Between Limbo and the Twilight Zone

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is unfair to say Donald Trump’s attempted coup was unsuccessful. It was successful inside the Republican Party. He has splintered and radicalized them and destroyed them as a political Party. Like abused children they hide under the bed when daddy comes home. Jumping onboard a frivolous lawsuit claiming Texas has a voice in Michigan election law. Like Texas suing to have the liquor stores in Iowa close an hour earlier. The abused children fight for the right to go get daddy a beer. “I’ll get it for you daddy don’t hit me again!”

A giant Austrian coo coo clock where the marionettes march out on the hour to make insane pronouncements and then return inside again. Georgia has become a political pressure cooker. You can’t turn on your TV, or your car radio without a steady constant barrage of political advertising with disc jockeys adding, “don’t forget to vote!” As if you could. Republican candidate Kelly Loeffler is Georgia’s answer to Cruella Deville dressed up as Pollyanna. “I’ve had this coat a long time. I don’t know where your damn puppies went.” If you took a popsicle stick, one of the big tongue depressor types and painted a lady’s face on it taking a few of your own hairs and gluing them to the top of the popsicle stick you would have a better candidate for the United States Senate.

 But it is a government of the millionaires by the millionaires for the millionaires, plus the Republican Party is insane. Its central organizing principle is to cater to the needs of a deranged orange lunatic. Trump is calling and pressuring these people and like automatons with brain slugs they repeat the message robotically. “I – think – the – election – was- stolen, Trump – is – the – winner!” And sadly, “My daddy voted Republican and his daddy voted Republican.” Those commie baby killers are out to force heathen healthcare on us and the ghost of Lester Maddox too. The four horsemen of the Confederacy ride the side of Stone Mountain as a remembrance of the Confederacy set in granite, a statue which cannot be toppled. So Loeffler has a good chance to win; they will vote for anyone with an (R) beside their name but now with the added proviso, if Trump says so.

But as anyone who has listened to side four of the album Tommy knows, a cult without a cult leader has a dim future. In forty days (almost sounds biblical) Trumpy will open the door to obscurity. All the big plans to keep it all going and set up a White House in absentia. A summertime replacement, The Donald Trump’s Good Time Hour destined for the scrap heap. Yesterday’s newspaper, Bologna past its sell date, just another Glen Beck wanna be. Freezing the competition with threats of running again in 2024 Trump is poisoning the well. Those who dare dream could wind up as enemies of the state with protestors and death threats.

But it is a long time from May to December and Trumpy is a lot closer to December, late December. How long can he keep it up? How long can he keep the Republican Party under his thumb once he is out of power? He has the power today but what will he have in a year from now? Not far from my apartment, a Trump supporter had a Trump flag and a US flag planted in his yard. Then when Rudy’s Grecian Formula began to run added another US flag. I drove by the other day and they were all put away. You can only look stupid for so long before the neighbors begin to point.

This is a disposable society and as scary as it sounds, Trumpy is at the height of his powers. Once out of office he faces the inevitable decline. We see in Trumpy’s current behavior a belief in delusions and fantasies, once out of the loop where will that take you? The one hit wonder flailing for another chance. Moses in the dark after the candle goes out. Seventy – four years old with a poor diet, overweight with a sedentary lifestyle. Yeah sure, the champ is gonna make a comeback in four years. When they took the Dukes of Hazard off the air, the fan mail stopped becoming the past and not the present. A trivia question and a do you remember when?

Which means on January 20th Trumpy only controls the Republican Party. He will do for the Republican Party what he has done for this country. “Hold it right there! I got you covered. Is you be loyal to Donald Trump or is you be a traitor? I got bullets what need to know.”  But as Trumpy fades like an Earl Scheib paint job, who are they going to shoot? Who are they going to rally for? “You wanna go to the slot car track or the Internet café? We could go to the disco or ride the mechanical bull. We could go to my house and watch Dukes of Hazard reruns. I can show you my collection of Trump presidential memorabilia.” After January 20th it all becomes memorabilia. It is twelve o’clock Cinderella, your pumpkin is waiting.

How long do Republicans wait? Zeus might throw lightning bolts from Mount Mira Lago. “It’s a good thing that you did that. It’s a real good thing you did that!” Stuffed in the closet with Patty Hearst only allowed to say what they are programed to say. “Don’t make daddy angry. He gets real mean when he’s angry. After a while, daddy will doze off and Republicans can take the remote control from his hand.” While welcoming tyranny for others they now find that they have only oppressed themselves. If orange Pluto says the birds fly upside down, they must mumble, “ah yes, birds fly upside down.” But where does that leave them but between limbo and the Twilight Zone?

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