Jose’ Espargo, Coffee Merchant from Belize.

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I saw a cartoon once; this guy was being audited by an IRS agent and sits nervously in his chair. The caption read; “My advice sir? Is to run for the border!” Two Virginia cops took selfies and bragged on social media with the usual expletives and diatribes continuing on, his mouth and the air moving through it are about to hang him. He bragged that he wasn’t afraid of going to jail or losing his job. A real Patriot doesn’t care about that! Guess what? He’s about to lose his job and go to prison. Imagine this is your court case, imagine you are sitting the at the defendants table and the prosecutor is about to play this video for the court.

Mass Hysteria, mass psychosis, gin up the crowd as a distraction to deflect attention while the real coup plotters move ahead. Republican invertebrates in the House twisted words in agony and pain trying with all their might not to vomit while defending the indefensible. Parsing words, “He said, we will walk down to the Capitol.” Now, let’s look at what the President actually said. He said, “We.” Nothing wrong with the word “We”, it’s in our Constitution! “Will,” you can’t incite violence just by saying the word “Will.” “Walk” nothing violent or seditious in telling people to walk.  But the two words nary a Republican will dare speak is Mike Pence. Mike Pence was the target, after days of relentless pressure to throw in with the coup plotters comes the next step.

Fat Donny, underworld crime boss and rightful King of the United States has a message for Mike Pence. “You should really reconsider my suggestions to you. Cause, it’s a dangerous world out there an you could like have a real bad accident if you aren’t careful, if you know what I mean.” Did Mike Pence bring his wife and daughter to the Capitol to see a historical procedural event in the house or because he feared for his safety? “They won’t shoot me if Karen’s here. That’s a mob rule! I saw that on the Sopranos!” Or perhaps like Pirates of the Caribbean, he called for a parley.

For Republicans to speak the name Mike Pence is to sink their own boat. If there is a target, there is a plot. If there is a plot, there is a conspiracy and conspiracy dooms everyone. Ali Alexander organizer of the assault on the Capitol, sensing his own imminent doom begins singing even before the prosecutor has a chance to present him with his plea agreement. He names three Congressmen who he says were active plotters and Ali hopes that by pouring honey over the heads of the three Congressmen he will make himself more valuable as a witness, while getting the bears to stop chasing him.

The three Congressman are:

Mo Brooks, Republican from Alabama

Andy Biggs, Republican from Arizona

Paul Gosar, Republican from Arizona

Remember that cartoon I was telling you about? Next, just like an episode of Mission Impossible the President will disavow any knowledge of their actions. And as we say down south, “You’re in a heap of trouble now boy!” This isn’t lose your job trouble this is go to prison trouble. This is a twenty-five year stay at the Rod Blagojevich Hilton, hoping against hope, America will be stupid enough to elect another insane Republican President to pardon them. News flash from the year 2045: “And it seems disgraced former Congressman Mo Brooks has been turned down for parole yet again. Brooks is the last of the three Republican Congressman charged with Sedition and Treason back in 2021. The three were eventually sentenced to a prison term not to exceed, as long as life exists on Earth or until the sun burns out. Whichever comes first.

Sedition, insurrection, conspiracy, accessory to murder of a policeman and my favorite, Treason.




  1. the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign (or Vice – sovereign) or overthrow the government.

“they were convicted of treason”

Sadly, suicides are a part of failed Coup de tats. I’m not saying someone should kill themselves or will kill themselves. I’m just saying it happens a lot in failed coups. One Capitol Policeman committed suicide the day after the riot. I’m not saying the officer was involved in anything nefarious. I’m only saying it looks bad and looks very suspicious in the wake of accusations of complicity by police with the rioters. If I were a detective, I would be looking for suicides that don’t fit the profile.  A healthy young man with a good job, a happy family and right-wing political affiliations.

The Republican House members who voted to assist Trump in the Coup knew what was up. They weren’t innocent lambs lost in the pasture. They aren’t rubes being fast talked by some city feller. Trump talks too much. He didn’t just call Brad Raffensperger in Georgia. I’d wager he’s called every state in the Union, Guam and Puerto Rico. So many people, that someone will talk. “Paging John Dean! If you are in the building Mr. Dean, please pick up the white courtesy telephone.” The Republican Party is now divided between straight Republicans and neo-Confederates.  The Party of Lincoln versus the Party of Trumpy, The Party of conservatism or the Party of insurrection and treason. The 2022 elections ought to be real barn burners. “That’s right friends, you should vote for the Republican Party. Because we’re the Party of lower taxes, less regulation, broken windows, violent uprisings, treason and dead cops.”

This is a mystery/spy novel, and we are only one hundred pages into the read. We know who and we know why. We have a loose outline of the conspirators; three Congressman have been identified as ringleaders and the cancer spreads from there. The FBI wants to know why you’ve had so many phone calls with the cabal in the days leading up to January 6th Congressman. The treasonous three are now lethally radioactive to anyone coming in contact with them, and fatal to the Party. The poster children of disloyalty. Shivering dogs sitting in squalid cages while Sarah McLaughlin sings a real sad song. Republicans scrub their Facebook pages of any incriminating photographs. Because if They don’t find the photos now, their opponent will certainly find them before November. “Oh look, there a picture of you fishing with Mo Brooks. And here’s one of you hunting with Andy Biggs.”

The Republicans have struck a Trumpberg and are going down by the bow with few expected to survive.

I am not kidding when I say run.  The conspirators only chance of living under the sunshine of freedom is to run. Run fast, liquidate your holdings to cash. Leave the country and change your name to Jose’ Espargo, coffee merchant from Belize. You are so done here.

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