Amnesia for a Better America!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I think it was Forrest Gump who said, “weasel is as weasel does.” I mention Mr. Gump because when I think about the corner the Republicans have allowed Donald Trump to paint them into. I realize how much smarter Forrest was than the average Republican legislator. A little less than three weeks ago, the President of the United States incited an armed angry mob to sack the Capitol. Republican and Democratic legislators alike cowered in fear. The mob was fueled with anger and filled with bullshit and the orange abomination used that anger and his bullshit to push forward his criminal conspiracy to usurp the government of the United States and attempt to remain in power illegally.

An attempted Coup de tat. Sedition! Treason! Five people dead but looking at the videos, anyone who knows anything at all about Who concerts can tell you that it could have been sixty dead. The most serious act of criminal sedition since firing on Fort Sumpter and the Republicans have now developed a simple strategy to defend themselves. Kind of like the way Joe Biden gives a speech denouncing White Supremacy and Rand Paul thinks he’s talking about him personally. A misinterpretation of reality, a fading in and out of consciousness. After the most heinous crime ever known to have been perpetrated by a President of the United States. A crime which in many localities carries the penalty of a summary execution at dawn. The Republicans answer, “Oh we’d like to prosecute. What he did was horrible. But you know what? He’s out of office, so we can’t.”

How terrible is Donald Trump now? Less than a month after Trump sicked the mob on them; Republicans are now afraid. Too afraid to prosecute the man who tried to overthrow the United States government. Because if they prosecute Donald Trump, the mob might come after them. Faux News might disown them, but more importantly if they prosecute Donald Trump, they implicate themselves. The amen corner of the Republican Party, the trained seals barking for fish and attention. “That’s right Don! You tell them, fight, fight, fight! We was robbed! Kick ass!”

But this inbred band of brothers are chained together in this criminal conspiracy to cover it up. Because if Americans were to figure it all out and see the Republicans tap dancing on the head of a pin trying to defend the most despicable criminal of the still young 21st Century? As they say in the old movies, “It’s curtains for you kid.” And when the bough breaks the baby will fall and the bough will break. As long as nobody cracks under pressure, we will be alright. Remember, we wanted to prosecute but it was too late, gosh darn it. Boy, if it weren’t for that one legal technicality, we’d be all over him. But the laws the law. It’s a dirty shame. But unity uber allis move ahead. Amnesia makes you smarter! Amnesia for a better America!

There is not one Republican with testicular fortitude save for Mitt Romney who will dare call a sedition, sedition. Trump is guilty as hell and we all know it! He committed his crimes on television; we all watched him do it! How do you know Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald? How do I know? I watched him do it! Watergate was complicated with plumbers and the committee to reelect the President. It was hard to follow, and a difficult read but the American public grasped the essentials. But the Trump insurrection is obvious and many of the central characters are household names and the rest soon will be. So obvious as to use White House staffers to apply for park permits. Dark money flying all over the place delivered to strange people at strange times for unknown reasons.

Some of the money came from overseas, as the mind races back to the interview where Trump said he might accept help from foreign governments. Nixon used burglars to break into Democratic Headquarters to obtain dirt on an opponent and then used hush money to cover up the conspiracy. Nixon was on the fast track to adios when he resigned. Watergate was a parking ticket compared to the Trump Insurrection. It is the neighbors complaining about you making noise after eleven o’clock. But then, the Republican’s in Nixon’s time weren’t intimately involved in the burglary or the criminal cover up conspiracy.

So, let us open our history book “Our American Saga” chapter nine; “Do you believe this shit?” President Gerald Ford was appointed by Nixon to replace Vice President Spiro Agnew after unfortunate felony charges forced an early exit from politics. Nixon resigned and one month later the new President, Gerald Ford did what? Who knows class? Who knows what Gerald Ford did? Billy, “He Pardoned Richard Nixon!” and can you tell me why he pardoned Nixon Billy? “So, he couldn’t be prosecuted!” But Billy, how could that be? Richard Nixon had already resigned from office. “Don’t be stupid!” Watch it. Billy!

Not since the dog ate my homework has there been such an egregious violation of the public consciousness. “Well, it’s too late to prosecute now. Gosh, even a trial is unconstitutional because it’s never happened before!” It has never happened before because we never had a scum sucking reprobate in office before, without the simple grace to resign once caught in a criminal conspiracy. The most serious criminal conspiracy in American history. A scandal with scads and scads of Republican accomplices.

Look what Donald Trump has done to the Republican Party. Now watch what happens as the string plays out and the American people begin to see the magnitude of the crime committed against them. Google has joined the campaign of corporations promising not to fund any candidate who supported sedition. No bucks, no Buck Rogers eh, Johnny? Sure, we lent verbal and logistical support in the cause of a failed criminal insurrection by attempting to overthrow the lawful government. But how long can America remember that? Five, six weeks? Amnesia for a better America!

But it is not quite that simple. This is history and in history examples are made. Isn’t that right Mr.& Mrs. Rosenberg? Somebody must take the fall for this or somebody, might try it again. We must not depend on providence to protect us from the next would-be Donald Trump. There is a cruel necessity to it all which must be fulfilled. There must be trials plural. If the sore is not cleaned of contaminants, it will never heal. The villains must be exposed as villains or the crowd might think them heroes.

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