An Open Invitation to Try Again

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

“Who then shall unravel all these subtle combinations? Who shall trace the exact dividing line that marks off one form of extremism from its opposite? It can be done only by a love of country and a love of truth. Kings and knaves will always try to destroy this love, for they shun reason and truth like the plague. ” ― Maximilien Robespierre

Say what you like about the French Revolution. Nearly three hundred years and not a peep out of the Royalist Party. Trump through his octolizard Steve Mnuchin is recalling all stimulus money not yet spent by the Treasury. In a memo labeled, “I’ll hold my breath until you turn blue!” The Orange one makes clear if he didn’t win the election the voters can all go to hell. Just one of a host of measures the Orange psychopath has taken to vent his rage at the American people.

I like and support Joe Biden’s calls for unity. I just wish there was some chance of success. You know, we tried this once before in Munich, and we had this agreement all written down on paper. But you can’t make deals with criminals, you can’t let a viscous dog bite you repeatedly while holding out your hand in friendship. Fascism is not a political idea it is a criminal one, under the guise of politics. Let’s take a tire iron to a vending machine and call it reform. It thrives on taking the machine down it is a criminal cancer that infiltrates calling everyone corrupt except themselves.  The old, bringing a briefcase full of Constitutions to a gun fight.

JUST FOR MEN hair coloring should be renamed, “Just for Men and Rudy” with an addendum added to the package label. “Not for use during Bat shit crazy rants.” Any man who has ever used Just for Men and gone to the gym knows of the dreaded brown streak.  Rudy’s press conference was somewhere between The Firesign Theater and the Beer hall Putsch. Enemies in evil crooked conspiracies in corrupt cities filled with you know who! That’s right… them! We know it is crooked because it has always been crooked. There you just try and defend that! Since the beginning of all time, all of them everyone is corrupt. We have complaints about software, but only in areas we didn’t win.

The former Mayor of New York is arguing against Democracy and for a Right-wing Dictatorship and attempting to use every trick in the book to subvert the will of the people. Throwing hundreds of Faux News lawsuits that evaporate like dew off the lawn when the sun rises. Creating a cloud of Big Brother controversy where there is none. If not to attempt to subvert the will of the people, what is their purpose? This isn’t about ratings it is about revolution and Rupert Murdoch wants off the wagon. Not that Rupert has any love of democracy but because he sees this as the road to ruin, a bridge too far.

Faux News has repeatedly thrown water on the conspiracy theories angering the Orange abomination. He’s trying to kill off Faux News like Hitler killed Ernst Rohm. “You’ve been useful up to a point but now you’re in my way. I’ll talk to my new friends because if you don’t tell the news I want, I’ll hurt you financially. Baseball bat politics do what I want, or Al Capone will come break up your shit. You’ll buy my beer or nobodies.”

Maybe my salesman he makes a sales call on you! “ Hi, this ah, Lindsey. Lindsey Graham as you know, I’m close friends with the President. I myself, am actually located below the earthworm on the dirt scale. Anyway ah, my friend sure would appreciate it if you would commit federal crimes for him. It’s not hard ya know, in fact, I’m doing it right now myself! I should be terrified at such brazen corruption exposed, but I know the Democrats will never come after me with anything tougher than a butter knife. Ted Cruz is still walking around.”

Time to realize this is an attempted Coup, and even if it is orchestrated as only Moe, Larry and Rudy could, it is still a crime. A profoundly serious crime. A time to lock the doors and empty your pockets serious. To ignore revolution is to invite revolution. Fascism is a cancer you cannot just hope it goes away. The Republican invertebrates hide in the shadows unwilling to commit until they see which way the wind is blowing. No one’s ever tried treason before and the nail which sticks up could be hammered down. It is one thing to advocate for smaller government but quite another to usurp it. But it is the child molester and child relationship, if I don’t appease him, he might choose me.

If you think it is hard to oppose Trump, imagine being on the same side. Like hugging a grisly bear with a hangover, the best, you can hope for is nothing. The worst is a good shredding, so best hide in the shadows and tell him I’m not in. “But he left a message, he says, “I’m trashing the country with you or without you!” What’s a Republican to do? Throw in with a longshot criminal conspiracy or suffer the wrath of criminal conspirator number one. Like the rape of the Sabines, do Republican’s dare throw off their pretenses now for Trump? No ones first choice for dictator.

The wolves are holding a banquet and you are the guest of honor. They want to make an agreement with you over dinner. Because Republican’s by their silence are saying a Coup is acceptable, they just don’t like Trump. Let’s see where he goes with this you never know it might work. It is rare in human history where a situation such as this doesn’t involve a gallows or at the very least criminal trials. Shall we ignore this crime at our peril? Shall we just let them walk away? Fun’s fun! It would be a worse crime than usurpation itself just to let them go. An open invitation to try again.

“The king must die so that the country can live.”
― Maximilien de Robespierre

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