Take it up the Ying Yang

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I know that it appears that in the face of crime and corruption, the Senate of the United States acquitted the most guilty President in U.S. history. But he was only acquitted on paper. In the minds of the public, Trumpo was convicted long ago. A recent poll found 71% of American thought Donald Trump was responsible in whole or in part for the January 6th insurrection. 71% or everyone but Trumpy voters. Former Administration staffers struggle to find employment that does not require greeting the customer at the door or suggesting a hot apple pie.

When Harry Truman fired General MacArthur, Douglas MacArthur was a national hero. The victor of the war in the Pacific! And that little two-bit sawed-off haberdasher fired him! Truman’s poll numbers were never great, but Truman wasn’t immediately popular. Truman was in retrospect popular for doing the hard things and making the right and unpopular choices. Inside the halls of the Democratic Party their was wailing and gnashing of teeth. “Oh, God NO! He just fired Douglas MacArthur! We’re doomed!” Then they said, “well, to err is Truman!”

The Democrats were afraid MacArthur would return the United States and begin his political career by running against the man who just fired him. Truman fired MacArthur for disobeying orders and running his mouth. The President was trying to end a war and his top General is telling newspapermen we should nuke China. MacArthur returned to America, had his ticker tape parade saying famously, “Old Soldiers never die. They just fade away.” Republicans were anxious to claim just such a candidate but found to their astonishment that Truman had been correct. He wouldn’t take advice; he’d speak when he should shut up and he was a know it all, and the streetcar of life had already passed his stop.

I would advise the rather large group of Republican Senators keep their new tattoos clean until the skin heals otherwise, they can become infected. They wear a large red T’s imprinted on their foreheads visible only to voters, which sets them apart from normal ordinary people. Maybe the T stands for Trump or treason or maybe just terrible. It is easy to be popular and hard to be great, you are always popular when you buy the beer. Crimson Tide coach Nick Sabin says, “Don’t look at the scoreboard!” The game is on the field. Yesterday, they were watching the scoreboard. Yesterday, they marked themselves as failures unworthy of office. The truth always comes out in the end.

They begged Harry Truman to drop the desegregation plank from the 1948 platform. They explained he would lose the South and lose the election. They warned if he desegregated the military, there would-be wholesale rebellion and an exodus from the officer ranks. Truman answered, bye.

Abe Lincoln was never extremely popular. He was portrayed in the press as a back wood’s idiot or a string bean giant splitting rails with snakes for hair. The Civil War was not popular and the draft even less so. Many said, “Just let em go. We don’t need them.” Lincoln understood if the south could leave then the northeast could leave or the west could leave, and we would cease to be a nation. We would become another Europe with despots and desperados. Texas fighting New Mexico over water rights or a slight to the Texas royal family.

Popularity is fleeting, you must do something all the time to stay in the public’s eye. While greatness is condemned in the shadows as too hard or too difficult. The problem with Harry Truman was if you asked his opinion on an issue, he would tell you. Then he would keep on telling you until you either agreed with him or the cameraman ran out of film.

Richard Nixon escaped Justice through a Presidential pardon, and the public knew it. Even die-hard Republicans would spit when they said his name. He was persona non grata, Mister Buzzkill! How to lose an election in ten easy lessons, 1. “I was talking to my very good friend Richard Nixon the other day.”

When the hoopla and hysteria dies down the truth of what Trump attempted will leave a bad taste in their voters’ mouths. The voters will ask, “why didn’t you convict him again?” Do you know that if each of the insurrectionists gets a dime that’s over two thousand years of prison time? An Epoch of Trump. A virtual drumbeat of; “And also in the news today, yet another Trumper is going to prison for a long, long time.” Trump walks, while his followers take it up the ying yang. That doesn’t make for happy reunion photos or memories of the good old days. Those thrown to the lions generally fail to re-enlist in the follow up campaign.

“Hey Honey! Remember that time when I went to that Trump rally got arrested, lost my job and we spent our entire life savings keeping me out of prison and lost the house? Well, he’s having another rally next week! Can we go?”

I remember the hub bub; Madonna didn’t want to sing her hit songs on her tour. If she sang her hits, she would be labeled as someone who was, not someone who is. But ticket purchasers decided if she wasn’t going to sing her hits, they weren’t going to buy her tickets. So, wheel old orange grandpa out here in his gold bariatric wheelchair and let us take a look at him.  Maybe get Huey Lewis and the News as an opening act. He’s a spry gentleman of seventy-eight sir and now he’s going to sing his Presidential greatest hits for us!

Trump stands convicted in the court of world opinion and there is no appeal for it. He will be scorned for all time, and each day will become worse than the day before. He becomes an oldies act and a historical orange caricature of himself. Seventy-Eight years young singing, “Like a Virgin.” The road to hell is steep and down hill and the alternative facts which once protected them have collapsed amongst the weeds and the judgment of time.

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