Attempting to Make the Hit

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I think I caught the new President in a lie. Joe Biden told us that the con artist formerly known as Trump had left him a “very generous,” letter as tradition dictates, in the top drawer of the resolute desk. I wondered at the time, Trump? Positive? Generous? But brother Joe is a decent human being and even if the con artist formerly known as Trump had photocopied a picture of his butt and left it in the resolute desk. Joe would describe it as positive. I’m positive he’s an asshole. The con artist formerly known as Trump was the first resident of the White House not to attend the inaugural of his successor in over a century, because he is a petty, petty damaged little orange boy.

On January 20, 2021, the con artist formerly known as Trump sent the White House butlers’ home for the day. So, when the new President and First Lady Biden arrived at the White House there was no one there to greet them. It smacks of a pettiness found in a ten-year-old child. What else? Glue the pages of the books together? Leave raw fish in desk drawers? Plug up the toilets? Actually, It’s brilliant. A lawyer makes the case that the con artist formerly known as Trump is not mentally competent to stand trial and then lays out a list of his imbecilic behaviors to prove his point. I gotta tell you, if I were on that jury. I’d vote to send him to the rubber rumpus room for as long as circles are round.

The riot of January 6th illustrates the depths of the con artist formerly known as Trump’s depravity, but as daily revelations arrive about other Trumpian plots, the width of his depravity is also exposed. The plot to use the Justice Department to pressure states to overthrow the election returns. And the plot to fire the acting Attorney General and force Georgia to throw out its election returns in favor of the con artist formerly known as Trump. Obsessed with flipping Georgia, the orange nightmare forgets. Flipping Georgia doesn’t change the outcome of the election. But it’s magic thinking, if I can get Georgia to flip and then Arizona, and then Michigan, I win!

“If I get all A’s on my report card and keep my room real clean then maybe Dad will let me get giraffe!” Every Trumpian plot or plan begins with what the con artist formerly known as Trump wants and ends with him achieving his goal while receiving the wild adulation from the crowd. His delusional belief in his own success, despite the reality of spectacular failures. Most people who drop a fly ball in the seventh game of the World Series know that they have screwed up. The Trumpian anger rises, do you believe that? No one could have expected that or predicted it! The ball jumped out of the glove by itself. Something’s not right about that. Someone get that glove inspected and that ball. I think we’re being cheated here!

So obvious is the con artist formerly known as Trump. His acting Defense Secretary entered the job with three primary goals, “No new wars, no government overthrow and no troops in the streets.” Well one out of three ain’t bad for a new guy. But everyone inside the Administration knew what was going on. Everyone knew what was going on when Mike Flynn’s brother the Army General, withheld the national guard troops for two hours, despite the desperate pleas of law makers inside the Capitol building. Funny thing about the military, a treasonous President is impeached and removed from office. A treasonous Army General is tried and then executed. The Army is pretty hard nosed about sedition. The organization was founded on following rules and taking orders and so casts a scant eye on supporting the overthrow your superiors.

But the massive scale of criminality by the con artist formerly known as Trump cries cry out for Justice. But the massive scale of criminality by the con artist formerly known as Trump also cries out for silence.

To open this massive can of worms is to invite the next four years of investigation and Watergate style hearings. The con artist formerly known as Trump had over 200 Republican accomplices on Capitol Hill. Men and women sworn to uphold the Constitution willing to chuck it all for the con artist formerly known as Trump. Criminal Conspirator Josh Hawley has a new excuse for insurrection. We weren’t trying to overthrow the government. My constituents had questions about the election results. Me, I never doubted it for a second but my constituents, they had these questions. I was just trying to be a humble public servant and well, if the con artist formerly known as Trump had overthrown the lawful government, I guess my constituents would have their answers, wouldn’t they? I’m not guilty of sedition and insurrection, it was my constituents. I was simply expressing the will of the voters. Hawley knows that it is impractical to put that many voters in jail for the heinous crime of voting for him.

Imagine the Challenger accident and 9-11 happening on the same day as Pearl Harbor and the Bi centennial. That is how big this all is. A President of the United States orchestrated a plot to overthrow the lawful government and install himself as a dictator. Trump the First, and two hundred Republican Congressman and Senators said, “Groovy, I’ll play along.” But there are some crimes too horrible to walk away from and some crimes that are too horrible even to look at.

How can Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz sit in judgment of their co-conspirator in his Senate trial? How can two hundred Republicans look themselves in the mirror let alone face the American people? Wild drug fueled parties, okay. Cheat on your wife, stealing from the cash box, alright we understand. But attempting to subvert the Constitution of the United States for Trump? For the con artist formerly known as Trump! To attempt exactly what you were accusing others of doing. Claiming to be the Constitution’s defenders when they were nothing but hired hit men fulfilling a contract and attempting to make the hit.

I admire the Japanese, for in their culture public shame is their greatest disgrace and the cure is readily available for men and women of honor.  An insurrection against the lawful government is a sort of victory or death type of operation, and dare I mention it, you guys didn’t win.

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