Of Fear and Curiosity

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

2020 never disappoints, who has the Orange abomination catches Covid-19 on their game card? The President took the Marine One helicopter to Walter Reed Hospital where his condition is described as “really, really, really, good!” The only facts that we currently have available is that the Trump Administration lies like a broadloom rug. The truth is not in them, they’d rather lie than tell the truth. Then they will make up a lie to cover the first lie and then make up two lies to cover one truth. So, the President’s condition can best be interpreted through the lens of the Administrations prevarications as either really, really sick, or dead in the basement.

It is bad karma to wish sickness on anyone, and I won’t go there. I hope Mr. Trump has a long and sunny convalescence in the medical wing of the Atlanta Federal Correctional Center. Odd isn’t it? I can wish him to prison without sanction but cross that line when I wish him to hell. You can always tell when lawyers are involved the devil wouldn’t allow that intrusion into his territory. Speaking of Karma, your whole family shows up for the debate and are required to wear a mask just to get in the building. Then they all take off their masks in a direct violation of the rules they just agreed to follow. They stand like the Hatfield’s looking for a fight “we don’t need no stinking masks! Trump in the house! Only wussies wear masks!”

Throughout the Trump Administration the one constant shining light has been the general incompetence. Don’t ask if the fire extinguishers have been recharged, check them yourself. In a world where every truth is a lie, the only sinner is the one telling the truth. Check the office handbook it is against company policy to tell the truth. Mr. Trump went to Walter Reed as a precaution on the advice of his physician and medical experts. Strange, he never took their precautions before or followed the advice of physicians or medical experts. That tell us that this is serious. Mr. Trump was asymptomatic this morning, feverish by noon and having difficulty breathing this afternoon and taken to the hospital shortly thereafter.

You know, if the White House gave us reports on the Mr. Trump’s condition instead of “fine, fine,” We would not have to speculate. Mr. Trump is 74 years old and gravitationally impaired. Known for his healthy diet and rigorous exercise schedule Mr. Trump is the picture of the high-risk group. Friday evening the White House said, “No transfer of power is being considered.” Ahhhh, what does that mean? No arrangements for the funeral have been made? It’s that whole boy who cried wolf thing, we know they’re lying so we try to anticipate what each lie actually means and so far, it means this is a very bad situation.  As Trump left the White House, he told staff, “I’ll remember you always.” Not what you would call reassuring.

Taking Trump to the hospital means his condition is deteriorating rapidly or they are taking an overabundance of caution. The White House could quickly be filled with medical hardware so the decision to take him to the hospital means “Holy shit, get ready!” 2020 never disappoints. CNN reported Saturday morning, “White House officials have serious concerns about President’s health.” As the Pentagon adds “There are no immediate threats to national security.” Wha, wha, what? Don Knotts as the nervous man telling us to stay calm. This all has a November 22nd ring to it and as much as I’d like to see Trump leave the White House. I don’t want to see him leave horizontally.

Like comets in the heavens the death of Chief Executives foretells of danger. Trump must be repudiated at the ballot box and not grounded by a pine box. He can’t be allowed to become a martyr where his casual lies become the quasi-religious dogma of the new Forth Reich. Mike Pence would be invested as a footnote in the Presidential history book marked with his own asterisk. “I’d like Presidential Oddities for one hundred Alex.” William Henry Harrison served thirty-one days, and we’re thirty days from the election.

The lesson of spread taught by the Administration as first Hope Hicks and then the President and his wife and almost a dozen other staffers and Congressman quickly test positive. Boom, just that fast, what do you need with a mask for? Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign is effectively over. Say ten days in the hospital and two weeks convalescence means no time left. And what about the Supreme Court? Sick Senators could delay hearings, and a Presidential Funeral would certainly clear the calendar.

There is a corollary to Murphy’s law which states; “The chances of failure are directly proportional to the number and importance of the people watching.” Brag you have an unsinkable ship and meet an iceberg. Write a book about the joys of running right before your heart attack. If you challenge Mr. Murphy, he will smack you down. The great equalizer does not play well with others. The cruel sarcastic irony that would make the Trump Administration finally sit up and take the Covid-19 crisis seriously. You can’t say they didn’t ask for it and now they’re getting it. Now we’re getting it, now we’re going to get it.

Reports say the Orange one wasn’t tested before the debate and neither was his family due to time constraints. Okay, I’m not new here. I know that means the safety protocols put in place to protect the President are largely symbolic. They put some toner on some pages in case anyone asked for the plan, they have something to show them. Now it’s all gone amiss, “who knows for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

“I was a battleground of fear and curiosity.”
― H.G. Wells

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