Never Learned to Walk Forward

By David Glenn Cox

Franklin Roosevelt once said, “We have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals, we now know that it is bad economics.”  But Republicans are the Puritan Party and believe you can only find redemption through suffering. That any act by government of charity or relief is codling the public. Then the public will rise up and decide that they never want to work ever again. They will return to the couch resume their television schedule and never be heard from and society will crumble, and it will be the end of the world. Humanity will devolve into television watching cannibal groups only leaving the set in search of prey.

Same as it ever was. Hoover sent farmers in the “Dust Bowl “seeds. “Oh, my bad, you mean you’re hungry today?” The idea that it would be wrong to give food but okay to give seeds because you work for it. Forgetting that the reason they were hungry in the first place was because the crops had failed as in the “Dust Bowl.” Their third eye unable to separate the value of money from the value of human life. Mitch McConnell acts as if it were his money we’re spending, when it is our money.

Huey Long said, “All politicians steal, find one that steals for education.” Long maintained the state has always been in debt and will always be in debt. And that any time anything is proposed for the welfare of the people it is always too expensive and we must be cautious about the debt. If you were swimming in the river with gold in your pocket and started to cramp, you’d throw that gold to the four winds to make it to the other side. Gladly trading any amount for salvation.

The fun-loving bunch at the Mortgage Bankers Association advises the mortgage default rates are starting to climb and they give one of the driving factors as uncertainty about any stimulus package coming from Washington. Saying, you guys are making this thing worse! Because you don’t make any decisions, they can’t make any decisions driving the economy into a deeper hole unnecessarily. Not just a bad plan bad economics.

The Administration knows, just like they knew about Covid 19. In one of the strangest moves in an Administration filled with strange moves, the CDC the Center for Disease Control has issued an eviction moratorium until the end of 2020 and NASA will now begin selling hunting licenses.

(CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield signed a declaration determining that the evictions of tenants could be detrimental to public health control measures to slow the spread of SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.)

Yes, it is true that living outdoors can be detrimental to public health. Why the CDC and not the President? “I’m a nice guy, vote for me, here’s an eviction moratorium.” The Administration knows that this has to be done it just has to, but they want to keep it at arm’s length. More of Trump’s not wanting to panic the public by pretending reality is real. If we hide the numbers, we can pretend that we didn’t know. “What? Twenty-five million…wow, who knew?” The burden shifts on to the landlord, no rent until January.  This is going to kill the little guys because January is a black hole in the universe without any promises.

But relief sticks in their throats the idea that we would give someone $600 over and above an already outrageously generous unemployment system paid for by the workers themselves just to rescue an economy? Sure, Mitch wants to give $160 million to the coal industry in his Death Camp Relief bill. But nothing for cities and nothing for states, so we can pretend it is not important until after the election. Money to reopen schools but only so we can continue to pretend they’ve got this Covid 19 thing whooped.

But ignoring the virus is what brought us here. If we’d have shut down earlier and remained, shut down, we wouldn’t be looking down the barrel of an existential event. We are the dinosaurs facing extinction due to poor accounting practices. The Fortune 500 brag of record profits and dividends but are the first one with their hands out. There is really no point in rescuing an airline or a cruise line if you don’t rescue their customers.

FDR’s Homeowners Loan Corporation took $2 billion in loans Hoover had allocated to big business and redirected the money towards mortgage assistance. The program saved over one million homes and farms and went out of business returning a surplus to the treasury. The banks won and the homeowner won and in the long run it didn’t cost a dime. It’s not hard to help people if you have no moral injunction against it.

In the 1920s the Tennessee River suffered annual floods with deaths and millions in property damages every year. The Tennessee River Valley was the poorest region in the country. People died annually of malaria and scurvy. The Tennessee Valley Authority built over 200 locks and dams providing jobs income and security, attracting industry while generating revenue. The Republicans would like you to believe that spending is always bad unless it is a weapons system or a tax cut. The Interstate Highway system is a money-making machine we all benefit from generating more revenue than it costs. Not maintaining it is not just a bad plan but bad economics.

An educational system generates more revenue than it cost. It’s almost like magic; you put dim-wits, goofballs, starry eyed dreamer’s, booger eaters and masturbators in one end and engineers and scientists come out the other end. Today he eats his own boogers but in twenty years he’s taking the tumor from your brain. Lot’s of places in the world that doesn’t happen. That’s the first thing you notice in the third world, the roads are junk and the schools are a joke. Republicans don’t invest in the people. They see the people as the problem and not the solution, a mass to be moved and not a movement to be led. Tripping over gold bars counting their nickels.

A government contract awarded in 1963 for an Apollo landing computer weighing twenty pounds or less led directly to your home computer. Your cell phone is based on a microwave system designed for Apollo. A government program of twenty billion dollars spent over ten years led to Microsoft, Google, Apple and a thousand others. A quantum leap in technology and the knowledge of the world advanced a thousand-fold.

“A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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