They Just Fade Away

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The British Secret Service had tried to warn Stalin of an imminent German invasion. Stalin took these warnings as the British trying sow dissension with his German ally. The Americans also sent warnings with the same result. These things happen when you put a know-it-all in charge. People who go with their gut and intuition. Gut and intuition are a bloviating way of saying, “I guess,” with the confidence they will never have to leave the trenches themselves. Never have to pay for their errors or screw ups just bluster your way on through. Stalin had no illusions about his German partner. He was trying to buy time to rebuild the army he himself had so recently destroyed. “You are loyal comrade but are you loyal enough?”

Stalin denied clear evidence because it argued against what Stalin wanted it to be. When you’re Stalin, you get used to having your own way a lot and winning all the arguments. People rarely disagreed with Stalin more than once. Faced with a reality which would not listen to his complaints Stalin went into a funk and was unreachable for over a week. Phones went unanswered, and telegrams piled up on the desk, how could it be? The Dictator had it planned down to paperclips and now it had all gone awry. As he saw it, he was the smartest guy on the block playing a double game who just got screwed by the new kid. Then the black cloud dissipated as fast as it had appeared, and Stalin was back to his old bloodthirsty self.

Trump denied clear evidence because it argued against what Trump wanted it to be. When you’re Trump, you get used to having your own way a lot and winning all the arguments. “It can’t be, it just can’t be! Somebodies cheating!” Spoken like a true Sociopath with the knowledge of it takes one to know one. Trumpy emerged from his funk yesterday his one-week absence hardly noticed by his Corona Virus Task Force which did not meet in the previous month. Filled with vim and vigor the defeated President argued his successes both real and imagined. Follow the logic; I give you a dollar and you take the dollar and cure cancer. Ergo, we cured cancer you and I. You did all the work, but I gave you a dollar. Really, I deserve most of the credit because I gave the dollar to you. You never could have cured cancer if it weren’t for me.

I gave Burger King a dollar and they gave me a cheeseburger. Ergo, Burger King and I made a cheeseburger. But really the credit is mine, I gave Burger King the dollar! Mom fixed my lunch every day. Mom and I cured cancer. To glom on like a cockle burr on a Lab coat and take credit when it wasn’t even his dollar. “I turned on the lights in the room you know. You would not even be holding this meeting if I hadn’t turned on the lights!”

Trumpy is abandoning his quest to hold on to Narnia and dreams instead of OZ. A delusion in the hand is worth two in the bush. Dreams of 2024 and King maker status and then…my big come back! “I’ll walk down the stairs, and all eyes will be on me. “I’m ready for my close-up Mister Deville.” An astute and astounding plan forgetting that Fonzie’s already jumped the shark and William Holden is face down in the pool. Many a slip between a nut and a dip! Trumpy will never accept his defeat, so he places Rudy Giuliani in charge of his election challenges, which is in fact surrender. Just because Ulysses S. Grant could drink a bottle of whiskey each day and be successful doesn’t mean Rudy can. Rudy vows to take his case to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Motor Court in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

“It’s all part of my rock and roll fantasy,” I’ll get ballots thrown out in Detroit and I’ll get ballots thrown out in Philadelphia. Then I’ll win the re-count in Wisconsin. I’ll win the recount in Georgia and Arizona. Then the space aliens with take over the news media while I bankrupt a Las Vegas casino with fifty-two straight winning hands of Blackjack and then I’ll…”It’s all part of my rock and roll dream.” Come on everybody! If we all wish really hard with AR-15s we can save (Looks in Jar) ah, never mind. Tink is a dead duck.

Over here Mr. President! Look! A shiny thing! Look at the shiny thing! There is a special kind of love between a boy and his delusion. The ingrained belief that despite hitting .228 in the minors and striking out a lot the Yankees will someday make you their starting shortstop. Taking wishes and wanna bees sown together with fantasy and imagination, not planning for a future but setting themselves up for failure. If you don’t start from real you can’t get to real. Alternatives truths have no off ramps and just go on and on forever arriving nowhere eventually.

The sad last act, the drunk at the bar telling of his war stories that never were over his shot glass. “Then there was the time I had to talk John Glenn down when he freaked out in his space capsule. John, John, calm down I said, we will get you down somehow!” Living in both a private playroom and a private prison, a fantasy land where your feet don’t touch the ground. The Presidential Suite in the Conrad Hilton hotel in downtown hell. Trump is lost inside of himself running all his life to escape his failures he seeks fantasy to preserve his armor believing he can stop the sun from setting. But he cannot stop time. Or to paraphrase Dugout Doug McArthur, “Old failures never die, they just fade away.”

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