The Word from Delphi

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

In a recent poll 56% of Americans said Donald Trump should be convicted at his impeachment trial and banned from ever holding public office again. By a margin of 64% Republicans support a Trump only version of the Republican Party. Let’s keep the math simple and just call it 50% of Republicans. So, Trump’s election totals sans 50%, 37 million. “We support Donald Trump even if it means we have no voice at all! Give me Trump or give me ineffectiveness!” It means the Trumpers in Congress will find themselves at odds with the electorate. It means the Republicans will find themselves at odds with the electorate for the benefit of the Trumpers.

One of the first realizations of cancer is that there is something inside you that is trying to kill you. The Q-Party will be fatal to the Republican Party and not the Democrats. As dinosaurs vote for a meteor the Republicans will choose to vote for cancer because they don’t want to offend the tumor. “Oh no doctor, leave it in. I think it makes me look distinguished!” If the remaining Republicans were to stand up and vote to boot Donald Trump like a 50-yard field goal they might lose their jobs, but the Q-Party would be dead. If they vote to support Donald Trump over the will of the electorate they might lose their jobs, but the Q-Party is alive and well and the Republican Party is dead.

Watch the frog’s dismay as he goes spinning by in the blender. Kevin McCarthy (Q-California) wants Liz Cheney to apologize for voting to impeach Donald Trump. Look guys, I know democracy and voting and all, really pisses you off. I get that, but Ms. Cheney was elected by the voters to vote whichever way she wants to vote. If the voters of Wyoming don’t like it, the voters in Wyoming know how to fix it. It is the Q-Party attempting a Coup de Tat inside of a Coup de Tat. Q-leadership seeking to sack the third ranking Republican for the advantage of…?

Unable to win the big prize they go instead for the consolation prize, control of the Party. Plus, “Rice-a-Roni,” the San Francisco treat and a full set of Samsonite luggage! While obsessed with watching the monkey they failed to see the rise of the rise of the organ grinder. In case you missed the Q headlines; Joe Biden is holding mass executions on the White House lawn and Donald Trump is expected to return to the Presidency on or about March the 4th. When you live in non-reality, you are not required to stick to the plausible. The world is your oyster; the sky is the limit. “Sorry I’m late boss, I just murdered my family and have two bullets left over. How’s your day going?” You can say whatever unhinged thing comes to mind!

If you’re a mean-spirited tobacco chewing, gun toting racist anti-Semite the Republicans have a place for you! Want to bring a handgun to the floor of a deliberative body? Well sure, why not? It’s your God given right. Never mind the symbolism.

[Theme from Shaft]

Who’s the sexy far-right queen of the Q-machine?


Right on, who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about!


They say this Greene is a bad mother, “Shut your mouth!” But I’m talking about Greene!

But she can dig it.

In the same week Republicans vote to censure one of their members for having a conscience, they reward another for not having one. But I suppose playing cat’s cradle with the devil can be a bit confusing sometimes. After being removed unanimously by Democrats Greene attacks the eleven Republicans who crossed over. How dare they attack party over principle! Greene says, “good, now I have more time to tear down the Republican Party!”

Q influence among registered Democrats is 0% Q influence among registered Independents is 0% Q influence among registered Republicans is 64%. So much for building that big tent. Say goodbye to the youth vote and say goodbye to suburban women. And the minority vote? Many of these suburban women are mothers with small children who have heard bullshit non-sense stories before from their own children and so, aren’t susceptible when adult strangers are attempting it. The Q-Trumpers run through the Party disguised as Republicans. Doing damage as they go, but the truth is they are no more Republicans than Nancy Pelosi.

After the November 3rd election which Q predicted Trump to win. There was the look on their faces of children discovering on Christmas morning there was no Santa Claus. “It just can’t be! Q said he’d win! I bet the trailer park he’d win!” Belief in Q diminished then quickly returned, “Hey kids! Guess what? They are executing people on the White House lawn! If you look at this clearly retouched photograph, you can see where the inaugural barricades look almost like gallows and the hanging bodies look a lot like they’re from the Middle East. “I knowd it must be true! I see’d it with my own eyes! I knowd it must be true! I see’d it on the Internet! On a dark web official website, they even sent me a receipt for my money!”

It is almost as if someone has set up a Professional Wrestling Circuit inside the Republican Party. “Now them two don’t like one another. Ever since he run off with his wife, got drunk and wrecked his new pick-up truck.” I’m talking to you Adam Kinzinger! I’m challenging you to a no time limit, anything goes, lights out cage match! “I got guns and all he’s got is law books and shit!”

Dedicated to shouting loud and fist pounding stunts without goals. The Flying Dutchman sails the phantom breeze without destination, lost amidst the waves. Drifting closer to the rocks, listening for the Siren’s song or the word from Delphi. “Those are the headlines now the rumors behind the news” Our top story tonight; Mass executions at the White House today as the President welcomes the Prime Minister from Togo. Chalk it up as some people will believe anything or once led down the garden path see no point in turning around now.

“Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!”

Where are we going?

“How the hell should I know? Just make for the headlines and that Faux News reporter’s camera lights.

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