That’s not Winning

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Shhh, it’s good news. Susan Collins is down 12 points Lindsey Graham is tied. The Kayleigh McEnany web page was being run out of Macedonia. The Attorney General claims that public quarantine is akin to slavery and you can still take your automatic weapons on the grounds of the Michigan State Capital. Don’t look at the Biden/Trump polls look at everything but. The Trump campaign once had a billion-dollar cash lead and now the campaign is cutting salaries and cancelling ad buys. They all look at each other unconvincingly, “Gee, I wonder where all the money went.” Mumble, mumble, I don’t know! Why are you looking at me? Nervous laughter, “maybe up Junior’s nose.”

The volumes written on the habits of highly successful people don’t refer to anyone in this group. Leaving aside a criminally homicidal President from the picture. The rest of them aren’t a much to look at either. Devos, DeJoy, Ben Carson and Bill Barr have done such an amazing job that 79% of Americans think the country is moving in the wrong direction. A trade war, a pandemic, a failed coup in Venezuela, an economic emergency and a cancerous opiate addicted stock market. Everybody owns stocks…right? But with interest rates at zero, where can you invest the money daddy left you? A bank takes your assets and invests them in stocks and bonds and pays a return as interest. But banks aren’t paying interest, but Wall Street is. The new Bank of Wealth and Privilege 87% owned and operated by America’s wealthiest ten percent.

Last week, Halloween came early as Trumpy hosted a town haunted house on ABC. Orange Grandpa didn’t do very well, insisting once again the virus will go away by itself. Faux Snooze declared the President was ambushed with unfair questions. “Do you know how tone deaf your MAGA campaign slogan is?” The President went on the attack, Joe Biden had promised a mask mandate at the Democratic convention, where is it? You know, in a reality-based reality that comment alone should have disqualified him from the job. But Trumpy moves from stumble to stumble like a drunk headed for the door promising not to prepare for the Biden debates. He is pained with a double-edged sword while looking confused and incompetent, no one watched his town hall coming in third in its time slot beating out the hog reports and Quilting Today.

Do you know why Trumpy had family members filling the speaker’s podium at the convention? No, not narcissism, but loneliness. No one wanted the job or the opportunity to stick their necks out leading the charge in support of President Gilligan. What if they gave a convention and nobody came? Never mind the polls and never mind me and my opinion, the Republican’s fear Trump is going to be thrashed big time and are distancing themselves big time. Trump signaled that he would be open to signing a larger stimulus package than Senate Republican’s initially offered in their Death Race 2020 plan. Mitch McConnell offered no response as if to say, “So? Who cares what you think.”  

Here in Colorado Cory Gardner is running against the incumbent Senator Cory Gardner. He never mentions Trump in word or deed despite voting with him nearly 90% of the time. He doesn’t even mention that he’s a Republican. Do you know what it means when an incumbent Senator is down by 12 points? Either you’ve been caught dancing naked with your girlfriend drunk at midnight in the fountain downtown or indicted on twelve charges of bank fraud and child pornography or they must really, really  hate your guts. The incumbent has the power of the office and the title. Collins has long figure skated on her role as a moderate Republican. In any of the worst plans or nominee’s the Republicans can come up with Susan Collins always take the moderate approach and then votes with the President. The jig is up Susie; the public’s gotten wise. Susan Collins is going to lose her Senate seat simply because of her support of Donald Trump. That’s not winning!

Imagine an election night scenario, Susan Collins loses, Cory Gardner loses, Martha McSally loses, and Lindsey Graham loses but Trump wins? The President’s coat tails are made of razor blades the Republican Party is running away from Trump as fast as they can. The last two incumbent President’s polling at this level this close to an election were Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. That’s not winning.

America worries about the pandemic and about the economy and Trumpy replies, “Antifa! Riots in the streets! Black folks are coming to the suburbs!” A serene level of detachment, a child playing in a sand box with Tonka trucks while Rome burns. The UN will soon begin a new session, but the President will not attend. Seems it would be a good way to bolster foreign policy credentials but don’t forget the UN laughed at Trump and he’s never been back; he will show them. Laugh at me, will you?

Trump’s attempts to delegitimize the election will be as successful as his bromance with the North Korean dictator. It will blow up in his face just like always. The coyote gets a box from Acme Products sets it all up and Boom! In his face. Michael Moore and party stalwarts warn, “Trump can still win!” but the message is this thing is so lopsided as to not get apathetic. That is Trump’s only chance to win the election. When the returns come in 65% against him, he will slink away crying and complaining about how the unfairness of the universe, but he will slink away.

2 Thoughts

  1. I like your confidence sir. I fear that if Michael Moore’s fear is not realised, Trump will rouse his rabble over the next 5 years and some other unpleasant creature will pick up where he left off.
    The fight will not end in November, it will not end after Covid, it will not end until there is an end.


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