“If you can burn down a building you can certainly go to a Christmas party!”

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

At its roots a cult is an obsession. If you need to live with seventy-two house cats to feel fulfilled no one asks, “Well, isn’t that a legitimate point of view in America, land of the free?” If I want to raise giraffes in my back yard…what’s it to you? You learn to look past the turds and the smell, because you love kitty and kitty loves you. Delusion supplants reality in step one. In everything which you agree with us, you’re right! You and I are right. Very few are smart enough to see it, you’re smart. Smart enough to know we have enemies who wish to take away from us that which make us good and replace it with that which is bad. You and I are the defenders of the faith. The last bulwark, while the world sleeps you and I see the danger.

I think my personal favorite cult was the Bagwan Rajneesh. The Swami would ride by in the air conditioning while the cultist/farm laborers were picking peas on their hands and knees in the hot sun. “Oh look, he’s in the blue Rolls Royce today! He looks so happy!” He is filled with inner contentment. He has found the secret of true enlightenment…find idiots who will work for you for free! Repeat these words one thousand times, three times a day and you’ll have no trouble picking those peas again tomorrow, eye – sew – dum. Of course, if you want to be really devoted, you’ll repeat that standing on your head with lit candles on your shoes. I mean if you’re really serious about this enlightenment thing.

You are a patriot aren’t you, I knew we could count on you.  Those people, you know who I’m talking about are up night and day plotting to take something away from you. Can you help? Those people are trying to stop us, and your check could make the difference. It’s a cult standard, we have the answer but the evil one is trying to stop us. “Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want to indoctrinate your children. They want to make “The Catcher in the Rye” required reading for all third graders!” The cult teaches you what to believe but more importantly what not to believe.

In their augmented reality what looks insane to outsiders makes perfect sense to them, while your position looks insane. “Who told you that…CNN?” We aren’t dealing with people of a differing point of view but people of an entirely different reality. Two plus two is five Winston and Rudi Giuliani is one of the most respected attorneys in the country. Pat Robertson said so. Democrats showed up for an election while Republicans showed up for a blood feud. Certain of an absolute and indisputable victory they found themselves shocked by rampant corruption when they lost, but only in the places where they lost.

Trumpy begins his campaign of “The droids you’re looking for aren’t here.” Firing off hundreds of frivolous election challenges trying to generate a buzz of legitimacy inside the echo chamber. And so, 70% of Republican voters think Trump was cheated in the election. There is no evidence that you can ever supply that is ever going to be good enough. Trump could go on TV and say, “I lied Biden won!” Aw, hell, The deep state made him say that. It must be really bad.  The myth says the Fuhrer is never wrong if you go against the Fuhrer you go against the country. The Fuhrer in never wrong and never loses…unless there’s treason a foot. We have it on good authority that a Nigerian man in a North Korean rowboat came ashore with thousands of mail in ballots all marked in Mandarin Chinese!

Calls for Martial law and revoking the election. Calls for executions and civil war because outside the fantasy actions have consequences.  “What mask? You don’t need any stinking mask!” That’s all an insidious plot designed to take away your freedom. Kayleigh McEnany, explained, if you can riot and burn down buildings you can go to a Christmas Party. Huh, what? That doesn’t even make a little bit of sense. You know if you can buy artichokes you can certainly blacktop the driveway! But to the faithful the message is clear, “Up Yours!” That’s showing them Kayleigh! Yea, for what Kayleigh said, never mind the question. It was only asked to make us look bad anyway and we do look bad and what’s more, we don’t care. “Up Yours!”

It is hard to imagine a scenario that doesn’t somehow involve rock bottom. The twilight of the gods the ceremonial drinking of Kool Aid in the First-Class Comet waiting room or looking for tennis shoes in the Twilight Zone duty-free shop. Willing to climb on board a comet or defy the Constitution. Willing to subvert an election and welcome an autocratic dictator. Willing to subvert the rights of millions of their neighbors. Willing to subvert our way of life, all to preserve the cult. Willing to commit crimes to protect the cult. Go after Scientology and Scientology goes after you.

Republicanism by its name isn’t a cult, it is a mild illness. The belief that any use as a justification of my own inner greed is acceptable. We all know why we are here wink, wink. Let’s vote on the tax cut! We call it the lunchroom improvement act. By cutting the lunchroom budget the children will learn to forage! That’s a life skill right there! Trumpism is a cult and it has infected the Republican Party and it might be fatal. Calls for executions and traitors in their midst! Wrong! Crazy and maybe compromised by the enemy! Tell me again what you said about Comrade Stalin you filthy criminal. If you can burn down a building you can certainly go to a Christmas party!

“I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.”
― Groucho Marx

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