Still Had Plans

By M.J. Ostrander all rights reserved

By David Glenn Cox

I find it interesting that the Trump White House without Trump is just as convoluted and bed wetting as with Trump. The White House set a timeline for the President’s positive Covid test as Thursday and tweeted it out Friday at one AM. Then the White House Physician says 72 hours making the positive test on Wednesday. Meaning the President spent the day sharing the virus with friend’s family and well-wishers after knowing Hope Hicks had tested positive. Over in the Senate it has become like a geriatric dance contest, they’re dropping like flies.  

Mitch McConnell’s numeric advantage has gone horizontal, and his dream of shoving through a proxy dims. The historical irony is astounding, they hath been slain by the monster they did not believe in. This is Thomas Edison being struck by lighting or Henry Ford being run over by a car.  Supposedly, or once upon a time or whatever label you’d like to stick on it. Trump running 103-degree fever argues with doctors about going to the hospital. The doctor’s response was priceless, “You can walk out now or be carried out later.” Much has been made about Trumpy receiving oxygen and my first thought was that was so he could make the walk from the White House to the helicopter.  

Trump released a short video from Walter Reed Hospital thanking well-wishers and hospital staff. He was behaving unusually almost behaving human. Leave the meds right there I thought, that’s close enough for government work. Then it occurred to me that Trump probably wasn’t wearing pants. Sitting at his hospital desk, they probably threw a shirt and jacket on him and combed his hair prepping him for his performance.  The video was designed to show the President as still functioning to our allies and adversaries. Well, still as close to functioning as always.

In typical Trumpian fashion multiple streams of information release multiple conflicting facts which only illustrate the immense lying capacity of the Trump White House. According to his doctors, “He’s doing good, real good! We don’t even know what he’s here, we’re just glad to have him. But since he was here, we thought we’ give him two radical experimental treatments.” White House Chief of Staff and Mayor of Romper Room Mark Meadows says there’s a bad moon on the rise and the next 48 hours are critical. CNN’s Chris Cuomo described his only battle with Covid-19. You feel better you feel worse just as you’re feeling better, you’re sick again. So, ten minutes at a desk in front of a camera do not a proper evaluation make.

Trump wondered allow if he would go out the same way as a Real Estate associate of the Cheeto who recently passed from Covid-19. That’s not an unreasonable fear and almost eight months into the pandemic Trump now understands, you could die from this.  Joe Stalin once said, “The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million, a statistic.” Trumpy once warned us 75,000 Americans could die from this disease, but only now understands what that actually means.

On oxygen with a 103-degree fever Trump refused to leave his post at the White House until Wall Street had closed. There is no need to upset his friends unnecessarily. On the one hand, “I’m gonna die!” On the other, “but I don’t want to upset the stock market!” That my friends is why the grim reaper laughs at us. If you die, it won’t matter what Wall Street does you won’t know about it. How we fear death but brazenly taunt it. I want a new car I want to go to Paris I want to…oh. Life’s doorman shows you the way out while you still had plans.

210,000 Americans who still had plans and husbands and wives and children and they all had plans too. Holes ripped into our lives because he’s worried about the stock market or his polling numbers or his orange make up while Americans die by the tractor trailer load. This is the bottom side of narcissism where it sits in the muck and swill. Important means only how it affects me. Let a thousand die for a bottle of boot black, but don’t my boots shine nice!

I quoted H.G. Wells yesterday because the similarities are striking. Aliens from another world come to take over our planet and all our institutions have been powerless to stop them. They wreak havoc upon civilization in their Mitch McConnell, Mike Pence and Rand Paul machines. Their Faux news spewing 24 hours per day over the countryside. But then, the machines stopped, and a limpid green goo leaked from the half- open hatchway of the machine. A virus had struck them down, and humanity was saved. I feel like Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future, “You’re gonna love the Morlachs!”

This is where Donald J Trump brought us. He was happy as a clam to take credit for good Wall Street Numbers but unwilling to address Covid-19 when it should have been addressed because it didn’t affect him. So what, it’s like the flu. It will go away by itself. Just wait until the weather warms up. “I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute, and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside, or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that.”

I think it is at all possible that history will record the pandemic as starting in 2016 and Covid-19 will only be a footnote. A piece, an appendage of the Trump catastrophe.

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