The Last Redoubt

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

In the wild and woolly state of Pennsylvania, just short of one and one half million mail in votes have already been returned. Of that number, less than three hundred thousand are Republican ballots, any questions? The media story goes to tell us that Republican voters prefer to vote in person on election day. On that bright blustery November morning Republicans will find themselves with their foot in a bucket. A million plus votes down and the polls haven’t even opened yet.

Visions of long snaky lines of Republican voters crisscrossing the Pennsylvania landscape determined to let the orange abomination finish with the destruction of this nation so that Jesus can come. Only, there are nearly one million more registered Democrats in the state than Republicans.  Which means, all things being equal in turnout, Democrats will prevail. When Democrats have a million-vote lead before they open the doors, the Republican’s be gots a problem.

But Pennsylvania is a swing state in ruby Red Alabama, Democrat Doug Jones has a one-point lead in his Senate race over the Republican and Former Auburn Football coach, Tommy Tuberville. If you remember, Jones won the seat in a special election after the Republican candidate; Roy Moore was accused of child molestation. The Republicans couldn’t find another child molester, so they found a football coach who can’t seem to remember where all his money came from.  Debate? No, no debate. I’m a Republican, that’s all you need to know. Under normal conditions Jones would be calling the moving company, but these aren’t normal conditions.

In every swing state Trumpy won in 2016, he is now behind beyond the margin of error. The horror of the Trump Presidency makes us forgot that Trump won the election by a fluke. The Democrats nominated a candidate that set the opposition on fire while leaving the Democratic base cold. Mrs. Clinton ran the most lackluster campaign since Michael Dukakis. In a way, it’s almost more correct to say Hillary lost the election more than Trumpy won the election. Trumpy was the iconoclast, gonna shake things up and show them how it’s done. Damn the career politicians with their facts and figures and competence.

“Step back! I’ve never worked on a nuclear reactor before but know more than all the experts!”

South Carolina Republican, Lindsey Graham canceled the last debate with his Democratic opponent Jamie Harrison. Graham, the incumbent, didn’t want to give Harrison a chance to score points. Because Graham would have to spend the entire evening defending his support for Donald Trump. Like pouring gasoline over your head and challenging your opponent to throw matches at you. “You missed!”

Here in Colorado, Senate Democratic hopeful John Hickenlooper has a ten-point lead over incumbent Republican, Cory Gardner. A Hickenlooper campaign ad asks, “How often does Cory Gardner vote with Donald Trump? 25%? 50%? 75%? Ding, ding, ding, ding! 100%!” The political touch of death.

Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida former Republican bastions turning blue. Six months ago, these states were not in play. Democrats were focused on winning the swing states in the Mid-west and never dreamed that they would have candidates leading the race in Arizona or Alabama ten days before the election. This is about nothing but turnout.

The American people can be foolish, but they aren’t fools. America’s seniors have soured on Trump like mayonnaise left in the sun. This is why Trumpy campaigns so heavily in Florida because Florida is the last redoubt. If Trumpy loses Florida, there is only the Fuhrer bunker and darkness. People said John Kennedy won election because women found him attractive. It couldn’t hurt, not looking like the Elephant man or frightening small children. But Trumpy forgot the prime demographic, half of us are women.

The two things seniors and women have in common are long memories and short tempers. Lose both of these demographics at your peril. “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. If Grand ma ain’t happy, somebodies gonna get their ass kicked.”

To paraphrase Churchill, never in the field of human conflict has one man done so much to alienate so many, for so few. And if the American experiment should last for a thousand-years men will still say, What the fuck were they thinking? Hopefully, Trumpy is our Cromwell, an idea that sounded pretty good but didn’t really play out. Never mind, we’ll go back to the other way with laws and stuff. We’ll have us a good old fashion down home restoration.

The battle is epic, if Florida were a Japanese monster movie instead of god’s waiting room, Trumpy would be Godzilla. Stomping on city budgets and spreading disease. Don’t look now, but Mothra just arrived at supersonic speed as played tonight by Barack Obama. “If you can’t handle Leslie Stahl how are you going to handle Putin?” And do you know what Godzilla does next? Nothing, no response. He’s finally come toe to toe with his nemesis Barack Obama and Trump shakes like an Oldsmobile missing a spark plug.

Barack Obama is in Florida campaigning for Joe Biden because the Biden camp believes Florida is on the table and Trumpy campaigning in Florida confirms it. It is equivalent to Russian tanks on Potsdamer Platz. One foot on a roller skate the other on a banana peel.  The beyond sale date has been reached and is starting to smell.

This is all about turn out and the Trump campaign knows it. The down ballot candidates know it too. The Trumpy rallies continue, the circus only comes to town once a year. They have become Rocky Horror Picture Show cult events at the midnight movie. “Let’s all dress up and pretend to be Nazis!” They repeat the mantra lines of “Lock her up” and do the time warp again. But these are the true believers willing to stay up late and dress funny. The people that Donald Rumsfeld called the dead-enders. There are no newcomers.

Never mind hope and change, Vote and we will change it ourselves.

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