Naked in the Kingdom of Fleas

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation really didn’t free the slaves. It only freed the slaves in areas under rebellion. For the slaves in Kentucky and Tennessee under Union occupation it meant nothing, slaves you are and slaves you be. Great Britain built her empire manufacturing textiles, she needed that Southern cotton and was on the cusp of siding with the Confederacy to get it. Lincoln’s proclamation declared the war aim to be the end of human bondage. Lincoln had colored the issue as a moral question and not a political one. Sure, you need your cotton everyone understands that but how low are you willing to stoop to get it?

President Don Corleone calls Ben Raffensperger the Secretary of State of Georgia. He wants to make him an offer he can’t refuse. He wants Ben to give Johnny Fontaine that part in his new picture. You know, “Neigh, Winnie!” there could be repercussions. “I’m not asking you do anything outlandish or anything, just say, I made a mistake. Is that so hard? I know, you’ve had three state wide recounts and a signature verification but hey, there I was walking down the hall when look what I found! Eleven thousand seven hundred and eighty votes all for the next President of the United States Donald Trump!

Lost in the criminal outrageousness is that flipping Georgia alone would not flip the election. Let’s take a look at those phone records, shall we? Let’s see who else the Godfather has been leaning on. I’d wager he’s called everyone in the book. “Look, I know Delaware is Joe Biden’s home state but there has got to be some way to fudge those numbers! You know it would be a real shame if a hurricane hit and you couldn’t get any help from Federal government except paper towels.” The orange abomination ends forever the debate over whether Trumpy can learn from his mistakes, and that answer is a resounding, NO!

This audio tape obtained by the New York Times and replayed on CNN shows Trump exactly as Colonel Vindeman described him. This is Donald Trumpy on the first day of his Administration and this is Donald Trumpy on the last day of his Administration. He makes no sound not in the furtherment of crime. We know now why he has no public schedule; he’s burning up the phone lines like a boiler room operation. “It’s him again on line three.” Tell him I’m out of the office! Michael Jackson had Bubbles the chimp Trumpy has Mark Meadows. Meadows receives annual royalty checks from Meriam Webster Company for using his picture along side the words, “Toady” and “Slime.”

“Duh, what the President is asking ya, is what’s wrong with a little corruption?” Robert Duvall ought to sue anyone portraying a consigliore so poorly. Like an episode of “Pinky and the Brain”, What are we gonna do tonight Don? “We’re going to take over the world Pinky!” As a salesman myself, I can tell you Trumpy is no salesman. “And like I know there is no upside for you. And this would probably mean the end of your career if not your legal license, but I want you to do this for me, okay?” It is not just in the crudeness of the ideas he is expressing; it is the crudeness of vocabulary with which he is attempting to express it. No arguments other than, “I want you to do this for me because I want it.” You could try, do this for the Party or do this for America, but no. The three-dimensional chess player is playing checkers with a sledgehammer.

There is another player at the table. The New York Times obtained the tape from? It wasn’t from Trumpy, so who else was on the call? I put my money on big Ben Raffensperger. I doubt seriously that Trumpy will ever call him again.  But the tape changes the issue for the Seditionists in the Republican Party from political to moral. Obviously, Trumpy is a criminal thug and their official position must now be that we side with political thugs! Someone just flew an airplane into the twin towers of the Republican Party and the war has begun.  As Jimmy Morrison put it, “This is the end.” Trumpy has taken the Republican Party over the cliff. From a loosely weaved self-justification for greed degenerate political party to full blown criminality on public display. “So what, I’m a criminal. What’s wrong with that?”

“Yes, Madame Speaker I rise today to tell you and all of America of my support for this criminal President in all of his scandalous behaviors and criminal schemes. I can’t wait to get back to my home district to explain to my constituents of my unwavering support for all of his criminal activities.” (Offer not valid in Alabama or Tennessee, where no one is listening anyway.)

The British took cotton seed to India telling the Confederates, “Asti la Vista Baby!” and the rest is history. The Britts escaped the moral issue and cut out the middleman all at the same time. Mama used to say, “Lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.” The Republican Party has a flea problem having slept with orange Trumpy now for four years. They had a chance to get rid of Trumpy but chose to let the fleas alone. The Seditionists in the Republican Party have decided to support the fleas and their infestation. Even though they bite and itch and multiply geometrically the Republican Party now has a pro-flea caucus.

“Oh, pay no attention to him he’s from the criminal wing of the Party. He supports graft corruption and treason, but always votes with us on tax issues.” Do you see the conundrum? To support Trump is to support criminality, and to support fellow Republicans who support Trump they must support criminality. They are all slimed with the same brush and are all undone because of it. Naked in the kingdom of fleas. We now know how low they will go.

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