As Long as the Illusion Persists

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Do you know why people die without a will? They don’t think that they are going to die. Senior Citizens walking around certain the grim reaper has his eye on someone else. I’m too busy with my hang gliding and bungie jumping to think about dying. It is one of our most obvious examples of living in denial. Orange Trumpy tells anyone who will listen that “Joe Biden is pretending he won the election.” In that collection of brain cells and loosely wrapped nerve endings the battle rages. Reality storming the walls of the Bastille, “I lost? No, it is not possible!”

 Because the delusion cannot be pierced, every justification must be flogged to defend the delusion. “They are lying, and they are cheating me! You want evidence? I’ll give you evidence! I’m Donald Trump and I don’t lose.” There must be some other explanation, bad software, or unseen intrigue. Anything is possible if you ignore reality long enough. And if you groom your staff to feed you your daily preconceived notions how could you ever be wrong?

As the pandemic swelled, Governor Cuomo in New York was receiving kudos for his leadership style and daily press conferences. Orange Trumpy realized instantly that someone was cutting in on his sunshine. After giving Mike Pence the no win task of leading the Corona Task force Trumpy pushes Pence out of the way to take over as master of ceremonies. “And we’ve got scientists and pillow manufacturers here from all over the country all anxious to bend my ear. And I like that.” As June turned to September Orange Trumpy became bored and abandoned the task force because he couldn’t win. He declared victory and went home. He insists the virus is defeated because inside of cranium one, it is.

Welcome to the Bates Motel, mother is not feeling too well. It began with the lies of pointless grandiosity. The numbers game and those who questioned the numbers, and the grandiosity were labeled as enemies of the Administration. We only go where we are welcome, where are egos are stroked and the edits are kindly. We have created our own reality, and we live there. Inside the forbidden city there is one truth and outside waiting is another. Captain Queeg is counting the strawberries again. In complete denial Trumpy assumes he will retreat to Mira Lago to plan his big comeback. But when Trump bought the property, it was converted from a private residence to a private club. Neighbors concerned it would become a hangout inserted a covenant which Trumpy accepted.

No one can live a Mira Lago for more than twenty-one consecutive days. Exceptions were made because he was the President of the United States but after January no more helicopter landing pad. The neighbors are well organized and have their paperwork in order. It’s been a long four years of their palatial estates turned into the Manhattan hillbilly’s playground with Jethro flying the helicopter over the cement pond. So, if the neighbors are ready why is Trumpy planning to go there? I guess because he wants to and believes the law really doesn’t apply to him. “Neighbors? What neighbors?”

Orange Trumpy will now live as El Presidente for life. The leader in exile waiting on reports from the guerrilla bands in the mountains. Granting audiences with visiting diplomats and the Roto rooter man living the grand illusion of the man who lost the election but was still the king. The mad king, America’s George, the 3rd.

Since the election defeat Trumpy has been AWOL. No public schedule and has only taken questions twice. “How dare they ask about the election…I didn’t lose.” Only grifting from his base soothes his bruised ego offering the suckers a once in a lifetime opportunity to give away their money to Donald Trump. It is easy to see why the con loses respect for the mark go ahead, tell the Hitler youth to charge the tanks. Inside the delusion they want to give their money away for the noble cause. They want to buy those Confederate bonds because their cause is not lost as long as the illusion persists.

They have been told and are told their cause is not lost and the Republicans in the Congress aided and abetted in the fantasy but now we have reached the point between in the accident between the skid and the crash. That day when they wake up saying, “I don’t see no comet! I don’t think there is one!” We see it in Georgia with Republicans turning on the party. We will get you! You certified Biden’s victory! You wait, we will get you! Enemies out to puncture the illusion. Waking all alone in an empty theater wondering how long has it has been empty and how long have I been asleep?

Trumpy’s delusion is calloused and life long, but for his followers have been fed on a steady diet of Trumpy can’t lose and yet he lost. They stomp around with flags and hold their breath until blue and still, Trumpy lost. Faux News feels the heat because if the news is bad, we will go elsewhere. We don’t allow the news to alter our opinions only to reinforce them.

Tucker Carlson insults Jill Biden to distract from Faux News being wrong. Wrong about everything, wrong about the election. And now Smartmatic the maker of the much-maligned software has several Republican Congressman in their crosshairs for defamation. It is against the law to tell lies about someone’s product on television, a rude awakening from their delusion.

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