The Photograph

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I want you to look at this photograph. This is Franklin Roosevelt in Casablanca reviewing the troops. FDR was a first President to leave the country during war time and the first President to fly overseas. This was 1943 and U-boats still patrolled the Atlantic. Roosevelt flew for nineteen hours to attend the Casablanca conference across nine time zones.

The Allies had taken Casablanca from the Vichy French less than two months before. The President asked to review the troops but was told by the Secret Service it wasn’t safe. A foreign capitol in a formally enemy occupied city the risk of snipers was too great. The President insisted that he had not come all this way not to pay his respects to the troops.

It was a closely guarded secret the President had left the states, so none of the soldiers in review had any idea who the review was being held for, just some big shot from Washington. Twenty-year old’s from everywhere who’ve never been anywhere before. Just finishing their first military campaign halfway around the earth and here comes the President of the United States to pay his respects.

Compare with the orange abomination who dodged a military remembrance ceremony because it was out of his way and he might get his hair wet. FDR served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy for four years. His sons served in WWII and one went ashore on D-Day with his cousin Teddy Roosevelt III.

Do you think FDR would call military veterans losers and suckers? The father of the G.I. Bill? Look at the photo again, what do you see now that you didn’t see before?

In these days of orange insurrection it is important to remind ourselves what a love of country actually looks like.

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