Pushing Humpty Dumpty

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Why is it, the villains from Hollywood blockbusters and literature seem so colorful while the real thing act no differently than you or me? Darth Vader, Simon Legree or Black Bart you would spot them in an instant. Mitch McConnell…not so much. Like that nice old man down the street with a basement full of model trains and stories about Korea. Just a old dude waiting on the reaper bus. But it’s not as if he loaded up the cattle cars headed for the death camps, but he might as well have.

I would think of him no differently. In the midst of a pandemic and economic crisis, Mitch McConnell abandoned the people to destitution. There will be no assistance for America’s unemployed or small business owners. No assistance for schools, for hospitals, no assistance for anyone until after January. Merry Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving! No turkey and no packages under the tree. No tree, no home. For the loss of a nail, the shoe was lost. If the Federal government doesn’t want to help while these families still have homes and apartments, what’s the plan once they are out on the street?

You know, I might stop at Burger King, but I know I won’t. You don’t buy nothing you don’t need. You take on a Great Depression mindset. As illustrated by millions who put their stimulus check in the bank for safekeeping and didn’t spend a dime of it. People are in trouble and Mitch McConnell turned out the light and went home. It’s damn near Biblical and will be remembered so in hindsight while it is ignored now. Don’t you speak a word to me about prolife when you just gave millions of children disaster for Christmas.

“They are Man’s and they cling to me, appealing from their fathers. This boy is Ignorance and this girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased.”
― Charles Dickens

Any Chamber of Commerce will tell you failed businesses are bad for the economic environment. The millions who can’t pay their rent risk pushing landlords into bankruptcy. This, in turn, pushes the value of real property down which discourages further investment. Would you buy a twelve-unit apartment building right now? Three of your tenants are unemployed and will receive no help for at least the next seventy-five days. You could throw them out, but there is no one to replace them. Some will leave out of shame, a grown man unable to support himself. Caught in a crossfire hurricane and broken by conditions to be American and abandoned by his government.

There is a disbelief that this can’t be really happening as you are pulled under by the economic undertow and can no longer tread water. Then the two AM repo man call, “Come to get the truck!” Now you’re unemployed! Go back to bed baby, daddies just having a nightmare. Watching it all slip away, all the work and all the years. Discovering you’re as alone as a caveman fighting Mastodons on the plain with a wooden spear. In a time of historic crisis, your government has abandoned you to your fate. I can feel it but cannot explain it. You must live it to understand it and the journey is dreadful and not worth the fare.  

There’s no reason to quibble about the money. Either way the money will be spent. Either a fire truck now or a new City Hall after the old one burns down.  Either way it is the cost of pushing Humpty Dumpty off the wall. “Are you just going back to Kentucky? You’re just gonna leave them all there? The women and children and the bankers at Christmas? There is never a lightning bolt around when you need one. It would be easy enough to blame the orange skid mark but Trumpy wasn’t asked his opinion. McConnell said he couldn’t get Senate Republicans to support the bills. “I didn’t do it! The other guys did that! Gee, I’d really like to help you, but you know, those other guys whew, they’re tough and they just won’t let me. Don’t look at me I’m just in charge here.

This months Bureau of Labor Statistics report reads like the premise for a slasher flick, not the numbers themselves but the direction they point. Almost one million workers have left the labor force since the pandemic began. Millions have abbreviated hours; they can’t draw unemployment because they are working eight hours a week and drawing a check for $56 bucks What are you going to do? Find another job? They count as employed but are worse than unemployed. The numbers leaving the economy buffer low employment gains. Last month 275,000 hires nationwide only 51,000 were reentrants getting their jobs back. The rest were the regular course of business moving on.

The White House says it can’t control the virus and Mitch McConnell surrenders the economy. The plan is…to do nothing? Just stick our fingers in our ears and sing, la, la, la, la, la and pretend the truth ain’t real. To wear stress like an overcoat and sleep tears and eat food…thankfully.

Not since Stalin starved the Ukrainian peasants has there been a government action so callus and depraved. Mitch McConnell’s North Korea 2.0 program. Evil incarnate, I bet if I played the violin, and could get Mitch down to Georgia, I could win a gold fiddle off of him. Mitch kicks off the election week with the favored Republican strategy of “Starve the Peasants 2020!” The Grinch that stole Christmas come to flesh.

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