Orwell, We Have Arrived

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Well hell, 2020 never disappoints. Just when you ask yourself how much worse can it get? 2020 replies, “Hold my beer.” It’s not everyday Republicans openly plan a coup de tat. The key word here is openly. Mr. Trump schemes about replacing electors while Republicans break their own rules to illegitimately install a Hudsucker Proxy on to the Supreme Court. The reason the Republicans would do this and take the risk is simple, “It’s now or never.” The Republican in the White House faces certain electoral defeat and Mr. Trump is willing to bet his life because what we are talking about is treason. The moon’s of power will never be more closely aligned as control of the Senate might also hinge on a friendly judge. A friendly judge who gets a phone call from the most despicable Attorney General in American history.

They are openly planning the big heist and it important to remember that the Republicans don’t care if the hostages get killed. The hostages, that would be you and I. They don’t care if there is no assistance for the unemployed or funding for state and local government. It helps their cause the more chaos the better. Don’t bore us with Covid-19 details. Don’t wear a mask go ahead and be a good dumbass and die for us.  Their approach is brazen, planning to rob the bank is conspiracy whether you rob the bank or not. So meeting, planning, discussing any plans to subvert the will of the electorate in the upcoming November elections would be conspiracy to commit treason.  

The Pentagon promises mass resignations if Mr. Trump tries to use the military against the American people. But they miss the point, if you won’t shoot when Trump says shoot then Trump doesn’t want you there anyway. Do you presume to give the Fuhrer advice? In so many words they are giving tacit approval. “If you illegally overthrow the government, we will quit and get out of your way.” They are squeamish about shooting the American people but the question of shooting the conspirators has yet to be raised.

As an investor how heavily involved would you like to be on Wall Street after Mr. Trump overthrows the lawful government? What is the value of a Treasury note issued by the Fascist government of the United States of America backed by the good faith and credit of Mr. Trump? What is the value of the dollar against world currencies once Trump figures become the official figures? “I hear they will increase the chocolate ration soon!” The public might be duped but not the markets and the days of the United States as a safe haven for foreign money will be over. The days of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency will be numbered.

Suppose you need to buy farm commodities and the price is the same. Will you buy from the bellicose dictator who illegally installed himself and who is subject to cancel the contract on a whim because he thinks you insulted his Aunt Fanny or the other guy? And all the arrows point the same way and admit that the waters around you have grown. Orwell, we have arrived!

As soon as Trump unfurls his standard of insurrection allies will become former allies. They will look after themselves thank you and will have no truck with thieves and criminals. Why would you trust a criminal, especially Donald Trump? Why would you ever tell Donald Trump a secret? That standard of insurrection stands large in international affairs. It’s like pregnancy; you are or you ain’t. If you aren’t a legitimate government then you ain’t. No amount of washing or waxing can change that. They will always be the Bastard Administration whispered about and shunned. What will the world do once the leader of the free world is the leader of the Fascist world installed by crooked courts and election trickery?

There is always the question, “Is Trump another Hitler?” The answer is simple, “Yes and no.” Like the Nazis Trump is trying to strangle the system with its own rope. Then to use the courts to have a murder declared a suicide. But unlike Der Fuhrer Trump has no vision. Der Fuhrer wanted a German Empire spanning Europe for the greater glory of the German people. Trump only wants to build the Trump Empire. While Hitler was insane megalomaniac with dreams of world domination Trump dreams in a masturbatory fantasy of living in the candy store and eating all of the candy he wants.  As dictators go, he’s an embarrassment with his paid by the hour escort wife.

The Postmaster General of the United States is accused by a Federal judge of intentionally trying to impede an election. Mr. Trump says, maybe I’ll respect the election and maybe not. A bank President saying, “maybe I’ll do a good job and maybe I’ll rob you blind and leave you standing there like the suckers you are.” A hijacker declaring, take me where I want to go or I’ll blow us all up.

In America you can be anything you want. You can be a gay Jewish Nazi who likes to cross dress on the weekends. You can be a Klansman or a Moonie. You can study and flip switches for L. Ron Hubbard. You can be a militia member in the mountains of Montana who loves show tunes or a Communist from Kookamunga. You can be a Christian Fundamentalist sharing god’s love with god’s hate. It’s despicable but legal. You can even wear a red baseball hat and fly a flag on your pickup truck and yell “Yeah boy!” out your window. But the second you condone treason against the Constitution you are an enemy of the United States no differently than Al Qaeda. If you are waiting for the Revolution to start, you’re late. The Constitutional crisis is now.

3 Thoughts

  1. ” . . . admit that the waters around you have grown.” Deep water, big ocean water. So much water you can hardly get there, it’s almost like an island, like Puerto Rico.


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