Weekend Closet Nazis

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

No matter how this election finally turns out, I’m ashamed to be an American. We have a person in the office of the President that is an embarrassment to human civilization. That this campaign was even close is a despicable condemnation of the American people. I’m angry with myself; I trusted to the goodness of that former America and now smart at the rebuke. It is hard to scorn an abusive mother you so want for mommy to be nice. Mommies are supposed to be nice to us and love us.

An orange impeached criminal scorned by the legitimate leaders of the world released by the Senate to scar and pollute any semblance of lawful government. We are looking at a worst-case scenario with the Corona virus. The reason is Donald Trump, and yet, they turn out by the millions to vote against themselves and vote to kill their neighbors and their children. After four years of unmitigated disaster the American people answer, “Yes please, yeah we like that! Give us more!”

Scandals and revolving door employment, people appointed without qualifications and judges appointed who have never tried a case. A Secretary of Education out to destroy public education. An Attorney General out to destroy the Justice Department and a State Department wrapped in a mummy clothes. In an Administration with a primary goal of eliminating the healthcare of millions of Americans during a pandemic because of a personal vendetta. The world moves on growing hotter and we just drift away. What will you tell your children? The United States is a kind loving nation who leads the world in prison population because its justice system is so fair. It is the land of opportunity, “Why, if you invented a guard to keep people trying to kill themselves from jumping off of bridges you could get rich!”

Nazis, Klansmen, and radio demigogs honored by this imposter. The most racist President in a hundred years. George Floyd, Brianna Taylor how can White America ever look Black America in the face and say, “We’re not all like that.”  Well, maybe you aren’t, but sizable numbers of you are!

 How can we solve the problems we face with a President who turns victims into villains and villains into victims? A divisive lying bastard who would sell his own mother into prostitution for a line of coke and a book of dirty pictures. We can no longer deny how strong the stench of racism is covering this landscape. At least the Nazi’s admitted who they were. They didn’t try to sugarcoat their intentions about concentration camps or suggest shutting them down.  Racism and Fascism are brother and sister lovers each needing the other for comfort.

I guess a part of what makes me so angry is that the polls were all wrong, again. The polls depend on the information given for accuracy. Trump supporters either lied to the pollsters or avoided them all together. The first time around there was the excuse you didn’t know any better. This time they do know better and are doing it anyway. Afraid of being publicly ostracized for supporting a xenophobic cruel racist brain-dead moron. They gleefully support him in private and touch themselves with joy. Weekend closet Nazis, standing on the front lawn guns at the ready to defend their 1,200 square feet of American Dream from the coloreds.

When John Kennedy issued an executive order banning discrimination in public facilities the good people of Montgomery, Alabama, ordered the community pools bulldozed and filled in. They would rather punish their own children to make a point of punishing someone else’s. “Thank you, daddy, I’d much rather sit here and sweat all summer than swim with Black children. Guess I’ll play in the hose.”  How could people be so loathsome to children? What sort of depravity could destroy existing public facilities in the name of good government?

Being illogical is what makes Fascism it inherently unstable. The reason the Nazis loved uniforms was so everyone was ranked. Who are you to the government? Every young boy desirous of a new uniform with bright ribbons and gold braid. “I got this one for being obedient and this one for not asking any questions and I got this one for turning my Uncle in.”

Americans hit themselves in the face with a shovel and wonder why the hole’s not getting any deeper. It’s not working. I must not be doing it right! Try again! Forty years of trickledown economics have left us down. Forty years of tax cuts have left us broke, and forty years of union busting have left us powerless. How could Republicans encourage Americans to basically destroy their country and way of life? Oh yeah, that!  When Trumpy began to struggle out on the road he went right for Old Betsy. “I saved your neighborhoods!” If you don’t elect me Black people are coming, smirking secretly celebrating. Nodding “what a shame in public” while whispering, “Got what he deserved” in private.

An entire political party built on the foundations of Nixon’s Southern Strategy. On the twin booms of racism and abortion, the modern Republican Party is built. Gun control for dad and abortion for mom. Remember, logic doesn’t apply. They don’t want abortion, but they don’t want the babies either. What they want is for you people to stop having sex. Sex is dirty and the book is agin it. Nodding “that’s terrible” in public and whispering, “play the dirty CD when we get home.” The phony Republican morality says, “we’re just better than other people.” Black people really bring it on themselves, “If he had just dropped his pants and bent over when the policeman asked, he might not have been hit”

There is a streak of denialism a mile wide living in an Ozzie and Harriet White middle-class dream world. “You shouldn’t be afraid of a policeman if you didn’t do anything wrong.”  Not everyone who voted for Donald Trump are despicable racists but everyone one of them voted for a despicable racist and what is the difference if you get right down to it? They might not wear hoods but agree with those who do. They might not be willing to drop the Zyclon B into the showers themselves but would approve of it being done.

Do you know why the Allies carpet bombed Germany flat during World War Two? Because they were Nazis and deserved it.

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