The Trump State of Moronica

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

There is a part of me that would like to stop the Republicans from their mass suicide. A part of me wants to watch, and a part of me wants sedition punished in the historical manner. Back when the Nixon Administration was circling the drain the last loyalists abandoned Tricky Dick. They swam from the wreck, but the ploy it didn’t work, voters punished all Republicans be they free or be they compromised. We are witnessing the Gallipoli of Republican politics. A disaster of the first magnitude, a towering inferno. Never before in American history has a political party disintegrated in mid-air.

Secessionist talk in Texas and I say, let em go. I get tired of hearing this every couple years. The drama queen is threatening to leave us again and never return! Provided you take Ted Cruz with you and pay us for the hospitals and highways and schools, I’m good with it. Ted Cruz is the original All-American butt boy of me-too politics. Whether carrying phony messages for the White House or following the latest conspiracy theory Ted spreads it on thick and disingenuously. Name a crack pot theory and there is Ted, poster boy for the Trump state of Moronica. “What me worry?”

But Houston there is a problem, when you take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and then take a position against the Constitution. Well, I guess you’ll be leaving us. I wouldn’t want you to sit for one minute in a government you believe to be illegitimate. You don’t need to open up a cannon factory to take up arms against the United States. Words alone will get you hung. So, go on now, go set up your little Confederate government and we’ll be along directly to grind it into the dust.

These seditionists are standing in opposition to the lawful transition of power as defined by the Constitution. It is inherently treason, but it is twice treason because it is not even true. Even if it were true it would still be treason, but knowing that it is false and going ahead anyway? It’s one thing to turn in Jesus it’s another to plant drugs on him. The orange apocalypse holds the seditionists hostage with a samurai sword whispering, “Who’s on my side?” Sit down Ted, we know. The seditionist are choosing Trump over their oath, and their office and over their country for something they know to be a lie.

A lie which has been generated and furthered by a criminal President. A lie amplified by partisan, conservative media out shopping for rope with which to hang itself for ratings. A lie disproved in over 50 court cases. Oh, that’s right, they are all a part of the conspiracy too! The Republican Governor of Georgia finds himself on Trump’s hit list for defending the integrity of his office. “When I say your elections are corrupt, you answer, yes sir. Our elections are corrupt!” Governor Kemp had a chance to be the first kamikaze pilot in the Moronican Air force to crash his plane on his own Administration to save the emperor.

The central organizing principle of the Republican Party has become, do you believe Democrats eat babies in the basement of a Washington pizza parlor during Satanic rituals?  Reality has left the scene of the accident, but that is not much of a coalition to build on. They have become the Party of conspiracy and innuendo, say the wrong thing and Trump will wish you away into the cornfield. Crazy talk and you can’t build a Party on crazy talk, each crazy talker has to out crazy talk the last, first Bachmann then Blackburn until inevitably you reach the state of Ted Cruz, president of the Viton Quisling fan club.  This drama club presentation of “Death of a Trumpy Salesman” has a predictable outcome. So Trumpy turns to scorched earth. “Come here Ted, let me shoot this apple off your head.” Isn’t that dangerous? “No, I’m using a shotgun, I can’t miss.”

A Party living in fear over microchips and 5G, masks, vaccines and lizard people. A Party that in a time of great need has the fortitude to tell the American people to eat shit and die! Mitch McConnell has supplanted Simon Legree, as the evil master holding up our checks. Survey says, 62% of Americans blame Republicans for holding up the stimulus. If Mitch got himself a helmet, I bet they’d give him a part in a Star Wars movie as Darth Mitch and this is the good guy, the guy leading the charge against the crazy Republicans.

The twelve Republican Senators have tarred themselves. They will never be in another race where this is not an issue. Trumpy fades but treason remains. Anyone who would hold office in a government they believe to be illegitimate should resign immediately or instantly becomes an accomplice. So, which is it fellas? Either you believe our elections to be corrupt including your own and refuse to participate in the charade, or you believe our elections are corrupt, but you choose to keep your seat anyway? Yeah right, you were just driving the Bronco, and had no idea why OJ was hiding in the back seat.

Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular, the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others.” – Abraham Lincoln

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