These Be Rebels

By David Glenn Cox

Donald Trump is not a legal office holder. You cannot swear to uphold the Constitution and then act like the orange abomination and consider it legal. The Republican Party melts away before our eyes like a spring snow.  They have embraced insanity as their mother and sell her on the street corner for money. There is no limit, there is no bottom there is no such thing as principle or fairness. Gouge out their eyes, kick them in the balls, hit em when they ain’t looking and cut their tires. Even a cursory reading of the facts involving Russia show Trump to be a criminal of the highest order, a Bond villain or a Batman foe. Just because the Gauleiters in the Senate chose to give the Orange Fuhrer a hall pass, doesn’t exonerate Trump as much implicates the Gauleiters.

Let’s say for the sake of having something to think about besides the realities at hand, space aliens took over Washington D.C. for three years. Blurp, their leader passed laws and made appointments. Finally, after three years humans were able to get rid of Blurp with the help of a secret weapon developed by a university professor in his basement. Are Blurb’s laws still valid? Do Blurp’s appointments still hold office? I hear you, “But Trump was elected.” Trump was elected to follow the Constitution and protocols of the office. He was elected to continue foreign policy not to destroy it.

He does not follow law he is opposed to law. He does not want justice he puts his hands on the scales of justice. He wants to end justice as we know it. He wants to end Social Security and defund the military health system and his ape like follower’s yell, “Hit me again boss, make it hurt this time.” It makes you wonder what alternative universe they live in. Is it like an alcoholic, do we have to hit bottom before we can find our way as a nation? We have to argue about masks while making children wear clear backpacks so we can see they don’t have a gun.

How do you draw a line in the sand and say, “Cross this line and you’re a dictator.” Name one legislative action from this White House to help anyone but themselves. Nine out of ten disgruntled Trump Cabinet officers agree Trump is playing with a deck of fifty-one. Van Gogh was a great artist, but you wouldn’t want him to do your taxes. He was a genius in one little, tiny slice of his brain about art but was a nonfunctioning indigent for most of his adult life. Likewise Trumpy the New York thug all grown up is not smart but cunning. One step ahead the law, one toke over the line. He would sell his mother to the devil for a dollar and throw in his father for fifty cents more.

And when Brutus slew Caesar the Republicans in the Senate had to stab Caesar as well. To pledge fealty to the new regime to do otherwise was to tie themselves to a corpse. So, Trump could have shot someone on Fifth Ave. and gotten away with it. We must give the devil his due. There aren’t many President’s that could lock children in cages start trade wars and oversee the deaths of 200,000 Americans and still have a 41% approval record with an economy in the tank. But I come to bury Caesar not to praise him. The Republican Senate finds themselves zombie children wandering aimlessly playing catcher for the King’s erection. With no legislative agenda they dodge questions and try to get the taste out of their mouths to make the days go by.

They put their knees on the neck of struggling Americans. They order schools to open ready or not and offer no funding. As a former resident of Alabama, let me tell you what that means. It means they don’t do anything except tape some lines on the floor. It means if you’re looking for a microscope you best carry yourself to Toy “R” Us cause they ain’t one around here. Do nothing, spend less demand more, Republicans have no principles to abandon. Abandonment of the people is an abandonment of the Constitution what good is it to support a piece of paper and ignore the people it was meant to protect? Like sands through the hourglass their legitimacy trickles away. Rand Paul wants protestors arrested for yelling at him, and Devin Nunes sues over his cow. As useless as braille buttons on a drive-up ATM.

But as Trump’s bought and paid for appendages, they float like a tail behind a kite waiting to see what the orange one burps up next. That is what Rump Dumas do they wait. They have no opinions until the boss gives them one. They don’t work for the American people they work for Trump. They are not Senators but only playing one on TV. “What? You want me to reverse my position 180 degrees? Okay, in three, two, one.”

They are not the officers of a Constitutional government but thugs operating under thug law. Seeking to gain any advantage by any means necessary. They do not like the census and they don’t like the Post Office because they don’t like mail in voting. In fact, they do not like any voting at all. They don’t like Democracy and don’t like this form of government they are in fact Rebels to the American system of government. They do not seek to augment our laws but to subvert them and cannot be considered as legitimate because of it.

Justice defines democracy parchment only memorializes it. Who fights for the paper without fighting for the ideal? How can you be a Christian that doesn’t believe in God or a Republican that doesn’t believe in Justice? They cannot, these be rebels.

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