A Crack in the Ice

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Stillwater, Minnesota, is an idyllic little town on the St. Croix River. Picturesque and Minnesota cold as the river slowly freezes in winter the ice fishing huts come out dotting the new seasonal real estate. It becomes like a little village inside a village and becomes a fixture in your mind like leaves on the trees. I don’t know if the old timers just sense it or go strictly by the calendar. But one day as the sun warms there is a crack and within a couple of hours all sign of the ice is gone. Notices are posted to move your fishing hut or else, but exactly when or else comes remains a mystery. You can count on just one thing, once that ice cracks…it is soon gone.

It takes a little getting use to seeing things change so suddenly. Dozens of colorful little huts one day and brown river the next. On the subject of cracks, if you are a President of the United States struggling in the polls trying to win over the female demographic, calling the female moderator of your town hall “so cute” probably isn’t going to help. I said it during the last Trumpy debate, that Joe Biden needn’t show up for this one. Just wind Trumpy up and let him jump around the stage showing his butt with Trumpy ass shenanigans for ninety minutes.

I didn’t watch either Town Hall. It’s just like NASCAR, they’re just going to go round and round and nothing exciting will happen unless someone hits the wall. The Biden strategy is simple and fool proof; Vote for Joe he’s not crazy! He doesn’t beat his wife been married a long time. Been in politics a long time knows how things work. He ain’t great but he’ll do, because he’s not fucking crazy! Burger King is suing the Trump campaign for stealing their slogan, “Home of the Whopper!” Performing his Orwellian Jumping jacks Trump’s lies are no longer even tangible. Ten days ago, telling a crowd there will be a vaccine before election day one month in front of election day.

The You Tube ratings for the town halls show Biden the clear winner by nearly three to one but do remember that there ain’t no Wi-Fi up at the trailer park. The Trumpy show is in reruns, we’ve seen it all before. You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay, a poor imitation of a greatest hit album. Rudeness, non-sense and prevarication. No one watches Trumpy to see if he going to tell a lie…that’s a given. They watch to see him hit the wall or bite the head off a bat. It’s shock value theater and every day the shocks must get bigger or its just more of the same. President Dukes of Hazard is out cruising in the General Lee looking for one more bridge to jump.

But the ice has cracked, and the spell is broken and very soon Trumpy will be gone. Swept away by the current becoming a trivia question and a sad old memory. There are two kinds of Republicans in Washington today. The first group is waiting on the tarmac for the Congressman’s plane with rifles, preparing the Kool Aid and bemoaning the coming of the end times. The second says some of us can survive this, it’s bad, but it’s not the end of the world. It is not the end of the world perhaps, but it is perhaps the end of the Republican Party. Can a Party infiltrated with Nazis and Klansman, hoodlums, gunmen and religious crazies ever hope to save itself?  

Throughout its modern history the Republican Party has been mono-thematic. They believe in smaller government lower taxes and Christian conservative values, aka, anything you can get away with. This we all do believe! “Yeah, but what about all them pedophiles at that pizza parlor man! What are we gonna do about them? When am I gonna get my check from Mexico? We gotta hit that deep state man and take them out! What about my god given right to own a howitzer? Wearing a mask is Communism! Let us pray.” Good luck forming a consensus on tax policy with that crowd. Then there is the trust issue. This is Watergate without Watergate, a President being repudiated and run out of town on a rail. Trump’s support melts away as the tide comes in the insult comic has gone too far and the novelty act isn’t novel anymore. And so, the knives come out.

Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse told a town hall, Donald Trump is leading them to a Blue Tsunami, a Republican blood bath.

 ‘What the heck were any of us thinking, that selling a TV-obsessed, narcissistic individual to the American people was a good idea?’”

Yeah, just what the heck were you thinking? Oh well, live and learn. I guess there shouldn’t be any negative repercussions for a Republican Senator taking his district on a wild ride for four years of Donald Trump destroying markets for Nebraska farmers and threatening dictatorship. Then three weeks before election day said, “I know! I am as shocked as you are! Wow! That guy’s crazy!”

It is the traditional turning of the loyalists where some suspect Charles Darwin first developed his theories that man arose from out of the ooze. Trump has ruled his Republican supplicants with an iron fist. The fact that they have begun to turn on him tells me they aren’t afraid of him anymore the spell is broken. It isn’t self-confidence or Democratic polling which tells me Donald Trump is going to lose the election. It’s the Republicans telling me they think Trump is going to lose the election big time.

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