Tokyo will Understand

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Today begins round one trial two, take one. The second Trump impeachment trial. Never has an American President faced such serious charges or more deservedly so. The Republican Party stung with accusations of corruption, sedition, and cultish adoration of the defendant. Argue, oh they admit crimes were committed alright and it was terrible, but unfortunately the clocks run out. They fight to defend Trump to defend themselves. The don’t defend Trump on an issue of his character but by on the absence of their own. The would be bank robbers musing; “I might want to rob that bank myself one day. We’d better vote to acquit. If common sense don’t fit, you must acquit!

Yet it is all for naught, the prosecution could bring a Mount Everest of evidence, but it wouldn’t matter a wit, the court is rigged. The orange abomination who started all this bullshit about stolen elections and crooked courts will now walk away from a stolen election in a crooked court. Despite the evidence, despite the violence, the Republicans will vote to let the murderer go free. Without ever lifting the sheet to look at the violence done to the corpse of our political system. Made up Dr. Rand Paul says, “No need to look, I play a foot doctor on TV occasionally. When I’m not in training for the neighborhood lightweight boxing championships, “I could have been a contender!”

But Watergate teaches us a stern lesson. The Republicans who supported Richard Nixon in Congress faced doom with the electorate. The Republicans who didn’t support Richard Nixon also faced doom with the electorate. The voters said, “It’s all too complicated, I can’t keep up with who did what, get rid of them all!”

If they retreat from the gates of Moscow, the Grand Army will disintegrate in the winter winds and drifts. Though the cause be lost, they must persevere on to the end. One mountain, one soccer team, one dinner time. This is the easy part, the show trial! “Gee, I’ve been practicing “Indignant” now for hours. I need a break.”

The recent $2.7 billion lawsuit against Faux News makes clear. They believe Faux News and Trump colluded together in a scheme to perpetrate a fraud. Mike Flynn’s brother, a general at the Pentagon, withheld the succor of the National Guard for at least two hours despite, desperate calls from state governors and federal legislators for help. Classic Coup de Tat strategy withhold relief while the Coup is in progress. Opportunity, motive, execution, reams of evidence, scads of witnesses, but unfortunately the clock’s run out.

A corrupt President raises an insurrection, assaults the Capitol and tells the rebels he loves them. He watches the melee on TV as happy as a small child watching cartoons with his sippy cup and goldfish. More than a Senate trial and removal there is a question of criminal conspiracy. Mike Flynn’s brother got some splainin to do and probably some time to serve. Bring over a bus load of Trump staffers, let’s see which one wants to go to prison first! Alternative facts will get you five years in this court room. The squeal deal, all together now sing really loud!

The founding fathers pictured Impeachment and Senate removal as a worst-case scenario safety valve. Kind of like the Tom Thumb locomotive was novel and brilliant for its time, somehow now a fanciful notion of a quaint technology. The Keystone Cops chasing the arch criminal on his hoverboard. Eighteenth Century minds trying to comprehend a Twenty-first Century Trump and a Republican Party they wouldn’t allow around their children. The Republicans will now vote to eliminate themselves from the political equation entirely. By freeing Trump, they instead shackle themselves. Locked at the hip as the rotting smell takes to the wind leaving a bad taste in the voter’s mouths. That bad smell, that just won’t go away.

When you are guilty and everyone knows that you are guilty and the court says, “Not Guilty.” It takes the onus off the defendant and places it on the jury. Rather than focus on what bum Trump is the voters will focus on what bums the Republicans are for letting him go. Trump might be the Teflon Don but they damn sure ain’t.

Joe Biden fights the pandemic. Joe Biden wants to raise the minimum wage. Joe Biden pays his respects to the fallen officer. Joe Biden says, he won’t compromise on the stimulus! Joe Biden says, he won’t roll over to the Russians. Joe Biden makes Republicans look like dog shit! And the Republicans say? “I won’t wear a mask; you don’t need a stimulus! The minimum wage is fine! Why can’t I carry a gun in Congress? Personally, off the record, I’d like to convict Trump. But hey, the clocks run out! Dancing yelling, “Freedom of Speech, freedom of speech!” The Republican roaches scurry when the light comes on hiding under the refrigerator with “Freedom of Speech.”

In some prisons the walls are so high the sun sets at three o’clock on the inmates. The idea that now the Senate Republicans will vote to acquit Trump from the most dastardly plot in all American history and that will be the end of it. Yeah right, maybe forgive Pearl Harbor and say you’re sorry to Bin Laden while you’re at it. They will vote to let Godzilla go free and think that Tokyo will understand. “Well yeah, he was a criminal and we did vote to let him go. But my bill to force NFL football players to stand for the national anthem set the national standard for ridiculous legislation. It was my legislation that attempted to put Creationism into schools! What this country needs, is a tax cut for rich people!

Unfortunately, you can’t eat patriotism or sleep on soft religion. The Republicans now crown their legacy and cement their final place in history as a failed political Party. Failed by the people unworthy to hold up the ideals they claimed to represent.  The AA leader who shows up drunk for the meeting or the minister caught with a prostitute. People who know better but do it anyway. A people who know right from wrong but choose to ignore it with the excuse, my dog ate my homework or “Freedom of Speech.”

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