Turning the national debt into a play pretty of magical numbers and magical thinking. “Well, I guess it couldn’t be helped bad ole virus! But at least we got rid of Social Security and the national debt!”

World War III anyone? When Don the Con loots the Chinese Treasury will they take it lying down. Okay, you’ve been screwed, what are you going to do about it now? Pure Trump bankrupt the system and walk away screwing everyone. Sending millions to their graves and millions into poverty. Spinning the world economy like a top sending it into freefall. Destabilizing the world to a greater degree than any time since September 1, 1939.

The election is over.

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