Last Days at the Fuhrer Bunker

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

After the storm comes the reckoning, Josh Hawley has gone from Presidential timber to candidate most likely to be burned at the stake. His partner Stan Laurel, I mean Ted Cruz faces editorials calling for his resignation in major Texas newspapers. All they did was support a Coup de tat for the purposes of furthering their own aspirations. All they did was attempt to throw 330 million Americans under the bus to advance their own careers! The only possible societal good for them now would be to sell their organs on the black market to the highest bidder.

There is a lot of scuttlebutt about Mike Pence and the 25th Amendment. Will he invoke it, or won’t he invoke it? The one thing he’s not going to do is talk about it publicly. The nature of the 25th Amendment requires secrecy because if you admit to it. El Cheese Whiz begins firing cabinet members until finally two-thirds of the cabinet is down to three people. The White House has not lowered their flag in memorium to the slain Capitol Police officer, I wonder why? Trump’s sermon to the mongoloids was filled with the word fight and this police officer died in the fight and Trump is too petty even to lower the flag. And do you know why boys and girls? Because he’s not the least bit remorseful or even sorry that the man is dead.

Here we have a United States President who publicly commits crimes leading to the deaths of five individuals. A President who won’t even pretend to be even a little bit remorseful that he attempted to overthrow the lawful government. In most countries, this is the part where the conspirators run for the waiting helicopter with a suitcase full of money. If he won’t lower the flag, he’s not about to resign. He is going to play Jimmy Cagney in the last scene of White Heat, the death scene in the oil refinery. “You’ll never take me alive Coppers!”

It has to be a revelation confined to scripture to be Mike Pence. The Republican Vice-President of the United States finds himself hiding in the Capitol basement with his wife and daughter from a murderous mob calling for his blood. A mob sent by his boss. I guess that sometimes a letter in your employment file just isn’t enough. But you have to wonder, if while hiding from the mob between the parked cars he had time to reflect on old number twenty-five? It is said Pence and the President aren’t speaking. You don’t say! Pence had to be recollecting back to 2016 when the orange abomination first chose him to be Vice-Fuhrer. “I could be the President someday and what’s the worst that could happen?”

Even after the insurrection, even after the deaths and the violence. Even after the attempted overthrow the government of the United States. 147 Republicans proudly voted to support Trump in his conspiracy to defraud and gaslight America. Only a few brave Republicans have stepped forward from the crowd of sniveling cowards pissing themselves, to defend the Constitution. The rest find themselves sandwiched between supporting Trump or the American people. The Republican Party has become the party of rebellion and sedition. The Party of toothless mullet headed rednecks, neo-Nazis, violence, and the Klan. So long, traditional family values.

There is no middle ground for them now. Trump has served up a shit pie and demands the Republicans take a double helping in obedience. Trump has shredded their Party and destroyed their futures and still they support him. The Republicans counter, “You don’t want to impeach Trump there’s not time and he’s going to be gone in a few days anyway. Besides it’s way too divisive.” Too devise is sacking our nation’s Capitol! Too divisive is inciting a riot! No point in chasing Bonnie & Clyde now, it’ll be dark soon and they’ll be gone by morning. No point in starting a war with the Japanese, I doubt they will ever bomb Pearl Harbor again. Spoken as only a true co-conspirator could.

Conspiracy – “If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.” – US Code 371

Sometimes a statement must be made; to ignore insurrection and sedition is to invite it in, some crimes are too serious be ignored. Lots of politicians steal, and that the voters understand. Sedition, insurrection, and treason? Those concepts might take the voters a little while to warm too. Did any of you guys happen to talk to each other about any of this or send any e-mails because they are going to be really important, real soon. Always remember the Mike Flynn rule, do not try lying to the FBI. The FBI doesn’t ask questions because they are curious. It is an intelligence test…how dumb are you?

Donald J. Trump conspired to overthrow the Government of the United States by engineering fraudulent claims of voter fraud attempting to delegitimize the election. It was obvious to the courts and to any impartial observer that Trump’s claims were non-sense. Donald J. Trump then incited a mob to violently attack our nation’s Capital, but the Republicans think hanging the criminal for the crime is too divisive. This was a conspiracy and 147 Republicans have signed on as Co-conspirators to the crime of sedition, insurrection, and treason.

I said this before to my Republicans friends but let me clarify; Run! You dumb son of a bitches better run! Donald Trump has destroyed your futures and if you choose to go down with him the Justice Department will soon oblige you. The Republican traditional family values now include Arian nation tattoos, Confederate flags, and buffalo horns. I bet the Fortune 500 can’t wait to support your campaign of lower taxes and Jews will not replace us. “Gee, I wonder why Disney hasn’t returned my call?”

The 147 Republicans who supported Trump in Congress are now co-conspirators, his crimes are now their crimes and are indivisible. Trump has taught them to dance to the music and now they must pay the piper. History will remember only two groups, those Republicans who abandoned Donald Trump and those who went to jail for him. Isn’t that right Mr. Ehrlichman. Isn’t that right Mr. Halderman, Mr. Dean and Mr. Mitchell.

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