Frozen in the Ice

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I guess the hardest part about being a Republican is the guilt in knowing that you sold your soul so cheaply, and it wasn’t worth the price that you received in the first place. It wasn’t too long ago the Army was developing a new super-accurate artillery round. So accurate, it would land within two-hundred feet of any intended target at a cost of only $10,000 per round. I wondered if it wouldn’t be easier to buy a $200 megaphone and shout, “Come on out and we’ll buy you a car!” The defense industry is working on a hypersonic missile capable of hitting Moscow in fifteen minutes. How many times have you asked yourself, “Why does it take a whole hour to start a nuclear War? With my busy lifestyle, isn’t there a better way? Is this my grandfather’s atomic pile?”

How much is this hypersonic thingy gonna cost us? Billions, but don’t ask. We are just on page one here. This could take years and years and by God if we are successful, we will never need to use it. The guns versus butter conundrum, if the people have butter you won’t need the guns or if you have guns you can always get butter. * See: Second Iraq War.  The yin and yang of defense contracting. The contractors milk the system while the politicians milk the contractors. And let’s be grownups; it is the way of the world our only chance is to hold them in check before they can create another branch of the military, Doah! Understand if we are fighting someone in outer space, someone’s finger is already on the button. There will be no scrimmages with Zimbabwe. Just adding an extra level of Armageddon to the mix at the everyday low, low, prices you’ve come to expect.

The big spending Liberals in Congress spent seven million dollars on a boondoggle ditch called the Erie Canal. It made travel and trade possible between the East coast and Great lakes and tied the nation together far in excess of its cost. One of the WPA’s favorite projects were “Airfields.” Airfields were easy to build and most cities in the 1930’s did not have one. They didn’t have one because they didn’t need one, the barnstormers landed at the fairgrounds. But after hundreds of airfields had been built fledging airlines began to offer service. Then the runways were paved as the planes got larger and the traffic got heavier.

In 1963, the federal government gave IBM a contract to build a computer for the Apollo spacecraft. One catch, that computer had to weigh less than twenty pounds and must fit in a twenty-four-inch cube. Now look around the room at the technology within your reach. This is where it all came from this is the Genesis rock. Neil Armstrong got to go to the moon and all I got was 400,000 jobs and a computer industry worth trillions and trillions of dollars.

Pennsylvania Senator, Pat Toomey appeared on CNN to explain why you filthy little bastards aren’t worth a second stimulus check. Rest assured, if Toomey had his way your stimulus check would be zero dollars and zero cents. So many of these Republicans can’t see past their shoes. Toomey explained that two-thirds of Americans had suffered no loss in income. Why give people who have suffered no injury relief? Because the one-third who have suffered a loss are going to drag down the other two-thirds. Four months later; “Senator Pat you gotta help! Commercial bankruptcies are going through the roof, and the bank is in trouble!” Senator Pat voted for the Trumpy tax cut as well as for the bloated military budget.

Toomey had no plan to rectify what he saw as deficiencies in the legislation only to vote against it. A long time ago, we had this war to set up our own government to protect us. We the people are not a government project to vote yeah or neigh on. We are the reason you exist; our wellbeing is tied to your wellbeing. * See: French Revolution. I do admire Toomey for appearing on nationwide TV telling Americans to drop dead, I doubt Marie Antoinette would ever have the courage to do it.

But sometimes you can sand it down to where it is just wore out. The moralizing bible thumping Republican Christian conservative with his holier than thou rhetoric but when it comes down to actually helping a struggling people thumps a bank book in their face. Far in excess of its cruelty, every financial entity on the planet is saying, “Do more now!” The Dagwood Bumstead Party dithers finger on chin as if there really is a choice. “I suppose we could let them all fall into destitution and lose their homes. Then the problem will be solved!”

You can open movie theaters, restaurants, and bars but if people are living in fear; they ain’t going. Most Americans put their first stimulus check in the bank because they were afraid to spend it. And Senators like Pat Toomey have validated their wisdom by defeating their purpose. Because there is uncertainty there is instability and because there is instability there is uncertainty. And so, 1929 becomes 1932, did you know it takes a train several miles to stop even after hitting something and it takes an economy a little longer still. These Republicans pretend that even though we’ve hit something it’s alright, because we are still moving. Never mind the people we hit, I’m sure they’ll be fine. Thoughts and prayers Bubba, thoughts, and prayers!

“Better the occasional faults of a government that lives in a spirit of charity than the consistent omissions of a government frozen in the ice of its own indifference.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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