To Be a Tool

By David Glenn Cox

Redneck o rama seems to be a uniquely American pastime like Baseball. I can’t picture little Norwegian boys saying, “Ya, I want to get an assault rifle and play Army in the voods. Ten we can overthrow the government and do away with our fair taxation, free education and strong social safety network.” Our American legacy from John Brown to John Wayne swinging his rifle at the Alamo in a heroic last stand, “And I’ll take some of you bastards with me!” Death with glory a patriot’s grave. Some gave all some had money and got bone spurs.

England had Robin Hood and his Merry men, but this is different. Robin Hood robbed the rich and gave to the poor. He was fighting a corrupt system and sticking it to the man. He didn’t plan to blow up bridges or kidnap members of the royal family. Lexington and Concord, The Sands of Iwo Jima and Dirty Harry, shoot first and ask questions later. The supplication to a higher cause with the holy zeal of a religious warrior who has to be back by five to pick up the kid from daycare. Ready to lay down his life fighting an evil and hostile government. A government oppressing him to the limit, no sir, not one step back! I refuse to wear a mask!

I’ve known more than one or two, “They’ll damn sure be sorry the day they come to my house! I got a dozen rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammunition!” But they have guns too and airplanes and helicopters, smoke grenades and police dogs, tear gas, armored vehicles, radios and unlimited manpower. Is it like the rodeo, is the object to try and last more than ten seconds? Other than owning a dozen rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammunition while being paranoid and possibly schizophrenic, why would police ever want to come to your door?

A country so oppressive that you can join the Communist Party or the Ku Klux Klan. You can go to the gun show or the Gay Pride parade. You can have orgies and smoke dope. You can make dirty movies, paint dirty pictures or start a religious cult, It’s all good! Naked bike rides and yelling about Jesus on the street corner oppressed. I can write a song about shooting cops and have it played on the radio from coast to coast and make millions of dollars. I can own a surplus army tank as long as it’s street legal.

The communion of paranoia and Rambo. “Are you gonna let us win this time?” The November criminal’s the hidden hand, the gang of four. The deep state with secret motives, the illuminati or the Free Masons with a direct connection to alien technology. How low do you want to go? Peel the onion cry the tears and ride the madness. A measurable slice of America believes that Bill and Hillary Clinton have sex with children and then eat them. That’s ridiculous, Bill Clinton is a vegan! At 72 Hillary would probably rather binge watch Downton Abbey reruns than have sex with children.

Kidnap the Governor, are you high? Do you know where I can get some of that? Supposedly these boys had guns and explosive devices, tactical gear and a tazer. The one thing they didn’t have was a library card. Our ESPN scoreboard finds at the end of 240 years, Revolutionaries, nothing, US Government, everything. A weekend of reading about coups would have been enlightening. Very quickly they would see their plan was fatally flawed from the start. It was the plot to kill Hitler, not the plot to kidnap Hitler and hide him in a garage in Dusseldorf until we get our way. There was no plot to kidnap Kennedy or the plot to kidnap the Czar. These are confection store revolutionaries declaring war without really understanding what declaring war really means. “We’ll hide her at the Honeycomb Hideout!”

Okay, suppose you successfully kidnapped the Governor, now what? “We’ll hold her prisoner until we have new elections.” No, you’ll hold her prisoner until they find you and squash you like a bug on the pavement. The original Spartans had 300 you have 13. You’re living in Pee Wee’s playhouse if you think you can hold off the Michigan State Police, the FBI and Homeland Security with a dozen plus one. Disney Pixar and Faux news have melted your brain. George Washington was advised to, “Keep the Militia in front of you and shoot the first one that turns.” You are expendable, you go first into the breech. Somebody’s gonna get killed today and it won’t be the professional soldiers.

Brown shirts and Proud Boys are important to help build a revolutionary movement but inconvenient when it tries to gain legitimacy. The drunken uncle who sleeps on the couch and belches in front of your “new” friends. Ernst Rohm marched side by side with Hitler and ran the SA the Nazi Party’s unofficial army made up of toughs, brawlers and rowdies. Then as Hitler neared power and wanted to impress his new friends in the real army Rohm and the leaders of the SA were liquidated. Not one time or sometimes but every time. The end is preordained to be a tool one must be used. Who is using the Proud Boys and the White Supremacist movement? Will they succeed in their goal of setting up an Arian State overthrowing the US government and ending the tyranny of the mask? Or will some end up dead along the roadside and the rest go to jail until the sun burns out for a fantasy reality. D. Boone Kilt a Bar

“How we live is so different from how we ought to live that he who studies what ought to be done rather than what is done will learn the way to his downfall rather than to his preservation.”
― Niccolo Machiavelli

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