Dark Shadows

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

A mouse walking by a candle throws a shadow on the wall eight feet tall. When he rears on his hind legs the shadow looms from floor to ceiling but when the candle goes out is just a mouse. Sometimes we see the claws and twitching nose and lose perspective on the true nature of the threat. We see the history but ignore the history. If you gave Moe, Larry and Curley a hand grenade and ten minutes you know what would happen…boom! If you gave Donald Trump a political Party and three years…boom!

My dad was a Golden Gloves Boxer, and he used to say, “When the champ trains himself, the champ’s gonna lose.” The Biden Campaign has been averaging three quarters of a million dollars in donations per call on “Zoom” group video chats. The President tells his staff, he doesn’t like doing those, so he doesn’t. Leaves more room for executive time. More time to watch TV and tweet. More time to make up imaginary shadow people, this bullshit isn’t going to bullshit itself.

Remember when Trumpy got angry because Charlotte was going to impose a mask requirement? He yowled like a cat on a hot stove and blustered. “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff and move the convention to Jacksonville!” Turns out that was expensive and could be a reason why the Party has no platform. That’s a problem when you have a billionaire as a candidate. Money is no object, and nobody is going to tell the boss what to do. Where do we meet, where do we do the business of the convention?  

Party platforms are like a tractor pull reading each page gets tougher. The more you dig in the more you slow down until finally you stall. But somewhere back on page 67 sub-section B. paragraph three, whereas eggs are important to a healthy diet. Page 124 sub-section L. paragraph four, whereas copper fasteners are vital to a growing economy. Everybody gets a spot in the parade everyone and is handed an envelope. Unless of course you’re not having a parade. So, if the Semiconductor industry wants to know the position of the Republican Party towards the Semiconductor industry, they have nothing. How big a check would you write on Trumpy’s promise?

In 2016, the Democrats chose a candidate certain to motivate the Republican base while demoralizing their own. Donald Trump was the unknown, candidate Harold Hill was going to all teach us to play in the band. Candidate Clinton runs the most spirited campaign since Michael Dukakis and still captures the popular vote. Trump wins the electoral college by a hair’s breadth. Flash forward, can you play Stairway to Heaven on the trombone yet? Candidate Orange promised a replacement for Obamacare on day one and has none. I’m sure the hospital Association and the insurance industry will want to dig deep and support that candidacy what with all that you have to offer.

The President’s campaign suspended $580,000 in media buys in Arizona until the end of the month. Are they ceding Arizona? Doubling down on John McCain cracks makes it appear so. Nothing says vote for me like ripping on a favorite native son. After three- and one-half years we have heard enough Donald Trump to know Donald Trump when we hear him. “Losers, suckers” that’s him alright. Not wanting to go to a memorial ceremony where he represents the citizens of the United States because it might mess his hair up. That’s him man.

You know how they have the canned laughter on situation comedies. Get ready, anytime now someone in the Republican Party is going to say publicly, “Where did all the money go?” Try not to laugh too hard. Let’s see, Brad Pascale was the only campaign chairman with his own limo and driver. The money goes out but doesn’t come in.  The Administration that doesn’t do its homework isn’t doing its homework.

Voter suppression does not work if no one is voting for you! If half the speakers on the docket have the same last name either you’re at a wedding reception or an insipid political convention. The goofy snot nosed kid from Kentucky or assault rifle Ken and handgun Barbie from Saint Louis. This broadens the base how exactly? We felt wronged by the world vote Trump! We felt coked by the world vote dad! Nothing says successful campaign more than your Wolf of Wall Street son and his screaming girlfriend offering up a performance worthy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The President’s campaign apparently has money problems. They have no platform and no plan for what a second term would mean. The Campaign message is whatever leaks out of the President’s mouth. The President has taken special effort to insult women, Blacks, Hispanics, veterans, evangelicals, John McCain and his own cabinet members. Every day with dark shadows and Antifa every day the warning. If you think it is screwed up now, elect Joe Biden.

Trumpy throws a long shadow and talks good game but the money is missing. The line of Republicans supporting Joe Biden grows as the number sending Trumpy checks declines. The days of the beast are numbered as corporate America turns their backs on Trump.

Say it ain’t so, the king of bankruptcy has bankrupted the party. Morally, politically, and financially. The big money thinks he is a bad bet a long shadow short on substance with nothing left to offer but a squeak.

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