If it Comes to a Vote

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Donald Trump gave us his, “Please don’t throw me out of office” speech yesterday. Read robotically from a teleprompter; Trumpy was trying to quell threats of mass resignation from the five or six people still surrounding him. The trouble is, if you still believe anything that Trumpy says you are worse off than he is. Contrite this morning and homicidal this afternoon. The orange man who likes to live on the edge has fallen off of it.  Promises of a peaceful transition, “I’ll be good, I promise!” What do you take me for?

He said, “I’ll be there with you!” As you smash that window, I’m right behind you! When you sit at Nancy Pelosi’s desk, I’ll be sitting there with you! Boy, we are sure gonna show her. “I love you all, you’re very special.” The Governor of Maryland, the Republican Governor of Maryland said he got calls from inside the Capitol building begging for help. He called the Pentagon to get authorization to activate the National Guard and was denied. Finally, after an hour and a half, he received authorization to move the guard. Like the Electoral College vote, the Governor’s call was procedural. The Pentagon needs to know where the Maryland National Guard is at any given moment, in case something comes up.

Generally, Governors are granted wide latitude in calling out the Guard. The Governor is the Chief Executive on the scene. Unless the Governor wants the Guard to paint his house or help him do yard work, the request is always approved. Have you ever heard of a request that wasn’t approved? Well, for some strange reason like the guard on Lincoln’s box at Ford’s Theater going to get a drink of water this request was delayed by ninety minutes. Sure, it could have been missed connections or bureaucratic red-tape and I might believe that if I hadn’t just heard the orange Trumpy cat trying to bury a turd in his box. “I immediately called out the National Guard” – I Trumpy

This is one of those Trumpy plain as the nose on your face lies. The five-year-old feigning innocence for dropping the five-pound bag of flour as the white cloud swirls around him. Trumpy says, “I didn’t delay the National Guard!” Even before he is asked. “I immediately called out the National Guard.” What kind of fool do you take us for? This was all planned out, this was Trumpalooza. This was the desired effect. You wound up the main spring on your little mechanical Nazi friends and pointed them towards the Capitol. You used them like Hitler Youth on the Russian front. The wicked witch turns the flying monkeys loose on the Capitol, “Fly my pretties! Smash things and get people killed!”

Not since the British burned Washington has there been a more intentional act of planned political mayhem. George W. Bush struck a chord by saying “This is how they resolve elections in a Banana Republic.” He’s right, we have all of the maladies of a Banana Republic with none of its expedience’s. In a Real Banana Republic, some ambitious general would take Trumpy out back and end all this. His enablers come running to kiss his boo boos by equating burning down a 7-11 with attacking the nation’s Capital for the purpose of overthrowing a certified election. George Floyd was murdered by a policeman standing on his neck while he was handcuffed. Donald Trump is not the aggrieved party here. Donald Trump is the aggressor and has blood on his hands.

The Democrats have demanded Mike Pence invoke the 25th Amendment. And after his wife and daughter were terrorized in the Capitol and after not word one from Trumpy, he might consider it. Pence is angry the lamb led to slaughter. Pence wouldn’t go along with the Trumpification of America, so Trumpy sent him into the lion’s den along with his wife and daughter. But it is Friday, and Pence still believes he has a political future and will do his best to run out the clock for Trumpy. Trump will be the last Republican President for the next twenty years, long after Mike Pence has joined the heavenly choir.

The original America First movement began in Chicago. The publishers of the Chicago Tribune and his cousin at a New York newspaper began an Astroturf group. Purely Republican, with rallies and lots of flags and pictures of George Washington. That FDR is going to drag us into war! Don’t let your son die for Europe! Don’t listen to the Jews, I mean, don’t let your son die for Europe. I mention this because my mother had told me all about America First ribbons and buttons and how they disappeared on December 8, 1941. They evaporated as if they had never even been there.

Josh Hawley got his book deal canceled by Simon & Shuster. A petition has begun to expel Ted Cruz from the Senate. Cheer up fellas, due to environmental regulations they can no longer burn you at the stake, unless we can find a catalytic convertor. But call that Real Estate agent right away because only John McCain is deader in Washington than these two. Josh Hawley dreamed of becoming President and couldn’t get elected president of the Saint Louis Elk’s club today. Supporting a Coup de tat is a high-risk venture, if you win all is golden but if you lose you get Rommel’s retirement plan.

The Republicans made their pact with the devil, and the devil screwed them to the wall. They rescued the devil from impeachment, and the devil didn’t even say thank you. Now Trump has radicalized half of the Republican Party and nauseated the rest. He has destroyed a thousand political careers and made the Republican Party the fringe Party of radicals and insurrection. Trump must be removed from office immediately, and the Republicans must do it themselves. If the Republicans are ever to be taken seriously again, they must visit the White House and tell Trump, like they told Nixon… “It’s over, if it comes to a vote, you’re going down.”

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