A Universe with a Subset of One

By David Glenn Cox

You can always tell when Donald Trump is lying. He has that distinctive sound like a Harley – Davidson motorcycle that you could have patented. His lies have a familiar ring to them and in many cases, he doesn’t even need to be identified as the author you just hear them and know…Donald Trump said that. You can tell by the denials that the accusations are true. The Administration that takes months to produce documents produces a document in less than eight hours declaring the official reason for cancellation of the visit to the Veterans cemetery was “rain.”

The document was generated by a White House staffer who asked someone what was the official reason for the cancellation? It carries all the validity of, “My Mom told me to write you this note why I was sick yesterday.” But it is the quickness with which it was produced. “Hang on to that one! That could come in handy someday. You know… if they ever found out what he said.” There is the awareness of this as not a leak but a gas explosion. And once again the zombie ghost of John McCain rises from the grave to smite Donald Trump.

Everyone is aware of the animosity between the two. In life McCain the Washingtonian saw Trump only as Godzilla headed for the city center. McCain used his skills to thwart Trumpy, and this is our Rosetta stone. We know Trump hates McCain. We know what Trump says about McCain and when Trump says the same thing about veterans. It fits because it sounds just like him and the rush to his defense with the rapid production of documents means the Administration not only feared this day would come but planned for it.

Let’s be brutally honest here the super ball is missing some chunks and doesn’t always bounce right. The reason he didn’t understand why he had to go to a second cemetery is because you took his picture at the first one and now its executive time. The spoiled child without any sense of responsibility. “It’s five o’clock I’m outta here!” Trumpy was sent to military school as a punishment “like the god damned Fincklestien shit kid.” He saw it as a place for losers because Ritchie Rich was forced to follow rules. Fred found himself in “The Omen” his son was the spawn of Satan. He must have seen it but didn’t know what else to do so he sent him to military school.

So as a teenaged millionaire riding through Manhattan your limo stops for a light in front of the United States Marine Corp induction center. What would those doors represent to Donald Trump? Patriotism or honor or a bunch of suckers? A bunch of suckers without limos and private jets without stock portfolios or a trust fund. Icky people with jobs who get dirty and don’t have servants. So, while veterans deserve their right to be outraged, they should not take it personally. In the eyes of Donald Trump every other human being in the world is a loser and a sucker. To a con man everyone is just another mark. The women that wouldn’t sleep with him were losers and so where the women that would.   

This is a universe with a subset of one. There is Donald Trump and seven billion losers. Eddie Haskell as the billion-dollar baby, “My don’t you look nice today Mrs. Cleaver. I was just telling young Theodore about the importance of good grooming.”  You know he’s lying because he’s always lying. His ninety-minute rambling address in Pennsylvania, if you can’t give them better give them more. The Teflon Don dissembled because he knew he’d been caught and this one is going to hurt. Suddenly Donald Trump rescues Stars & Stripes the military’s newspaper. Deleted from the Trump budget last year it has been resuscitated because Trump suddenly cares about the military and journalism.

The only thing Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump. He would sell his children to the gypsies, why should he care about Portland or Kenosha those are a bunch of loser towns. Just people to use to stir up more violence to get the only really important person in the world re-elected. Do you begin to see why Trump takes offense at black athletes taking a knee? They are losers and he is Donald Trump. How dare they upset his worldview. They shouldn’t do that and should all be fired because it offends Donald Trump and no one else matters.

Why does Trump ignore the experts and generals? Because they are all losers and he’s Donald Trump. What do they know with their degrees and education? Trump bought his way through school because kids that go to class are suckers.

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny was poisoned with a military grade toxin. It wasn’t purchased from “Toxins R Us” this was a military hit. The Russians have been condemned in every Capitol in Europe. German Chancellor Angela Merkle is being pressured to cancel a billion-dollar oil pipeline deal with Russia. Trump declines to criticize Russia just as Trump always declines to condemn Russia.

Is it extortion or blind admiration, do the Russians have something on Trump or is just Trump’s love of brutality? “That’s right Vlad, if he pisses you off you should just kill him!” He admires the way North Koreans fawn over der leader. He wants military parades and wants his face on Mount Rushmore. He is a textbook sociopath without concern for anyone but himself. Scuttle the Post Office sue the states sow dissension What wouldn’t Donald Trump do to save Donald Trump?

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