That’ll Teach You Peasants

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Anyone who has watched the Three Stooges knows that they don’t like cops. Curly seeing a mannequin dressed as a cop says, “I’ve always wanted to punch a cop right in the nose.” In the 1930s when these shorts were made, the cops weren’t very popular. The landlord brought the cops to evict you. The company used the cops to break up labor demonstrations. The cops rousted poor people and there were lots of poor. The social contract was strained the public viewing police as enforcers rather than protectors. The public could live vicariously, they would never dream of punching a cop themselves but when Curly did it they laughed hysterically.

Whether knocking a cop into a tub of wet cement or attacking them with beer barrels the cop was always the butt of the joke and the public loved it. Because for every pair of eyes in Antifa millions more are watching from the sidelines. The public execution of George Floyd didn’t just kill a man it destroyed an illusion. It ripped a hole in the social fabric. The callous brutality of the murder, the illusion of the kindly cop on the beat was over. Fifty million dollars spent on McGruff the Crime Dog right out the window. “Deputy Dan is not your friend. Do not get into the car with Deputy Dan.” The protests in Portland with the police instigating violence. Unmarked cars and men in uniform without badges and accusations of Police murder. A hit team guns a suspect down without warning and the President calls it, retribution.

Somebody walked up to a patrol car in Compton, California and shot two cops for no reason. Do you want to know why? You already know why. Swat teams resign en mass in protest, “If I have to follow rules, I Quit! I mean, when the day comes in America when I can’t beat down a seventy-five-year-old man for asking me a question, I’m out!” Police Unions have been very vocal as well as very stupid. Here’s a hint, if you want the public on your side try to act like a professional. The tired old saws, we thought he had a weapon, or the incident is under investigation or reporter got in the way wears away at the only weapon the police really have which is public support.

During Ireland’s troubles it was said that no door was locked to the IRA.  The public either supported them whole heartedly or supported them out of fear. Us meet them. The police were simply another arm of the British, like the Royal Marines. Ergo police became legitimate military targets. During the Cuban Revolution, the rebels would enter a village and be treated as conquering heroes without doing anything. Batista’s police were well known and hated for their brutality so much so, that any rag tag group with a few rifles were treated as heroes. “If you’re shooting at those guys…we like ya!” The government was no longer seen as benevolent but oppressive until the peasants said, “Go ahead and shoot them. We don’t care.”

The police attach themselves subliminally to the right-wing militias. Nod, nod wink, wink, who? They are in effect abandoning law enforcement and inciting revolution. When the law acts against the law it is no longer law enforcement. It is a goon squad; you’re no longer respected as a law enforcement officer. You are a hired goon who hurts people for a living. When force is used to maintain the law there is no law. That’s why they call it a social contract. “You don’t kill me for no reason, and I won’t let them kill you for no reason.” Ask Robespierre about how these things can get out of hand. They always see heads on the chopping block, but they never see themselves. One day Ernst Roehm was one of the most powerful men in Germany and the next… poor Ernst.

If I can murder a suspect in Portland why can’t I kill a general in the Pentagon? What’s the diff, right? Once you do away with the inconveniences of law and Democracy, anything goes! Hell’s a Poppin! The road to glory is the road to the grave, poor Ernst. Those who choose to ride on the back of the tiger sometimes end up inside. Instability leads to instability your lawlessness leads to my lawlessness and vice versa. It starts with pushing and shoving and ends with mass graves at the soccer field, without law there is only force.

I guess it is only logical that we would have reached this place. One of the spiritual leaders of the Reich wing is Ludwig Von Mises. Under Luddy’s teachings the only human right which actually exists is property, everything else is a phony legal paper construct. You can say you have the right to free speech, but prove it! In the words of George W. “It’s just a god damn piece of paper!” Say whatever you want while being beaten, maced and dragged away to jail. Sure, you have the right of assembly until we say you don’t. Then you are a criminal and I am not. Not because of the law but because I use the law as a tool to subvert your rights. If the only right is property, then the only law is force. Because I use the law to subvert your rights, people lose respect for the law. When they see police, murder a man in the streets with callous indifference and say, “because we wanted too, that’s why.”

That’s the reason someone shot two cops in Compton because they wanted too. Like Ireland, nobody saw nothing. When there is no justice only a fool would come forward. Only the police can save the police from themselves. Sick outs, hissy fits, threats, and resignations police anger is palatable. Just who the hell are you to question us? We don’t like being questioned, “maybe we’ll all just quit! That’ll teach you peasants, er a… citizens.

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