The Orange Badge of Cowardice

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It would appear, that if you were ever to find yourself in serious legal trouble and in need of an attorney. Ask which way they voted in the last election before hiring. The Impeachment managers have been masterful in their prosecution. They have successfully redirected the prosecution. The evidence is so overpowering and so well put together in such a way. The Republicans such Josh (Henrich) Hawley would be wise to take their feet off their desk and pay attention, because America is paying attention.

Every tick of the clock brings more evidence of a sort of well-planned and thought-out criminal conspiracy. Who knows for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. A fifty-million-dollar advertising budget to encourage the droids to come to Washington ends on January 5th. White House staffers applied for a permit under their own names. The Trump Administration funneled $ 3.5 million that is known about to supporting groups. The evidence of guilt is so powerful and overwhelming that it becomes clear. The defendant is guilty, I know it, you know it and the American public knows it.

A slow-motion car wreck best describes it. A little orange fat man takes a fall in the snow at the height of his popularity. As he rolls downhill the snowball grows larger. Booted off social media his popularity wanes, this is the short attention span crowd. The same crowd that is beginning to figure out, “Hey, we’re looking at a decade in prison and Peter just said, “He doesn’t know us.” As certain as the Morlachs summoned the Eloi at supper time Trump summoned the White Trash mafia he now casts aside. Come on, we’ve all seen enough gangster films. What happens when the Boss is in trouble and starts to double cross his associates?

What happens when the subordinates think the Boss is selling them out? What happened after Mark Antony eulogized Caesar? What happens when the snowball reaches the bottom of the hill? When the fullest full color videos explain a disgusting depravity and distorted mental cognizance and the outrageous offensiveness of the orange nightmare to the public. Rand Paul doodles, Kevin McCarthy reads his papers, but Josh (Henrich) Hawley spent his time in the upstairs gallery instead of on the floor where he belongs. He said it was to give him a better view of the impeachment managers. He was hiding upstairs in the balcony because he didn’t want anyone to see his seditious, treasonous, disrespect. The impeachment managers should call a thousand witnesses and make America listen to every word, until the name of Trump makes us wretch.

Like forcing German civilians to march through the death camps to acknowledge their crimes. Take your time, make everyone see until all is understood and inviolate. Then see Josh (Heinrich) Hawley hiding upstairs with his feet up and his, this doesn’t concern me attitude.  Eric Swalwell said something yesterday that pricked my ears up. Describing Trump’s actions, “That what Donald Trump has done is very different than anyone else in this room.” Hello! You could be next! The butcher is getting ready! Sleep well on your vote, it tolls for thee. Time wounds all heels, the tough guy at the arraignment who cries at sentencing.

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the Honeycomb hide out, serious people are planning a new political Party. Made up of former Republican Administration staffers their goal is to field “sane” moderate right Conservative candidates and to offer endorsements for other candidates, Republican, Independent or Democratic. No Proud boys and no QAnon, no racism and no Trump. The Republican Party is disintegrating into its component parts. There is only one reason this new Party would ever endorse a Democrat. Because this is war, and we want to beat the fuck out of those guys every way we can beat the fuck out of those guys, anytime we can beat the fuck out of those guys! As much as you might personally hate Donald Trump, the Republican Party hates him more.

It was a that grizzled sage, Ms. Lindsey Graham who once said, “If we nominate Trump, we will be destroyed….and we’ll deserve it.”

How prophetic if we let a bull in our china shop there could be some breakage. A criminal case has been opened in Georgia for election tampering. Does Ms. Lindsey think she can dodge the approaching snowball? That her name isn’t on the witness list? Not one scandal or two scandals, but scandals popping up like dandelions in the front yard in Spring. Why are the Russians bank rolling Parler? Trump’s taxes in New York, Josh (Heinrich) Hawley’s arrogance, Ted Cruz’s ignorance, Rand Paul’s mindlessness.

Corporate America has made it clear they will not donate to any seditious Republican candidates. And the voters have made it clear they punish any companies that do. To paint yourself with Trump is to lock yourself outside in the cold. The mullet headed tooth donors might cheer loud but ain’t got enough gas in the truck to do no canvassing. Four Republican Senators have announced their retirement and more will be retiring, who don’t even know about it yet.

When the orange snowball reaches the bottom of the hill it will leave an ugly historical stain, like the dye packs on an ATM. The vote of history preempts the vote of expediency. The impeachment managers have redirected the prosecution from just Donald Trump to the Republican Party as a whole. Look at the horrible things the rioters did. Look at the horrible things Donald Trump did, now look at how the Republicans can’t wait to let him go. Painting the Republicans into the corner that excusing Donald Trump is voting to convict themselves! They approach November elections facing the Democrats and the Republicans, penniless, stained with the orange badge of cowardice. Despised by two-thirds of the electorate and 100% of corporate America. Doomed to be written into American history with blood on their hands as the most treasonous individuals since Benedict Arnold.

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