Treasons Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I suppose one of the hardest things about being a treasonous criminal Is getting people to believe you when you say you aren’t guilty, especially after you have sworn under oath twice that you are. Mother warned about your reputation and the company you keep. Laying down with dogs’ Russian dogs and getting up with fleas and horrendous legal bills and all.  Mike Flynn was acting as Trumpy’s campaign chairman while also working as an unregistered lobbyist for the government of Turkey. Russia and Turkey have a special relationship, during the Cold War spies would come in from the cold through Berlin. No more, but if you were looking to set up back channel communications with the Russians you really could not be any better positioned than to be an unregistered lobbyist for the government of Turkey.

It gives you a free pass to do that which would look suspicious otherwise. “Oh, I was speaking to the Russian Ambassador in my lobbyist capacity.” The reason you are an unregistered lobbyist is the same reason young boys hide porn. They’re doing something embarrassing and they don’t want to get caught. But caught they were and Flynn a former US Army General sat down for an interview with the FBI. Unbeknownst to Flynn the FBI had wiretaps and knew everything about everybody. When the FBI asked Flynn about his relationship with Sergey Kislyak the Russian Ambassador Flynn gave them the old razzmatazz. Just good friends our kids play together our wives are friends.

He lied his butt off, and the FBI had him. Flynn made a deal to plead guilty to lying to the FBI in exchange for a lighter sentence and his co-operation. Then Flynn gets a new lawyer and renounces the plea agreement, “I was lying then but I’m not lying now! Can’t you believe me? My lawyer made me say all that I’m guilty stuff.” Magically out of the blue the Justice department announces it wants to drop the charges in a case where the defendant has already plead guilty…twice. Now, I’ll warn you as a public service in case you didn’t already know. Federal Judges rile easy and lose their composure at the first sign of being dicked around. Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan took umbrage that Flynn would come into his courtroom and lie like a seasoned politician pleading guilty to the charges and then claim he’s innocent.  

With Bill Barr’s thumb on the scale, the Justice Department pressured Sullivan to quit being a dick about the whole thing and let Flynn go, but Sullivan said he wouldn’t do it. He hired a retired judge and former mob prosecutor to look at the files to see if he really was being a dick about the whole thing. The judge ruled he wasn’t and that he had every right to be pissed off at Mike Flynn. Flynn’s team and the Justice Department lawyer assigned to walk Flynn out the door went to court arguing Sullivan was trying to be a dick about this and should be replaced and the case dismissed like the President wants.

The three-judge appeals panel sided with Trump, but the full appeals court sided with Judge Sullivan. Bill Barr is sitting red faced in his office about to blow like a steam whistle at shift change. The President is turning orange cartwheels in the oval office. “Did you tell him it was the President that wanted him to throw the case?”

Sullivan’s hard-nosed approach to justice could force Trump to offer Flynn a pardon, a get out of jail free card for the President’s co-conspirators. Treason is what treason is. It isn’t that Trumpy has some emotional connection with Flynn it is the criminal returning to the scene of the crime trying to hide the evidence. To tear down every scrap of evidence pointing to the President’s involvement with Russia. Want some evidence? Ask Mike Flynn, he lied his ass off to the FBI and they had him by the short hairs.

Judge Sullivan wasted no time in sending a note to both sides, “Let’s do this thing! Pick a time and I’ll be there with my black robes and favorite sentencing gavel.”  Sullivan at his discretion can sentence Flynn on the two counts of lying to the FBI. He could dismiss the charges as the justice department and the White House would like. There is a third possibility; Sullivan could drop the lying to the FBI charges and charge Flynn with a new count of perjury. A perjury charge carries a longer prison sentence than lying to the FBI. Rather than getting rid of the Flynn case Judge Sullivan could start a brand-new one. A lead pipe certain case of an unregistered lobbyist working for a presidential campaign caught on tape in bed with a foreign government. As an unofficial observer of the White House, I would speculate they don’t want that.

The President’s anger is palpable, “When I put my thumb on the scale of justice to corrupt a trial, I want it to stay corrupted!”

The most contemptible political crime boss in American history uses the justice department to help his co-conspirators escape. It’s only a crime if you are poor. It’s only a crime if you’re black. It’s only a crime if you’re unconnected. It is only a crime when little people do it.

This case is like a pile dog shit in your front yard. It is very important to get rid of it because it stinks but you have to be careful you don’t make even a bigger mess out of it. Because the salient point to remember here is not that Mike Flynn lied about his ongoing relationship with the Russian Ambassador. What is important here is exactly what they talked about and the FBI has that on tape!

Treasons just another word for nothing left to lose.

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