Then Come the Apologists

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

God help me if I ever get so hard up for money or prestige that I sell my soul, sell it that cheap anyway. To pathetically, explain that left is really right and up is really down. To become a pimp on a street corner selling filthy hooker ideas to the American public. To embrace the absolute abolishment of shame and personal responsibility. Too not only spit in the eye of the American public, but spotlight their pleasure in doing so. The impeachment managers could bring a signed confession from the orange abomination, and Senate Republicans would question the font or whether the date was correct. They are in affect calling for Barabbas. They seek to defend their positions and coins in their pockets, and all they need do is vote to crucify democracy.

We aren’t talking about stealing nickels or influence peddling or plumbers or burglars, we are talking about sedition and insurrection. Famous moments in American insurrection include; 1861, Confederates fire on Fort Sumpter, none killed. Republicans vote to send more cannon balls. Senate Republicans stand resolute, “We wouldn’t convict Hitler with eyewitnesses.” Yeah, we know what Trump did was wrong. We know that people died, and people’s lives were destroyed, and our Capitol building was attacked but…so what? We are all well aware that what the orange nightmare did was the most despicable act in Presidential history. But guess what? We don’t care!

Could you get up and tell lies for a co-worker that you knew was guilty, if he agrees to cut you in? If it might help to advance your own position? A policeman was beaten to death by the mob and the Republicans side with the mob. They won’t convict under any circumstances and go out of their way to throw contempt upon justice and to show America they have no interest in finding justice whatsoever. It’s whatever you can get away with and as much as you can shove in your pockets along the way. They rape justice, murder truth and then look at the camera and say, “So what? What are you going to do about?”

In reality, the assault on our Capitol has never ended. After the mob comes the clean up crew and then comes the apologists. They bring in the kicking team after the sedition squad failed to score but their goal hasn’t changed, only their tactics to achieve it. Anything, any excuse will be accepted, plausible or not. “We believe the President has been under a spell cast by an Antifa witch and is not responsible for his actions.” Obergruppen fuhrer Josh Hawley appears on Faux News for the express purpose of giving the American public the finger, calling the impeachment, “a Kangaroo court.”

Riot? What riot? Oh, that was nothing. Just an attempt to overthrow the lawfully elected government and install a Fascist dictator, but the Democrats are playing politics and trying to make it into some kind of big deal! To attempt a Coup de tat and then to have the balls to look us in the face and tell us, “no we didn’t.” To defend the indefensible and to become the ventriloquist dummy. The mouthpiece for the boss and whatever the boss wants to say is fine. I would rather live in a ditch and drink from a rusty cup than to be a glorified bag man running receipts for the orange Mira Lago mafia.

At least a real mobster has no pretense about being patriotic. If he suggested doing what’s best for the country to the Godfather, he could wind up sleeping with the cannoli’s. The mob is about making money. Can the horse shit about rocket’s red glare and the Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima. But what we have here is a mafia with flags, fireworks, and patriotic holidays. “All those in favor of finding the Don guilty, raise your hands! “Ha, ha, ha, put em down. I’m just breakin balls here!”  

“You know, if you were to sell out the Don, you could have a real bad accident around November. You wouldn’t want somethin bad to happen to your career, would you?” Would you fight to keep a job that requires you to lie and sell out your country? To defend a two-bit thug because he threatens you. Just give the bully your lunch money give yourself a wedgy and be done with it. Look at me! I’m important! You can call my wife ugly if you want! I don’t care, I have no scruples. “Hi, is this Brad Raffensperger? Well, my name is ah, Lindsey, ah… Smith. Lindsey Smith and I’m calling to tell you to redo your math for a friend of mine, or something bad might happen to you. Tape recording? Yeah, what do want on your pizza? Yes, is this Dominos? I must have dialed the wrong number.”

Imagine rising to become a United States Senator willing to sell themselves as prostitutes. To satisfy the lust of the orange abomination, they fall to their knees. What’s a little treason between friends? God bless America, ha, ha, ha! George Washington at Valley Forge! Ha, ha, ha. “Stop, you’re killing me!” Going to the Superman movie to root for Lex Luther or watching an orphanage burn down and rooting for the fire. At what depths will their hulls be crushed, how fucking low can they go? The Republicans will vote to defend sedition, insurrection and their orange chosen one over principle, conscience, established law and common decency. They’d do anything for their pimp.

Winston Churchill observed, “Cats look down on you, dogs look up to you, but only a pig will look you straight in the eye.”

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