I am Pretty Certain the Internet isn’t a Fad

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The holidays are officially over and put to bed. Now on to the main event that of separating Donald Trump from the levers of power. A farce and a tragedy all rolled up in one messy sad and pathetic package. Orange Napoleon now decrees which laws are valid, and which are invalid declaring the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election illegitimate and un-Constitutional. He’s abandoned the courts entirely, if they won’t bend to his will fuck em. Inside the delusional treasonous Party are the ambitious mechanisms that will one day rot peacefully in the land fill of history.

Trumpy becomes an easy read once you understand his constant need of attention. Truth? Relevance? These things don’t matter to him. He lives in a delusional bubble. The guy who bankrupted six times thinks he’s a financial wizard and so do the people he pays to surround him. The guy accused of sexual assault thinks he’s a lady’s man. The guy who likes to talk tough is a craven coward. He didn’t win the spelling metal so now he wants to mess it up as much as he can for somebody else. Not because he thinks he’s right or even has a chance to prevail, but merely to remain the center of attention.

A team of the best psychiatrist’s working round the clock with all the latest therapies could not untangle the can of spaghetti that is Trump’s psyche. It is clear to even laymen that Trumpy has lost touch with reality. Trumpy has supposedly added twenty pounds since the election loss, yet another sign of someone not in control of themselves. No public schedule, no public statements, “I’ll do what I want! Elect Joe Biden, will you? I’ll make you sorry for that.” I doubt if Trumpy would be found competent to stand trial. He wants a large and hopefully violent demonstration on January 6th in Washington to demonstrate his power. His power outside of his official duties his illegal and criminal power. His intention to attempt to sway Congress with an unruly mob.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri plans to embarrass himself and assassinate his own career by contesting the Presidential vote count. Josh has his own Presidential aspirations along with every other Republican survivor in Congress, and who can blame them for thinking? If moron like Donald Trump can do it, why not me? Staking your claim as a Trumpster might sound like a good idea today but in 2024 will be a high mileage used car. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. After January 20th Trump becomes the past. Some will run towards him, but most will back away, he’s yesterday’s newspaper.

Trumpy will take his tribe wandering into the wilderness drifting into the horizon of obscurity. “Hi this is your old pal President Donald Trump. Don’t forget to watch me and my friends on the 701 Club. That’s tonight two AM eastern time, one o’clock central.” Maybe after the hundredth episode of “We was Robbed” the sharpness fades. It’s hard to keep the fire going without new timber. But eccentric orbits only grow more eccentric as on again off again lawyer for the President Lin Wood suggests maybe we should execute Mike Pence. Personally, I’m against the idea, but I’m a fair man and willing to put it to a vote. “We don’t know him! La, la, la, la.”

The Republican Royal None Such has dancing and antics, poetry and Shakespeare. But hides a growing problem. $2,000 checks are great but what are we going to do next month? We need a plan to get us out of here. The average number of weeks on unemployment has risen from 17 weeks in July to 23 weeks in November meaning the economy is slowing. The number of marginally attached workers and discouraged workers has doubled to nearly 200,000 last month. These are Americans dropping through the system that has no relief for them. This is where the homeless comes from.

A check or raising the minimum wage is a step in the right direction put we need a plan to put people back to work. We don’t need shelters for the homeless we need to end homelessness. We don’t need food banks we need people to be able to feed themselves. This isn’t our heritage living in run down cities fighting for scraps at the table. Why must so many suffer so the wealthy can shit in a golden toilet? Why do we have lousy schools and crumbling highways? We were once the leader in the world now we’re the laggard.

The U-6 unemployment rate for November was 12% the participation rate in the economy is dropping like a stair step from 63.2% last November to 61.5% now. The equivalent of pulling fire alarm in a crowded theater as the economy shrinks beneath our feet. Officially the economy has only shed nine million jobs officially. But the number of Americans leaving the economy is an additional four million plus. So, the unemployment rate becomes whatever you want it to be. But reality is more hard nosed than that. It’s the tractor pull economy. The more the economy pulls the more it is dragged down by the weight of the unemployed and the under-employed. They that buy no groceries and by their poverty add another drag on the system.

Two thirds of all wealth in the United States are in Real Estate and commercial property prices have collapsed. Wanna buy a mall? That mall that was used as collateral to finance that ten-million-dollar deal is now worth two million if you could get it. Somebody is going to take a thrashing; it needn’t be us. Tens of millions of dollars of wealth have evaporated overnight. The faithful wait in prayer circles and pray it comes back, but it’s not coming back. I am pretty certain the internet isn’t a fad.

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