We Can Always Hang Him Later

By David Glenn Cox

I was reading a fascinating article yesterday. In it they advocated that now is the time to hold Joe Biden’s feet to the fire and push for Medicare for all. I commented, “shouldn’t we let him put his bag down first?” A bitter campaign with an orange madman. Little Republican Nazi wanna be’s walking around toting guns and threatening people and democracy. I don’t think that you will find anyone more supportive of Medicare for all than I am. The commenter below me advised, “Joe Biden is a corporate tool, and he will do nothing to help the working poor in America.” Given that the orange corporate tool has allowed a catastrophic number of Americans to die and given the nihilist kamikaze approach of give me what I want, or I’ll burn this place to the ground doesn’t seem to be working. I think I’ll seek the road of patience.

We have a pandemic, and it is becoming clear that what it lacks in lethality it more than makes up for in virulence. A year, maybe two before this becomes just a bad memory. The pandemic has damaged the American economy permanently, and it won’t ever be the same. A U-shaped recovery or a V- shaped recovery how about the air leaking out of the balloon recovery? We are in for a frailing with millions of American family’s food insecure and housing insecure. “But I want to fly my model airplane! I don’t care if I ruin Christmas dinner! I want to color Easter eggs in July and carve pumpkins in January.”

If Joe Biden could find a phone booth and enter it only to emerge wearing a blue body suit with a big red “S” across his chest. He could do no more to bring about Medicare for all in his whole term than Covid-19 will do without him. The Marshall plan was originally called the Truman plan, but Truman knew putting his name on it would only make it contentious and harder to pass in Congress. The millions of American Covid – 19 cases mean the calculators are cranking out astounding numbers printed on paper invoices delivered to America’s health insurance companies. Cranking out millions of invoices to the uninsured Americans, “ship, meet rocks.” Okay, everybody listen up, we have just heard from our healthcare provider that there will be slight increase in your healthcare premium. “How much is slight?” Seventy-four percent.

Joe Biden wasn’t my first choice or even my second choice, but right now I will trade ideology for effectiveness. When FDR was first elected to the Presidency, he’d been Governor of New York for eight years and he took his whole staff with him to Washington. FDR also had something else Joe Biden doesn’t, solid majorities in both houses of Congress. Biden must walk the tightrope blind folded. He could propose doubling the size of the ice cream desert in the Congressional dining room and not get a single Republican to sign on.

In times of crisis, you can always find the Republicans…hiding under their desks. ‘Boy have we got some excuses! “That’s right Tex,” We’ve got some great excuses you haven’t even heard yet! Come on down! And for every American who has lost their job, come on down now and we’ll give you this check for four dollars and sixty-three cents. No need to say thank you! We Republicans are known for our generosity. Just last year we gave away over a trillion dollars to folks who didn’t even need it. “That’s right Tex.” So, come on down and get your check and put the kids through college with it or take the wife on that dream vacation.

Miser Mitch McConnell fights a deathmatch to protect employers from liability for knowingly sending employees into the breach. And if he fails; “Hi, have you or any of your loved ones been injured or killed by Covid -19? Did your employer send you into harm’s way with inadequate safety equipment? We’re a law firm that specializes in Covid-19 cases and we have already recovered billions of dollars for our clients.” Imagine the liability of a McDonalds or the City of New York or Chicago or Los Angeles. “And then my supervisor said, I should just wear the old mask and I’d be fine.”

I propose we give President Biden a five-minute honeymoon and then we hang him! Build the scaffolding right into the Inaugural platform. Swear him in, listen to his speech and then we hang him. At the very least, let’s kick him in the nuts real hard!

Politics ends at the waters edge and this is the most serious crisis Americans have faced since Pearl Harbor. The orange nightmare has left us weak and incompetent. “No, you can’t play with your trains, the house is on fire.” As the pandemic fades the economic crisis swells. The unemployed can’t frequent restaurants so the restaurants close making more unemployed. The restaurant supply company closes, and the meatpackers have a lay off. Let’s go to the movies or let’s go to a bar. Let’s just watch things slow to a crawl.

At the absolute best with the winds at our backs, Joe Biden has a tough road ahead. I will be satisfied if Biden puts us back on course as a government of sane people. A quick glance in the rear-view mirror sets that bar pretty low. The Republicans are ready to fire on Ft. Sumpter again and Biden is supposed to work with them. Seditious traitors, criminals and mutants flying the flag of crazy. American politicians worried about being overly generous to the untermunchin. Fearing they won’t go back to work in the salt mine if they get used to eating every day.

Not since Churchill became Prime Minister on the same day the German Army broke through at Sedan has a politician assumed office in such a crisis. If Joe Biden can keep us out of the ditch, I will be happy enough, and we can work on the shiny bits later. Medicare for all will come as sure as the sunrise. The for-profit business model is shattered, Covid-19 will be their undoing.

So, let’s give Joe Biden one hundred days, we can always hang him later!

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