If Elected

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

For the first time in one hundred years, the President of the United States has no dog. In Trumpy’s case it is understandable, the President is such a liar the poor animal probably wouldn’t come if he called anyway. The California Republican Party is accused of setting up phony mail-in ballot drop boxes. A Republican Senator says democracy really sucks. You can touch fission in any direction that last instant before it gels and becomes a plasma, that last instant before the explosion. The President’s campaign is working from coast to coast to deny mail in voting during a pandemic. The Postmaster General is dismantling letter sorting equipment and was told point blank by a Federal Judge to stop trying to influence the election.

A Republican Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baily Circus complete with steam calliope. And the moderator asks Joe Biden with a straight face, “If elected, would you pack the Supreme Court?” Three- and one-half years of chaos, volatility and pandemonium. An unbroken chain of hiring and firings, disasters, and failures, always someone else’s fault. Hirelings, ideologs unqualified dolts and Faux news cast offs. More scandals than you can cover with an extra day off from work, but the question is “If elected, would you pack the Supreme Court?”

The Mueller Report, impeachment, subversion of the Justice Department. The trade war with China a growing trade deficit with China. The Trumpy tax problem and his decade long IRS audit. A son in law who can’t get a security clearance without pulling strings and a Daughter who pulls strings. A daughter who walks up to Angela Merkle and says, “Hi my daddies President, I must be important. What’s your name?” A President duped by North Korea…North Korea! Russia, fucking Russia, fucking Russia. Paul Manafort’s business partner worked for Russian intelligence. They weren’t acquaintances that saw each other at the gym once and a while this was his business partner of twelve years and the moderator asks, “If elected, would you pack the Supreme Court?”

A narcissistic mental case filled with delusions of grandeur who brags about passing a “Shady Acres” Retirement home entrance exam. Who brags about everything and does nothing. A story about a reality TV star who gets elected to become a reality TV show producer. Whose goal is not to project policy but project a product. To project the tv image of a successful Administration on painted scenery with cue cards. From the largest crowds ever to “real fine people on both sides.” This is the most openly racist President in one hundred years who claims to be the greatest President for Black people since Lincoln. And the moderator asks…

Too cute by half with the double speak but we know who his friends are. Skin heads and Neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen, and boogaloo boys. No, those aren’t his friends they’re just the White trash he uses to energize his base. But like Trumpy they all want something and don’t care how they get it. There is no bottom or convention. Rest assured that if a pistol shot would keep Trumpy in office there would be smoke hanging in the room. This is New York and no one is saying, “we can’t do that.”

The World Health Organization first estimated a worst-case scenario of two million Coivd-19 deaths. If the United States did nothing and left the door open. Every week the estimates rise to 400,000 and maybe 500,000 deaths meaning the Trump response to the pandemic is only 25% more effective than doing nothing at all! Running a game and deflecting all evidence to the contrary.

“It says right here in the script that the virus is defeated, and we move on to broad sun lit uplands. I am Superman and have superior genes. That’s why I’m immune to the Covid Virus. I am the Sun King. Those doctors and medicines they helped some, but I did this, and they were all just amazed at how great I am.” Delusional there’s too much syrup on his pancakes and the media are powerless to stop him. This is a drunk changing a lightbulb on a step ladder, it’s impossible not to watch. Every time the orange imposter appears, the possibilities are limitless. What might he say? What might he do?

The President of the United States cannot carry on a sane conversation for more than two minutes. Any answer given is subject to change on a moments notice. Trumpy won’t where a mask because it goes against the script. Unable to understand it is for the good of others he goes against science and medical advice but runs to it when he gets sick and takes credit for it when he gets better.

I think the New York Times finally discontinued counting up Trumpy’s lies. After 20,000 what does it matter counting each one? Just figure four per minute of airtime and average it out. No point in counting every jellybean in the jar. It’s not like we are hunting snail darters down at the creek because there are plenty more coming. The President is a serial liar and prevaricator. He is dishonest and a corrupt tax cheat. He owes nearly half a billion dollars to person or persons’ unknown comrade. Thirty Federal and State investigations are underway with a refillable lifetime supply readily available. The moderator’s postulate on what the Democrats might do while ignoring what Trumpy actually does.

Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump openly brag about packing the court. They take pride in it, fundraise and campaign on it. They’ve stolen one Supreme Court seat and now want to try for two. The American people see what is going on, and it will be a cold day in November for Republicans because of it. Trump and the Republicans have shown they have no respect for democracy, no respect for the American people, they don’t care what you think! But the question was, “If elected, would you pack the Supreme Court?”

I damn sure hope so.

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