Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I watched Trumpy’s speech to the mob on You Tube, because the networks were referencing the speech without airing it. After watching the speech, I understood the networks position. It was the ravings of a deluded madman.  Several times Trumpy said he was going to give us evidence of election fraud and then continued on with baseless allegations repeated and disproved by the courts. The hearth stone cracked something is broken. Trumpy ran the emotional gamut. Anger and hostility to nearly pleading, “I won, it’s not fair don’t let them take it from you!” That’s right, Trumpy stands before the bullet proof glass at the height of his latest fraud and says, “Don’t let them take it from you!”

This Republican fraud will reverberate as long as the Republican Party survives as a viable party maybe even a year or two. Their argument was that all we need is a committee and ten days to investigate voter irregularities. These claims have already been investigated and adjudicated by respectable parties all the way up to the Supreme Court and Trumpy lost. A Senator from Missouri has no right on God’s green earth to question the election laws of Pennsylvania. Election laws are the sole province of the states. The Federal Government has no right to interfere unless federal law is violated, and the FBI and the President’s handpicked cock holster Attorney General says it wasn’t.

These Republicans Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, built this set for their Soap Opera performance when suddenly 10,000 extras appeared on the stage and ruined their show.  Sub-humans, morons and people calling themselves patriots, left pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC headquarters, murdered a woman and sacked the Federal Capital building sending several police officers to the hospital. This is what these poor deluded fools call patriotism. Cincinnatus was a great Roman General. He brought riches and booty to the Empire and at the height his powers resigned his offices to tend his fields. When the Empire was in danger Cincinnatus returned and when the danger had past, he went home. Cincinnatus was George Washington’s favorite general. This is where the whole idea that you don’t rule over the people you serve the people came from.

A melee incited by a doomed President emotionally melting down in full color and Dolby Surround Sound. The newly appointed acting Secretary of Defense spoke with Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi but, shouldn’t you call your boss? In light of the situation in Washington it is a startling announcement. As Pink Floyd sings, “You cannot reach me now! No matter how you try!” By nightfall they were already talking 25th Amendment and staff resignations. History is littered with overreach, but you have to wonder about who thought that this would be a good idea? But then we already know who, don’t we?

As a history/politics junkie yesterday held me in orgasmic terror. The President is no longer lucid, and rednecks were sacking the Capitol of my nation. Poor ole Mike Pence caught in the Tasmanian Devil’s whirlwind wished for death.  The deposed President sends an armed and angry mob to sack the Capitol on the first day of the Vote Pence 2024 campaign. The executive branch of government incited a mob to attack the Legislative branch of Government, and poor Mike Pence has an office in both locations. Donald Trump has unfurled the banner of insurrection against the Constitution of the United States in direct violation of his oath of office.

He has not only proven by example his unfitness for office. He has proven by his actions that it is not safe to leave him alone in a room with matches. History will remember January 6,2020 as the day Trumpy went, “Tilt.” After his one-minute tweet telling the rioters to go home Trumpy told them he loves them and that they are special. The Reverend Jim Jones couldn’t have said it any better. Keep picking those peas in the hot sun you dumbass sons of bitches and tell the chauffeur to turn up the air conditioning. As a White House official describes the President as “Raving” and “out of his mind.”

Trumpy has secured his legacy as America’s, George the III. The mad king shouting, “Off with his head!” Any chance Trumpy would be remembered as a traditional President shattered with the Capitol windows panes and it is all down hill from there. Trumpy and his followers have shammed America and astonished the world.

Yesterday’s example is a signpost of what Trumpism really means, Fascist thugism and American Kristallnacht. It is clear now that either you support the United States of America, or you support Donald Trump. After the violence and after the blood and after the desecration of our Capitol, seven Republican Senators and over one hundred house Republicans voted to uphold the election challenge. They choose Trump over the Constitution, they enabled and enacted a stage play designed to show the President as the aggrieved party in direct contravention of all available evidence. They were attempting to prove that which is false to be true for the purposes of overthrowing the government of the United States.

The Republicans in Congress worked hand in glove with the White House to perpetuate this criminal charade. They planned to stand on a milk crate and showcase off to America their leadership abilities. They intended to put on a show to convince you that Brutus was correct in killing Caesar for Caesar he was an ambitious man.

It is my fondest wish that after a fair trial these criminals be held in the darkest dankest prison cells available until the scaffolding for their execution is completed. This event has been described as a stunt, but it wasn’t a stunt. This was an attempt to overthrow our system of government. Generally, I oppose the death penalty but in this case of treason against your country, I think an exception should be made. These aren’t Republican Senators or Conservatives or House Republicans with genuine questions about the election these are Quisling traitors attempting a Coup de tat with blood in their eyes and treason in their hearts.

Hang them all!

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