On the Road to Persona Non Grata!

By David Glenn Cox

These are hard times for everybody no matter where you roam. Everyone thinks that everyone else has got it made and only they toil alone in silence. A case in point is Brad Parscale. The once and former king maker chairman of the Trump Campaign. Considered the whiz kid of the 2016 campaign Brad had been promoted to full Campaign Chairman. He’d bought the big statement house in Florida and now all he had to do…is get Donald Trump reelected. Like herding a wildcat with a toothache with a toilet brush Brad found himself swimming against the tide of a half-filled auditorium. Brad committed the cardinal sin of Fascist governments; he spoke up. Unaware the campaign was being pranked Brad told the orange one how great is was going to be.

No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Göring. You may call me Mayer”

Then came the money problem which wasn’t all Brad’s fault. They did make him get rid of his limo and driver but other than that it wasn’t all Brad’s fault. It’s kind of funny in this circle of Trump associates all standing around in a circle kicking at the dirt with their toe. “I don’t know where the money went, sniff,” and then a round of laughter. The first sign a campaign is in trouble is money. The message isn’t resonating with the people who write big checks.

There is the base that enjoy Trumpy’s grade school gutter show shit time politics. Then there are the people who write big checks who want to see an economic recovery. They want to see some tangible plan for recovery and there just isn’t one. Come on, it took three years for the Administration to produce a meaningless healthcare executive order. Something this complex could take decades in the current state of denial. This was Brad’s dilemma how to get a wild bull to hold still while you painted his hooves. The CDC and Dr. Fauci say, “Wear a mask.” They literally had to trick Trumpy into wearing a mask by taking him to a hospital for a photo op.

After three years we have come to know Trump and the Trump of today is the bare boned irascible Trump version. Perpetually cranky and perpetually dissatisfied and taking responsibility for nothing. I’ve been there, well not there but I’ve had the big job with the unreasonable boss. We had a policy of free freight on orders over two thousand dollars. Then we didn’t, which didn’t sit well with customers. Then we were told if the customer complained, give them free freight. “Go out there and piss off the customer! Then say, “Just Kidding!” Come back without orders and you’re in trouble. Come back with orders with free freight and you’re in trouble. It was the policy of the unspoken policy.

Not unlike Brad it was all about how the boss felt today. Like bank shots on a pinball machine bumper you never know what will set them off. Brad fell from grace and was demoted to the position he held in 2016. The wave has past him by he had his one shot at the Biggs and struck out. A terribly flawed candidate, undisciplined with a negative number attention span. The Biden campaign has been raking in money from targeted Zoom calls, but Mr. Trump doesn’t like doing those, so they don’t.

Brad Parscale had a breakdown over the weekend and turned himself in for observation. It’s difficult to handle the pressure when it all seems to be slipping away. No campaign manager ever handled a more flawed candidate or incompetent staff.  It’s funny, if Brad had been hospitalized with a Kidney stone, we wouldn’t think anything of it. Brad had a kidney stone of the mind the pressure was too much, and he had to step off the merry go round for a minute. I wish him a speedy recovery because if anyone could ever drive you over the edge it is Donald Trump. I’m sure the campaign will show him every consideration what with the Antelope Freeway exit being one mile ahead. Faux News referred to Brad as a campaign aide. “He made signs and answered the phone and stuff!” How humiliating to be cast aside by state TV, one day you’re the national party campaign chairman, the next, just an “aide.” The brush off, the Trump shuffle, on the road to Persona non Grata!

Just another cast off, have you met Michael Cohen yet? Cohen has become the Danny Bonaduce of our story. He keeps hanging around insisting he can play bass, but no one takes him too seriously. Scaramouche is a regular for CNN, but no one wants Michael Cohen on their side. He comes from the dirty side of the operation, and he’s not cute anymore. Such is the fate of child stars and presidential assistants here today, gone tomorrow.

The Trump monolith wounded and bleeding staggers into the first debate popular with the base, but unpopular with everyone else. They must convince moderates, independents, and mainstream Republicans to change their votes. A Herculean task which requires the candidate to strip himself of his only available weapons lying and hyperbole. They’ll will whisper in his earpiece, “Act sane! Act sane!” In five, four, three, two, one.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is unchained from meek to aggressive all Biden need do is call Trump on his lying. “Listen here, the American people have had enough of your lying and tweeting. The affairs of the world are too important to be left in the hands of an ignorant malevolent child. Either you commit to telling the truth to the American people tonight or you get the hell off this stage.” The only thing a bully really fears is someone calling his bluff.

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