The Sixth Floor Window

By David Glenn Cox

I lament the death of shame and the notion of the disgraced politician. Politicians have lost jobs and elections for hiring an undocumented worker to take care of their kids. In Alabama, there is “Buck’s Pocket” the second deepest canyon east of the Mississippi. It was “The Wilderness,” as in see ya. Bye, bye. Defeated and disgraced politicians were metaphorically transported to Buck’s Pocket. A remnant of the old South, “Sir, with your reputation it is wholly irresponsible for you to inflict yourself upon decent people. Be gone, there are children present! Sir, have you no shame?”

The idea that just your physical presence is insulting to those around you. That they if they could, would have you taken out into the deepest woods at the bottom of the deepest canyon and left there. To live every day as if you just fell into the outhouse. “You might as well go now cause you ain’t here no more.” You are invisible in word and deed. Your money’s not welcome and no one will sit by you in church.

Nixon forced a weak smile from the door of the Marine One helicopter. He knew he was defeated and disgraced and gave a sad brave wave and was gone. Into private life and out of public view. Nixon’s entire career is tainted by his resignation. You don’t ever hear Republicans on the campaign trail say, “You know, Richard Nixon once said.” A stupid burglary, hush money, resignation and erased from the political lexicon except for the “That guy” designation.

It was a different time today; we have a former orange President impeached twice. Facing a second trial guilty of fomenting Sedition against the United States Government and yet, planning his comeback. But does he look worried? Of course not, because Senate Republicans will vote to let him go free! The man who stood in the sixth-floor window firing shots at our government and Senate Republicans will vote to acquit, because they have no shame. The pedophile caught at the sting with wine coolers and condoms in his pocket asking the cops, “When do I get to meet the girl?

Every once in a while, you witness something with your own eyes and watch it happen and a politician comes along and tries to reinterpret the event for you. To perform in the Rudy Giuliani nonsense world where The Four Seasons have weed eaters. Or as Groucho said, “Who are you going to believe me or your own lying eyes?” If mental gymnastics were an event in the Olympics, Josh Hawley would certainly be on the team. That is, if the team had no shame. After being one of the ringleaders of the January 6th sedition and insurrection. Josh tells us, “no, no, wait you got it all wrong. I wasn’t trying to overturn the election.”

Or as General Custer told the Indians, “no, no, wait you’ve got it all wrong. I’m not with these guys! I was cold and borrowed this blue coat from a soldier!” Their guilt explained more by the machinations trying to prove their innocence than the physical evidence.

“I was very clear from the beginning that I was never attempting to overturn the election.”- Josh Hawley

On January 4th Hawley was interviewed by Winston Smith of Faux News. “Well, Bret that depends on what happens on Wednesday. (The 6th) I mean this is why we have the debate. This is why we have the votes.” Nod, nod, wink, wink Bob’s your uncle!”

“I think that the liberal onslaught of lies to twist and misconstrue and attack me, it doesn’t matter what I say or what I do, they’re going to tell the lies no matter what, they are going to say you wanted to overturn the election, they are going to say you incited violence, all of which are lies.”-Josh Hawley

You see Senator Hawley’s life was apparently hacked and that was someone else giving an Italian Fascist salute to the crowd. It was someone else when the Senator persisted in his fabricated claims against the election even after a violent and bloody insurrection. Until he realized that the winds had changed, and the poison gas was blowing back his way. Trying to save his failing career the outfielder picks the ball up off the ground and places it in his glove and signals the umpire. As if we weren’t watching, “Good thing I caught that! Overturn the election? Whatever gave you that that idea?”

“It’s crystal clear what my intentions were, and what I was hoping to achieve, which is to draw attention to what happened in Pennsylvania and other irregularities and to try to force some congressional action, some debate,” – Josh Hawley Jan 28th

A Senator from Missouri has no right to question the election laws of Pennsylvania or anywhere else. No right to challenge the designated hitter rule or the instant replay in the NFL. None of your business and none of your bee’s wax. And yet he has the audacity of an earthworm on the sidewalk in the rain, daring to tell us we didn’t see what we all saw.

The Republican Confederacy have coalesced around, “Let’s let by gone’s be by gone’s defense.” Come on, we didn’t really try to overthrow the government. Come on, we were just playing. Can’t you tell when a guy’s just kidding? We incite one seditious bloody riot and look how you act! Talk about sensitive, I thought you wanted unity?”

The Republican guilt makes them more culpable than 99.99% of all Federal Inmates currently incarcerated. It’s very simple; if you make war against the United States or give assistance to those who do it is called – treason. Outside of pedophilia and necrophilia it is about the worst crime you can possibly commit. They warn schoolchildren about it on the very first day of school and train them about it every day after about not committing treason. Boy scouts take an oath. You didn’t just screw up your political career, you damaged my country. And what’s more you did it right in front of me and tried to tell me that I’m a moron! That it was someone else and what I saw, I really didn’t see.

I am incensed by the total lack of remorse and shame. How dare you try to do a 180 with a lame ass excuse like we were only trying to ask a question. The cannibals are wearing lobster bibs and sniffing the air, while insisting they’re all vegetarians.

If they are not imprisoned, then just open the gates of the Federal Prison system and let all the inmates go home. If you’re not going to prosecute these seditious, treasonous bastards unworthy of admittance to polite society, too foul for even Buck’s Pocket, then why bother prosecuting anybody? They deserve twenty years for sedition and twenty years for attempting to insult the public’s intelligence.

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